Eight Year Old Girl Raises PH Levels


One more story of a cancer patient treating themselves through nutritional therapy has surfaced. Not long ago, there was an associated story of a man with stage 3 colon cancer who turned down chemotherapy and remedied himself with a vegan diet. Operative surgery does not cure cancer, particularly when a person is already in the subsequent stages of the disease. If it did, that’s all they would do. Cancer is a systemic metabolic disease, the consequence of a body that is nutrient insufficient, weighed down with poisons and normally the outcome of a PH level that’s too low, indicating that the body is soaked in acidity. If the body is not given the essential nutrients it requires to mend, restore and detoxify, cancer will most probably return.


In this instance, the PH levels were raised, and as a consequence the lactic acid goes down and the cancer activity goes down. This permits the body to repair itself. It’s extremely disturbing that nearly all doctors don’t know that diet plays an essential function when it comes to cancer treatment. If you have cancer, the choices you are given are normally medications, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Seldom is nutrition thought of when it comes to a serviceable healing agent for cancer. Whilst each case is incomparable and no ONE remedy can be used in every case, it is important to look at multiple alternatives that have been efficient vs only looking at mainstream possibilities which don’t have colossal success rates to begin with. For instance, there is an inventory of 20 medical studies that substantiate cannabis can rid cancer.

Operative Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are continually thrust as the only go-to alternative for cancer treatment, when this couldn’t be further from the truth. How frequently does a cancer patient see a doctor who tells them that dichloroacetate can cure their cancer? That was recently found by researchers at the University of Alberta. Cancer is a multi-trillion dollar industry, it can be hard to accept that there are those who do not encourage treatments that have been corroborated as successful, however, it clearly indicates we have to go beyond what we are taught, manage our analytical reasoning dexterity and find out the truthfulness for our own selves.


Don’t wait till you are sick. Make your preference today. It is your body! Your life and, your choice.

Health education and prevention instead of medication.

Drug manufacturing is not there to make you well. They want to keep us in perpetual sickness. GMO food is provoking us to have a lot of contagions in our bodies, and this is food that can’t be digested, on account of, we have no enzymes in our bodies to do so.


The cancer trade is second only, in size, to its big brother, petrochemicals.

In the 20 years from 1970 to 1990, in the USA solely, the cancer trade was worth an approximated 1 trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000). If the same percentage of the overall disease bill applies in Britain as in the US, the current expenditure on cancer will be 3 to 6 billion pounds per year.

With this kind of amounts involved it is entirely conceivable why the drug, radiation, scalpel, and vivisection cancer cartel have preserved a steady, merciless campaign to stifle, at birth, any and all endeavors to introduce reasonable therapeutic regimes to deal with the species-threatening epidemic.

The cancer scourge has numerous causative components; practically all of them either actively promoted by or disregarded by the government health departments, the medical trade etc.  The deadly doctor’s balanced diet, vaccination, antibiotics, antipyretics, analgesics, steroids, routine X-ray screening, animal-safety-tested pesticides, herbicides, solvents, dyes, detergents etc., fluoride-waste dumping in public drinking water, radio, chemotherapy, nuclear energy, electro-pollution and so on.

Ever knowledgeable of the need to defend their brethren in the petro-pharmaceutical cancer mechanism, the cancer P.R. boys, aided and abetted by their on the payroll media buddies, passing themselves off as impartial watchmen, conscientiously support the line that the entire thing is down to using tobacco and sun-bathing. One thing that they need to explain is the canine butchery, in a population of 7 million domestic dogs, over a million per year are dying from cancer, or the treatment.  This constitutes a dog cancer death ratio 50 times that of the human ratio, owing to the regime of vet accepted vaccines, antibiotics, worming drugs, flea sprays, pesticides, herbicides etc., all safety tested on animals – tinned dog-meat etc. We are all – humans, dogs, cats, dying, like houseflies, from the artificial deluge. The farm animals would display the identical set of symptoms if they were not slaughtered, prematurely, for food.

Cancer is above all else, is a nutritional problem. The deadly British intake of meat, dairy produce, eggs, cultivated carbohydrates, common salt and synthetics, with token volumes of fruit, vegetables and wholewheat bread, all soaked with pesticides, is a formula for a huge scale of ailments, cancer included.

1999 will see 700,000,000 drug prescribed remedies dished out by British doctors, a deluge of vaccines, antibiotics, analgesics, steroids, antipyretics, anti-inflammatories, all add up to an enormous assault on the body’s immune defences. Critical maladies, the body’s attempts to restore health, are being continuously overpowered by allopathic treatment.


Immunization has reached a 98 percent uptake in some areas. The vaccines, between them, contain a mixture of animal-derived proteins and viruses, formaldehyde, mercury, aluminium, carbolic acid and so on. This is vaccinated straight into the blood stream and from there on to the cells, major organs etc. The immune defences stand no chance.


When alien material from dogs, monkeys, calves, chickens etc, which is put straight into the human bloodstream, the material is likely to alter the genetic construction as the alien proteins etc are fused into the attacked cells, which, in their mutated form, continue to replicate. The immune defences can then no longer distinguish between self and non-self.

The body is then likely to infringe on its own cells with a variety of immune and auto-immune diseases. Cancer included, as an inevitable end result.

