Israelis Pictured Chewing Away On Popcorn

This is the inflammatory panorama of Israelis consuming popcorn and cheering as they scrutinize the shelling of Gaza which has fired abuse on Twitter.

The photo was tweeted by Danish journalist Allan Sørensen, the Middle East Correspondent for a Danish newspaper.


Israelis were carrying seats to the hilltop in sderot, and clapping when explosions were heard.


The image, which has been retweeted more than 8,000 times, has led to avid argumentation on Twitter.


The photo was captured on Wednesday in Sderot, about a mile away from the Gaza Strip, a town which usually finds itself under gunfire from missiles from Gaza.


The day before, Israeli security forces started strikes in Gaza to strike back against missiles from Hamas.

The morality of people is so skewed that killing has now become a free to all. A startling thing to see in this day and age.

This sort of conduct is just inhumane, offensive and revolting, and Israeli’s should feel embarrassed by this sort of behavior.

This is the most grisly picture I’ve seen.

The hill has been metamorphosed into something that closely resembles the front row of a movie arena.

People have been hauling camping stools and couches to the top of the hill, and some relax with crackling bags of popcorn whilst others inhale hookahs and chat cheerily.

It was said that they were there to observe Israel demolish Hamas.

Officials in Gaza have said that nigh on 100 Palestinians have been slaughtered in air strikes over the last four days.


Israeli officialdoms say the raids are in reprisal to missile attacks by Hamas fighters.


The attacks come following the abduction and killing of three Jewish teenagers last month and the speculated vengeance slaying of a Palestinian youngster observed furious encounters and breakouts between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

The people on the hill thought it was cool to be there. They said they could feel the explosion and see the missiles, and it was all in a search for excitement.

It was evening time, and it was surprisingly amazing, and people were chatting about this hill. Lots of cars were stationed midway up the hill, and at the summit there were by this time some 60 people sitting and standing. They were all surprisingly relaxed on their folding seats. A few smoking water pipes, others were snacking on popcorn as if it was just an open-air movie.

There were people aged between 60 and 70 but also young people, however, there were not any children, presumably on account of, it had something to do with that the area wasn’t safe.

People, many people, who are rejoicing somebodies demise wherever is offensive.

Evidently the assembly wasn’t to aggravate anybody and that no one there believed they were doing something improper.

Pressures have been soaring for the past few months in Israel and the Palestinian regions on account of a breakdown in peace talks, followed by a growth in missile attacks from Gaza. However, the most moving episode was the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers as they hitchhiked home. Their demises were followed by a revenge onslaught by a group of Israeli youths, who are alleged to have abducted a Palestinian teen and set the teen on fire, and burned him alive.

Disregarding international pleas for a cease-fire, Israel broadened its span of Gaza, bombarding targets to civilian institutions with suspected Hamas links and marshaled ground troops within the boundaries of Gaza for the first time early Sunday to raid a missile launching site in the Palestinian region. More than 156 Palestinians have been slaughtered. The United Nations is estimated that 77 percent of those massacred in Gaza were civilians.

Apparently it’s not the first time Israelis have had picnics on the hill whilst observing attacks, and it’s just cold-blooded behaviour.

Every bomb they drop on a home, murdering a child’s parents makes another child endeavor vengeance for their crimes.

This is not a computer tournament, like some recreation that children entertain themselves with, nevertheless, it appears now that it has developed into a recreation for some people, sitting in chairs on hilltops, consuming popcorn. This is somebodies, mother, father, brother or sister that is being butchered, and this has become hell on earth.

This is the land that everyone has a right to exist, to live in peace, and to have some sort of equilibrium, stableness, and peace of mind. Nevertheless, no one said that we had any intelligence, and nothing gives us the authority to take away somebody else’s life.

There is a distinction in slaying something because we need to sustain, and then there is a difference to murder somebody else on account of, we believe it is born to us. Nothing is born to us, just because we live on it, does not truly mean that we have the right to it, it was here long before we got here, and with hope it will still be here long after we have gone, and we certainly cannot take it with us, we can’t entomb it with us, but it can bury us.

If we cannot live unitedly in some kind of compatibility, then we have not come exceedingly far from when we came out of the trees, and it unquestionably was a terrible transit coming out of the tree’s to live upon the land. As I specified previously, the land has perpetually been here, we do not inherit it, we inherited nothing because when we are dead and gone nothing goes with us.

Our sole mission in this life is to be born, grow up, develop into grown-ups, procreate. In doing this, we are obliged to live on the land that was given to us, to nourish it and make it suitable for future generations, so that they can live upon it with some kind of compatibility… It is known as the Circle of Life!

Nevertheless, we are greedy by nature, however, as newborns we are not born greedy, we are born with a blank canvas. It is what we are conditioned to believe as we grow up, not only by our parents, but in the world around us.

There is no reason why Palestinians and Israeli’s cannot live together in peace, so long as they realise that it is just land, and everybody has the right to live where they want, but if they can’t understand that then the outlook for them is very bleak and unpromising.

No one is above to anyone else. We are all identical. A few might think differently from others, however, when it boils down to it, we are all the same, we have the exact same type of blood coursing through our veins, and we are no better than anyone else.

The affliction is, when war commences, it then develops into an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, tit for tat. “I’ll murder you on account of, you murdered somebody in my family.” This needs to terminate immediately, and we need to go back to that blank canvas…

An Eye For An Eye, Makes The Whole World Blind


































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