Freddie Mercury And Mary Austin’s Intense Lust

When it came to sex, the late Freddie Mercury was famously unfussy and he once stated that his sex drive was immense and that he slept with men, women, cats, you name it, and that his bed was so monumental he would go to bed with anything. But back in 1969, there was only oneContinue reading “Freddie Mercury And Mary Austin’s Intense Lust”

Down To Her Final £1million: Queen’s Money Reserves Plunge After Monarchical Guru’s Overspend

  The Queen should start renting out Buckingham Palace for a fee to increase the cash flow for pressing repairs to decaying monarchial residences, Members of Parliament proposed.   MPs said that the royals have to come up with additional profit-making plans, such as opening the official residence to the public for a more lengthyContinue reading “Down To Her Final £1million: Queen’s Money Reserves Plunge After Monarchical Guru’s Overspend”


Police take an Oath of Allegiance when joining the force and, that allegiance is that they sincerely serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, honesty, conscientiousness and impartiality, maintaining basic human rights and, give equivalent due regard to all people to the best of their ability, making sure that peace be keptContinue reading “THE PEOPLE .V. THE BRITISH CONSTITUTION”