Down To Her Final £1million: Queen’s Money Reserves Plunge After Monarchical Guru’s Overspend



The Queen should start renting out Buckingham Palace for a fee to increase the cash flow for pressing repairs to decaying monarchial residences, Members of Parliament proposed.



MPs said that the royals have to come up with additional profit-making plans, such as opening the official residence to the public for a more lengthy time and; they inform that it will cost at the minimum £50 million to repair Buckingham Palace and further monumental monarchial structures such as Windsor Castle.

The Commons Public Accounts Committee wants the monarchy to get a better grasp on their financial affairs so taxpayers don’t have to foot the whole restoration bill and, why the hell should the taxpayer foot the bill anyhow?

No doubt there is some reality that the Monarch and the Royal Family are the nation’s most victorious benefit scroungers and, that public money afforded to the Monarchial Family is not being exhausted as well as it could be.



Before anything else, what you have to bear in mind is that the Queen was born into her status and so has done nothing to merit the taxpayers money she’s given.  But is it not the instance for many if not most of the people up and down the nation who are well off, who are in moderate comfort thanks to the reality that they were born to wealthy, well associated and schooled parents, but they’re not monied by the taxpayer, so why should the Monarchy be funded by the taxpayer?

The only way to get around this awkward fact would be to strip everybody born into a half way decent family of any advantages they might have in affluence and status.

Previously experimentation of this sort were performed without much outcome and, with substantial violence and if we’re going to do it to the Monarchy we should do it to everybody.

The Monarch should be looking into business opportunities to foot the bills, such as renting out sections of the royal residence and staterooms for reserved use, at least then she wouldn’t have to worry about taking cash from the taxpayer to pay for her financial undoing.

Members of Parliament maintain Monarchial advisors have overspent so much that the Queen’s money put to one side have gone from £35 million in 2001 to just £1 million today.  Seemingly the Royal home has been living from hand to mouth for some time, well newsflash, the ordinary person, her flag-wavers do that on a daily basis, but sadly they don’t have additional rooms to rent out because any other rooms that they do have, the government are making them pay taxes on. 

The Monarch, the Royal Family and, Members of Parliament with second homes should be obliged to pay bedroom tax, just like other benefit claimants.  The Crown Estate is not and, never has been, the direct possession of the Monarchy.

These people live in social housing and should be exposed to Bedroom Tax.  Although instead, the Queen gets a £5 million increase in domestic expenses and, Members of Parliament, well, let’s not even go there.

Buckingham Palace on its own has 775 rooms, this comprises of 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.  In addition, there is Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle and the rest of them.

We merely call for equal treatment towards those who are given welfare, and ordinary working groups, because anybody who lives on the taxpayers finances, should as well live on a minimal income and, in a council property proportionate to the size of the aggregate and should have to pay bedroom tax on any vacant room with a door.

The difficulty is that people are frightened to say anything because this is the Monarchial Family and people don’t want to talk about this matter head on.  The Monarch is not there for most of the time and, I am not sure why they can’t open the Royal home to the public for longer than they do.

The Royal residence has already been host to its first ever football match to mark the Football Association’s 150th anniversary and, in 2012, Gary Barlow arranged the Diamond Jubilee Concert at the Palace, presenting many performances, one of which was Robbie Williams.

Nevertheless, there are many money spinning enterprises that are required to assist bringing in money to mop up a hazardous and declining accumulation of restoration at the Royal residence because seemingly the wiring and boilers in the Palace have not been upgraded for 60 years, almost as long as the Queen has been ruling this country for, so maybe she needs upgrading as well…

All wiring and boilers are required to be updated at some time in their life cycle, even if it just means that they’re checked and serviced on a repeated basis and if they’re not updated; it just means that at some point in their life, they will give up the ghost and stop working completely, or will unquestionably go out with a bang.

Restoration has been put off for years while the Monarch splashed out on alternative things.  It’s obvious that the Monarchial house requires to do more to protect nationally significant heritage buildings and; it’s evident that the Royal estate is beneath what is considered to be a satisfactory state.

The Royals got £31 million from the taxpayer in 2012-2013 but used up 33.3 million, coercing them to sink into their stocks.  At the moment, the Royals have been summoned to lower their expenses and increased spending because the Royal kitty is so short that the Queen might be powerless to pay out for unexpected events, like where she’s going to get her next outfit from…

Published by Angela Lloyd

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