Water fluoridation was first approved with the fascistic regimes of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Aside from being a narcotic, fluoride is also an extremely deadly, persistent waste by-product of aluminium and fertiliser production, an enzyme-inhibitor, an immuno-suppressant and a listed carcinogen. Fluoridated Birmingham has now been compared with non-fluoridated Manchester over the years 1971-1977. Following simultaneous standardisation of all data, it was discovered that over 1,000 excess deaths per year are now connected with fluoridated Birmingham.


The careless practice of routine and diagnostic X-rays by the medical trade is a significant cancer threat. Prof. John Gofman M.D. PhD., as early as 1980, put the figure for the United States solely at 12,000 additional deadly cancers per year. He also said that around three quarters of breast cancer incidents are caused by medical X-rays; this is apart from the enormous doses of radiotherapy. The use of the new X-ray toys for mass lung-screenings, head irradiation for ringworm, shoe-fitting, sore throats etc. produced inestimable amounts of cancer deaths.

The description of a remedy in cancer is the restoration of the cancer defence mechanisms and the elimination of cancer through these mechanisms. If this restoration is not feasible, the subsequent test is the steady maintenance, through safe, natural means, of the body’s efforts to keep the disease at bay.

The cancer research fund-raisers’ definition of a cancer remedy is the visible depletion of symptoms for five years. If, or when, a sufferer dies a year or two after the five years, from the impacts of the remedy, they remain in the remedy statistics, cured and dead at the same time.

Patients may die from secondary tumors at any time from a few months to numerous years following the treatment. Only following a gap of as much as twenty one years does the danger of death from some other cause surpasses the danger of death from the first malady. Or from the first remedy.

On June 8 1990, at Chelmsford Crown Court, a 42 year old woman was given £155,000 compensation. She had undergone seven years of cancer therapy. She depleted 13 months in and out of cancer wards during which she made friends and saw them die. Her hair fell out and she underwent frequent vomiting during six spells of unpleasant radiological and medication therapy. Surgical experts opened her abdomen and took away an ovary in an unsuccessful exploration for breast cancer. Only then was the broken woman told it had been an error.


The woman, who lost her job and her marriage, had at no time believed the diagnosis but had allowed herself to be railroaded by the white-coated cancer masters. The precise amount of people who have been mis-diagnosed and have then been killed by the onslaught or who have remained alive, and have been put in the cure statistics cannot be appraised, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are stating that leukemia is being remedied, however, it never existed in the first place.

Somebody you know discovers they have cancer in a particular section of their body. They have operative surgery, many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. During the treatment, the cancer shrinks and vanishes. The doctors tell them they can’t spot any cancer in their body. They are “NED” (No Evidence of Disease). Everybody is so relieved and celebrating.

Some time goes by and they have more tests simply to discover that the cancer has returned. However, this time it’s all over, it’s in their liver, their lungs, their brain, their blood, etc.

They go through more bouts of chemo and radiation, but the doctors just can’t stop the cancer. Every time you look at them they look worse and worse. Ultimately following a grueling battle spread over from a few months to a few years they die.

So what occurred?

Chemotherapy is a deadly toxin. It works by invading quickly separating cells in your body which affects your hair, nails, skin, your digestive system, and your blood. This process makes you extremely ill and can cause the perpetual harm to different parts of your body including your brain, liver, hearing, and procreative organs.


Chemotherapy attacks swiftly reproducing cells, which include some types of cancer cells, however, it also attacks your white blood cells, a dominant player in your immune system.


Your immune system is what keeps you alive.


We all have pre-cancerous cells in our bodies that are omitted by the natural processes of our immune system.

If you have cancer in your body, your immune system is battling it, even though not extremely well, nevertheless, it is fighting it.

If the cancer is growing, that signifies your immune system could be overwhelmed or suppressed, and not performing as well as it should. However, having cancer doesn’t mean your immune system is not doing anything.

If you take chemotherapy and it doesn’t annihilate all the cancer cells; you will find yourself in an extremely defenseless position with a decimated immune system. You will have little resistances left to avert any remaining cancer cells from reproducing.

Here’s the scary part. If you still have cancerous cells in your body, they will progress to take over like wildfire.

Sometimes chemo will stop one variety of cancer, nevertheless, at that point the sufferer will develop a totally different form of cancer. Once again, this occurred on account of, their immune system was annihilated and their internal resistances were depressed.

Their body develops into a place where cancerous cells could thrive.

Chemotherapy is carcinogenic. That means it kindles cancer. In fact, it’s so toxic that nurses have to guard their skin from exposure when administering it to patients. These chemicals will eat straight through your skin, nevertheless, they have no difficulty putting it in your veins.

The body is designed to heal itself, so chemo that is administered to you, and goes through your veins is an alien which will cause the body to breakdown, and affect the immune system, which will permit the cancer to wax, rather than wane.

Chemotherapy is a toxin that will damage the body and annihilate the immune system. One doesn’t want to damage the body and annihilate the immune system. One would want to build it up.

Cancer is not the cause of an ailing body. It is the consequence of a sick body.

There are a number of therapies that strengthen the body and immune system, so it can heal itself.

My father passed away 12 years ago from cancer. It was explained that if he had chemotherapy it would extend his life by 5 years or over and above. He was given chemotherapy, however, it did not work, it made him so ill, he lost so much weight, and was being sick all the time. The last time I saw him in the hospital he was black and blue, and almost skeletal, and he was in a lot of discomfort. From the time he was told he had cancer to the time he passed away was 7 weeks in all.

I believe that Chemo should have been his last resort, not his first…

It was not the cancer that destroyed him. His resistances were so low that he ultimately got Pneumonia and passed away… Not from the Cancer!



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