Sponsor Demetri Marchessini Maintains There’s No Such Thing As Conjugal Sexual Assault


A Greek financier who gave a multitudinous amount of money to UKIP has provoked insult by stating that it’s not conceivable for a husband to rape his wife, and all homosexual relations are based on a desire.

UKIP distanced themselves from Demetri Marchessini in May last year after the shipping and investment magnet published a book which stated women should not be permitted to wear trousers, and once more in January this year when he insisted homosexuality has always been a crime.


But Channel 4 News claims that Nigel Farage’s party has since accepted at least one other contribution from Marchessini, and reported more of his repulsive views after going to converse with him.


Talking from his London flat, Marchessini was interviewed by reporter Michael Crick about his views on homosexual relations.

He responded: “Oh [they are] completely different. There‘s no love, only lust – and also the actions they do are completely different.

“They go out at night and they, pick up five, ten, 15 different partners in one night. Is that love?”

He also insisted there was “no such thing as fidelity in homosexual relationships”.

He went on to say women should only we allowed to wear skirts, because “that is the only way the world is going to continue. Because if they don’t men are going to stop f***ing them.”

In addition to discussing about whether it was conceivable for a husband to violate his wife, he stated: “If you make love on Friday and you make love on Sunday you can’t say Saturday is rape.”

“Once a woman accepts, she accepts. And especially when she makes a vow on her wedding day.”

Marchessini insisted that in spite of UKIP openly distancing itself from him, its bursar Stuart Wheeler was an old friend and from time to time he rang him up and inquired if he would help.

Also, Channel 4 News maintained that on Christmas Eve the party received an additional £5,000 from Mr Marchessini.

Nigel Farage evidently stated that he didn’t know, and that the broadcaster would have to ask the treasurer, and that he was positive that the funds were given in good faith.

When asked whether UKIP should have taken money from a man with these sorts of views, Mr Farage stated: “Possibly not, no. Ask the treasurer. I don’t run everything.

Demetri Marchessini’s slant on homosexuals:

Was that there’s no love only desire and as well the physical actions that they do are entirely unconventional, and that they go out at night and they pick up five, ten, fifteen strange companions in one night, and that is not loving each other, they are not husband and wife. They are companions and both of them go out cruising. There is no such thing as loyalty in homosexual relations. They just all go out viewing the action, and that was just the way it is.

He as well stated that women should be forbidden from wearing trousers, and that they used to be prohibited for thousands of years, and that up to 300 years ago a women donning trousers would be killed. That women don’t look pleasing in trousers, and that trousers don’t stimulate men, only skirts arouse men…

And that was the only way in which the world was going to continue. Also, that if women did do not wear skirts, then men would just stop f****g them, and that the frequency of love making in Western Europe had sunk drastically. If men don’t make love to women the Western world was going to vanish…

That woman has at all times attempted to stimulate men because women must get married and men don’t want to get married, so women have to induce them to get married.

He went onto say that there’s no such thing as rape within a marriage, and that when you get married you declare to look after the other person for the rest of their life. You unquestionably don’t announce that you’re going to put them in jail, and that if you make love on Friday and make love Sunday, that you can’t say Saturday is rape. Once a woman consents to that vow, she consents to have sex, and chiefly when she makes a promise on her wedding day.


In a few nations, the absence of criminalization of conjugal rape, united with the lawful or social recognition of child marriage, leads to tyrannical manners of child sexual abuse.



Would Mr Marchessini like the equivalent deed be asserted on his own child?

Historically in nearly all ways of life it was lawful for a wife to answer to her husband, granting her husband to discipline his wife if she did not offer herself and to perform her duties as a wife, and let him to f***k her each night.

Rape by a marriage partner, spouse or ex-partner is more usually linked with physical rampage, because if a woman does not want to give herself freely, and a man seizes what he thinks is his by physical violence, that then becomes sexual assault, because you can’t molest another human being, and it can as well be extremely traumatic for that person, who is less able to protect themselves.

Unlike in other manners of sexual assault, where the victim can exclude herself from the company of the attacker and never associate with him again, in the instance of marital sexual assault the sufferer usually has no option but to continue living with her spouse.

When a woman is violated by an outsider, she is forced to live with a terrifying memory. When she is violated by her husband, she has to live with the rapist…















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