Children Aged Seven Are Being Sent To School Wearing Nappies


Occupied parents are increasingly sending kids to primary school in nappies rather than potty training them, a shock study discloses.

Nearly one in 10 headteachers knew of a child aged between five and seven who had worn a nappy to school in the past year.

Experts state parents are too busy to deal with the matter, and it doesn’t just affect schoolchildren from troubled backgrounds.

Evidently we’re seeing increased numbers of children in nappies. And it’s found that increased numbers of children have toilet problems further up the school chain.


It can really place tension on educators and it hinders teaching. More than a few parents are as well too occupied to coach their children other fundamental skills, including how to handle a knife and fork or even hold a paintbrush, and as many as 4% of senior workers surveyed stated they knew children as old as 11 who had come to school in nappies.

Another teacher stated she knew of 14 or 15-year-olds with toilet training concerns.

This is just an astonishingly grave state of affairs.

It is said that there are children missing out on 25% of their schooling in Reception because they’re being taken out to be changed, and how are they ever going to catch up?

Nevertheless, I believe there is a point that has been missed out here, and it’s not about how they are going to catch up, but why is this happening?

Is it now stylish to just palm our kids off to the classroom and demand that the school will deal with the whole kit and caboodle, down to the child’s toilet requirements, and is schooling presently our reprieve so that we don’t feel the necessity to do anything whatsoever with our children, apart from treating them like surrogate children, when it amuses us?

It appears that some of us don’t grasp the term “parent”, and what it stands for, and I don’t want to appear like an old fogey, but I’m seized with dread when I think that nearly all parents these days are convinced more of their children as manikins, and that dressing them up appears an actually good thing to do, but when it comes down to the more real features of changing nappies and cleaning up sick, then that is the lesser real, and should in preference be done by somebody else, because of course, you wouldn’t clean up a nappy on a doll or clean up its vomit.

I’m a people spectator, and I’m shocked when I observe teenagers with infants wheeling their prodigies about like little mini me’s of themselves, and as I stand in line at the supermarkets or in stores like Next, a youngster with her newborn will be conferring with another youngster with her infant about how great her newborn is and how it’s so good dressing her baby up, so she can show it off to her friends, and it haunts me when I reflect that infants that are born in this day and age are exclusively so that they can be flaunted around like little mahatma’s.

I’m not proposing that all parents are like this, but on my observation of the general populace, it seems that this is the state of one’s affairs, and that these children will become prey of their own parents who appear to have no interest, but to show them off, and beautify them with clothing that they can’t afford. It appears that nothing much has altered over the years, but when I was younger we would show off our newborns off by saying: “When my son or daughter grows up he or she is going to be a doctor or a lawyer”, these days, it’s “Look my son or daughter is dressed in Armani, and I send him to school for his arse to be wiped”.














Published by Angela Lloyd

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