Unemployed 26 Stone Mother Is Going Blind

red-bull-logo-87383An unemployed 26 stone mother is going blind after drinking 28 cans of Red Bull a day.  Lena Lupari, 26, from Newtownabbey in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, gained so much weight from having seven litres on a daily basis that her brain has become distended.

The mother of three, who drank more than 3,000 calories from the drink every day, was ignorant of the harm she was doing until she passed out in June.  Doctors found that she had developed a condition known as Idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which they said was a consequence of her being overweight.

Ms Lupari, who was dishing out almost £6,000 of her benefits every year, or £450 of her £1,800 monthly handouts, on the high calorie energy drink, says she was dependant on it.

She used to gulp down 28 cans of Red Bull in a day, and only have a meal at night, but it was normally something fast food like a takeaway or a packet of pasta, since she has three young children, one with special needs, and she didn’t have the time to make anything for herself.

She had been suffering from migraines and headaches for about five years, however, she just disregarded them and took pain relievers.  Then her eyesight went, and she couldn’t even raise her head off the bed, and she then ended up in hospital for six days.

Doctors said she has to lose seven stone in order to keep the symptoms at bay, and since she was hospitalised on June 18th, she has completely cut out Red Bull from her diet and lost two stone.

nhs_logo.retinaHowever, Ms Lupari she hopes that the NHS can assist her losing the additional five stone, or the 30 percent of her bodyweight, that will keep away the requirement for medical management.

She doesn’t want a gastric band or surgery, however, she is convinced that the NHS should provide assistance for someone with this, and to give them the drive, something like a boot camp.

Losing weight doesn’t mean that it will go away forever, however, it means that she won’t require surgery.

k11031954_6Intracranial hypertension means abnormally high pressure inside the skull, which might occur all of a sudden, or build up over time and is quite rare.

Idiopathic IH means there is no clear cause for the IH, however, it is most often spotted in overweight women in their twenties, and has been connected with certain medications including the contraceptive pill.

The most common indications are acute pulsating headaches, and changes in sight due to enlarged optic nerves.

A 250ml can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, which elevates the heart rate, and patients with high blood pressure or coronary heart disease and hypertension are advised to keep away from it.

taurine-benefitsThe drink as well includes taurine, a building block of protein usually found in meat and dairy products, which are reviewed useful in small measures.

2D7ED710FCB44918BB34AB7035B2A2BF.ashxAustrian Dieterich Mateschitz, 55, who created Red Bull, is now a very wealthy man. He staggered across a health tonic in Bangkok and launched his version in 1987 with claims that it reinvigorates the mind and body, escalates tolerance, betters response and concentration and helps remove toxins from the body.

A single 250ml can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, which is about as identical as a cup of coffee, however, investigation has established that drinking more than three cups of coffee a day can escalate the risk of sight loss and blindness.

ACC-9280-2Even the average amounts of the drink make expanding the harmful eye condition glaucoma more probable.

Glaucoma happens when the drainage tubes inside the eye become somewhat blocked, stopping eye fluid from clearing properly and causing compression to build up.  This can destruct the optic nerve, which joins the eye to the brain, and the nerve fibres of the retina, the light sensitive nerve tissue that lines the back of the eye.

SNN0120TEA---_1799631aThere is no connection with other caffeine products such as tea, cola or chocolate, however, it has been previously informed of other conditions connected more at Red Bull, comprising the larger chances of having a heart attack or a stroke.

A study of university students established consuming one 250ml can of the sugar free version of the energy drink increased the stickiness of the blood and raised the chances of life threatening thrombosis.

Red Bull itself gives guidelines on its website that no more than 400mg. The equivalent of five 250ml cans, should be drunk in a day to steer clear of possible improprieties and consequences of caffeine.

Hopefully, in the end, Red Bull will vanish from the shelves of our supermarkets and community stores before we develop into a generation of diseased heart attacks.

Rubicon_Mango-500x500If they can take sugar added Ribena, and Rubicon off our racks in the supermarkets, then they can take Red Bull off as well.

Red Bull is a dangerous product which was once crafted to energise the body, and give additional vitality, however, at present reports are telling us that is dangerous for us, even more so, it’s dangerous for our children.

Nevertheless, it’s an activity that is very profitable, particularly on our funds.  More and more children are gulping down the stuff with very little knowledge on the outcome it could have on them if drunk on a large scale.

School children as young as nine and ten years old are drinking Red Bull and variants of it, and nearly all of these children have no idea of what its outcome could be.

These are just two energy drinks, but did you know that the amount of sugar in one Red Bull is comparable to the sugar level in an equivalent amount of apple or orange juice.

Half-litre cans of Red Bull comprise 52g sugar, and the same caffeine as four cups of coffee.  And biologists are saying that cans are unneeded and ingesting such a high volume can have health aftermaths.

A distinguished nutrition specialist is encouraging people to turn down half-litre cans of Red Bull and other energy drinks since they comprise dangerous levels of caffeine and sugar.  A 473ml can of Red Bull costs £1.99, and contains an astounding 13 teaspoons of sugar and 150mg of caffeine, about the same as four cups of instant coffee.

There is no need for such a high concentration of the substances, as the possible health ramifications comprise fast or irregular heartbeat, raised blood pressure, sleeping difficulties, weight gain, muscle spasms, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, and even unforeseen death.

The+Caffeine+Poster+1.0e+header+shotEvery person has their own sensitivity for caffeine, and certain younger people or people with undetected cardiovascular difficulties are at higher risk of experiencing negative repercussions from caffeine.

In fact caffeine blocks signals which are crucial for a good regulation of blood pressure, heart rhythm and blood flow to muscle, kidney function and other tissues.

iStock_000006395094LargeThe amalgamation of high sugar and caffeine and alcohol clearly tricks the brain into the feeling of a high energy level while the rest of the body needs to manage with the opposing consequence of high caffeine and alcohol, occasionally leading to the serious aftermath, like instant death.

supermarket-isleThankfully, some supermarkets have put an embargo on anyone under the age of 16 from buying certain energy drinks.   Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop kids from getting hold of the lethal power drink, as there are a great deal of adults with children out there that still permit their children to drink the harmful concoction.

There should be no seal of approval for this drink, it should be made illegal, and if not suppressed, it should be prohibited like alcohol and tobacco.  Of course, there will still be the odd youngster who will get hold of a can of two, but at least it won’t be drunk in such volume as it is now.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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