Three days after Margaret Lamberty was photographed doubled over in agony on a hospital floor, the mother of four passed away from suspected compound organ failure.

The photo was captured hours prior to the 45 year old’s family claim she was apparently forced to crawl on her hands and knees along a corridor to beg nurses for painkillers.

The mother’s calling out for assistance went unheard, after the family went home when visiting hours had finished.

The mother of four was deserted prior to dying in April from what was a treatable condition.

Mrs Lamberty had a history of blood clots, however, her family claim doctors declined to carry out the proper examinations when she was admitted to hospital with overbearing abdominal pain.

Instead, she was left in a side ward for three days prior to passing away, when suspected clotting in her bowel triggered her organs to closedown.

The family, is getting ready to take legal action against the hospital in Stoke-on-Trent.  

Mrs Lamberty was apparently left to lie in blood stained bedding for 24 hours, plus, she was forced to wait half an hour for a nurse after buzzing for assistance.

She was let down by the doctors and the nurses.

She was left in a side room whilst she passed away in excruciating pain. 

It was horrific for her, and doctors were told over and over again that she suffered from blood clots.

There should be justice for this lady, and the truth into what occurred.  No one should have to go through this.  

Mrs Lamberty, a grandmother to eight, was rushed to A&E at the hospital after she collapsed without any warning at home in Stoke-on-Trent on April 27.

Primary blood tests, CT scans, X-rays and a laparoscopy all came back clear and she was sent to a ward to wait for extended tests. 

Nevertheless she was taken to a critical care ward two days later when her condition declined.

Doctors then ascertained Mrs Lamberty had a blood clot in her bowel which had caused her organs to shut down.

She died the following day, on April 30, at 10pm.

Her daughter Laura, a full-time mother of five, from Stoke-on-Trent, stated she captured shocking photos of her mother squirming in agony to show doctors how much discomfort she was in.

Prior to her being admitted to hospital, this lady was fit and healthy, but then she was cradling her belly in a ball on the floor, she was in so much discomfort, and now she has been taken from her family and they want to know why.

Mrs Lamberty had arterial disease, but it was under control. It was a known problem so there is no reason why it wasn’t spotted.  

She had marks on her legs from the other operations she had to take away the blood clots, so how could the doctors have missed them? 

Her daughter took photos of her on the floor of the hospital because she wanted to show them to the doctors to justify how much distress she was in, and when she went home that evening, her mum kept ringing, asking for her daughter to do something.

The hospital told her daughter that she had to have more tests, and then when she was critical the doctors discovered a blood clot on her bowel which had shut all her organs down.

Yet she had test after test, how could the doctors have missed it? 

This lady was not the sort of woman who would moan for no reason, she just got on with matters, and two days prior to going into the hospital she was celebrating and beginning a new life with her partner. 

Mrs Lamberty had an operation in 2011 to take away blood clots from her legs and took blood thinners to manage her condition.

She leaves behind her four children Laura and Sarah Lamberty, 27, Tony Hills, 19, and 14 year-old Gemma Riseley.

The family is really enraged about what has taken place, and they think that their mum was let down.  

They didn’t even get the opportunity to say goodbye because she was unconscious when they visited.  They simply want answers about what took place.

We seem to be observing situations like this again and again, and unusually there is insufficient closure, on account of, humanities seem to be of very minor importance, nevertheless, we need to pinpoint why this is taking place more often. 

Often we don’t think about other people, particularly those that are sick in the hospital.  At the back of our subconscious, we know that people get ill, and that a few end up in the hospital, however, we are so occupied, going about our ordinary lives, that we don’t have the time to even think about it.  It’s not till we end up in the hospital ourselves that it becomes a fact. 

We view in the tabloids regarding what is going on, nevertheless, we don’t really understand what is going on, it doesn’t become reality until we are there ourselves, it’s then that we become wide awake with the facts, anything up until that time is speculation.

Only this is real, it’s not dramatic representation you see every day on your TV sets, and it does apply to YOU, your family and your children, and this should be a warning to YOU.  What we are listening to in the media is real, and should be wiped out NOW. On account of, this will continue, and get worse if we just stand ideally by and do nothing about it.

Before long, this could be your family that it’s happening to, and we should look upon this to be an education, and what’s more, we should learn from it, to stop it from occurring again and again.  For it appears to be continually in the media far more than it should be, and we should not be waiting around till it happens to us because in the meantime it’s happening to somebody else, however, it’s easier to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it could never happen to us.

















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