Tory Matt Hancock Confirms Public Health England Axed

Tory Matt Hancock has confirmed Public Health England will be scrapped, and the change has now started. The Health Secretary announced the drastic changes with immediate effect despite fury at him for doing so in the midst of a pandemic, and he stated there will be more private sector partnership in future as he setsContinue reading “Tory Matt Hancock Confirms Public Health England Axed”

UKIP’s Idea To Put An End To Benefit Claimants Purchasing Tobacco And Alcoholic Drinks

Some long term benefit claimants would be prohibited from utilising their benefit cash to purchase cigarettes, alcohol or satellite TV subscriptions under plans scheduled to be present at the UK Independence party’s spring conference. The proposed veto on paying for satellite TV comes merely a fortnight after it was revealed that Rupert Murdoch, the chairmanContinue reading “UKIP’s Idea To Put An End To Benefit Claimants Purchasing Tobacco And Alcoholic Drinks”

Conservatives Cleanse Past Communication From Internet Records

The Conservative Party has removed information and media announcements issued on its website between 2000 and the 2010 general election.  The documentation has as well been hidden from search engines. The change was spotted by Computer Weekly, a trade publication, which said some documentation had been removed from the Internet Archive, which aims to makeContinue reading “Conservatives Cleanse Past Communication From Internet Records”

A Demand For Bedroom Tax To Be Disposed Of

Non-profit organisations and department statistics have called for MPs to remove the impractical and unjust bedroom tax, as Parliament votes on throwing out the policy today. The Labour Party is utilising an opposition day debate in the House of Commons to force through a vote on the under-occupation sanction. Nevertheless, some of Labour’s most substantialContinue reading “A Demand For Bedroom Tax To Be Disposed Of”


It’s the uninterested conformist broadcasting and, an indecisive political group and, an extensive population who have become observers rather than performers in their everyday lives, who have produced the wrong image that Britain is taking its austerity battering laying down. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be furthermore from what’s going on because many of the most disenfranchised groupsContinue reading “AUSTERITY, DEMOCRACY AND, PROTEST”

Child Poverty No Longer A Problem Of The Workless And Work Shy

Two thirds of impoverished children are at the moment from families where an adult is in employment and, a great deal of low middle income children face being worse off than their parents because of decreased earnings and soaring prices. Maybe more affluent pensioners’ benefits should be given the chop and, minimum pay increased, butContinue reading “Child Poverty No Longer A Problem Of The Workless And Work Shy”

Company Businesses Get Profit From The Unemployed

The long term out of work will have to engage in work placements in return for their social security, under strict rules launched by the Chancellor George Osborne. Workfare is an unorthodox design to orthodox social welfare techniques and, was first announced by civil rights pioneer James Charles Evers in 1968, but, it was madeContinue reading “Company Businesses Get Profit From The Unemployed”

Should UKIP be excluded from TV election debates – David Cameron seems to think so!

Is David Cameron shitting his pants… The Prime Minister is giving backing to general election discussions, but expresses they should be restricted to applicants likely to be the winners. As he voiced his support for general election television discussions, he as well pointed out that Nigel Farage should be left out of those debates. TheContinue reading “Should UKIP be excluded from TV election debates – David Cameron seems to think so!”

Cancer Drugs Funded Until 2016

A £200 million a year reserve, for life boosting cancer medicine is to carry on up until 2016; the Prime Minister has announced. This must be a sign of things to come and, it’s all extremely magnificent, but what happens to those sick people that are being given medical care, following 2016? Well, after 2016, ifContinue reading “Cancer Drugs Funded Until 2016”

David Cameron ‘Left His Brain on the Train’

David Cameron left his official ministerial box on a train table while he was taking a trip to a marriage ceremony; as stated by reports. However, Downing Street renounced that there was any security violation following a passenger taking a photograph of the well tattered red box, with the key in it, whilst the Prime Minister,Continue reading “David Cameron ‘Left His Brain on the Train’”