McDonald’s Starts Closing Restaurants Across U.S


processed-food2After a long time our attempt to keep away from processed foods and Frankenfoods is paying off.  For the first time in decades, McDonald’s is struggling and has to close more restaurants than it opens after global falls in sales, consumers are clearly “Not loving it” anymore.

Earlier this year the fast food whopper reported the closure of 350 under performing locations, however, recently admitted it had to close an extra 350 restaurants in the U.S., Japan, and China. The closings incorporate both franchises and company owned locations.

While this number may appear minute in contrast to their total of about 14,300 locations, the iconic “Golden Arches” are under fire.

mcdonaldsMcDonald’s has announced an 11 percent drop in revenue, and a 30 percent fall in profit for the first three months of 2015. This is a continuance of their struggle as the competition in the US and Europe is getting more resilient, and food safety issues in Asia had to be addressed.

unnamedOther growing fast food chains, like Burger King, Five Guys Burgers, and Chipotle, are tempting patrons to their side with better deals and healthier choices. However, that’s not their greatest concern at the moment. The ascending attentiveness in nutrition and the call for healthier, organic foods is what’s truly troubling them.

The fast food giant has known a vast increase in size through history. Since McDonald’s opened its doors for the first time in 1955 it has known considerable growth and success by offering affordable and habit-forming food. It even flourished throughout the financial crisis with the Dollar Menu.

However, times have altered, and people are getting more conscious about what they’re putting into their body, and are demanding natural, unprocessed ingredients in their menu choices.

As of today, McDonald’s remains the largest fast food chain globally. By launching new sandwiches like the Sirloin Third Pound and closing under performing stores, it expects to address the declining sales.

Occasionally the closure of stores may assist with general plans to further expand, however, it’s not certain if this will help America’s most iconic fast food chain.

The only thing that will put an end to the expansion is relevancy to the consumer.  So the dispute is, is McDonald’s still relevant, or is the increasing eagerness for clean, pesticide-free, whole foods taking over the world?

This has taken place in the past and people kept coming back, and McDonald’s carried on getting bigger anyway.  The closing of McDonald’s is nothing more than cutting back the tree, and constructing a more powerful foundation.

However, people are becoming more health aware in their food choices, which are unquestionably the greatest threat that makes the Golden Arches twitch on their foundation.

However, there’s actually a good diversity in the McDonald’s menu, and it’s really impassioned about food and nutrition, and it seems that McDonald’s can be a really healthy way of life.  People love to be in good health, and love diversity.

grilled_chicken_salad_2You can have a marvelous grilled chicken salad today, and a quarter pounder with cheese tomorrow, or a grilled chicken.  You can have your food prepared fresh, and they won’t have no difficulty doing it for you – you might have to stick around a little longer, but they will still do that for you.  If you don’t want mayonnaise on your burger, they will leave it out, it’s all about satisfying the consumer, and the company does a great job of supplying balance and choices.

McDonald’s appears to care about their customers, and treat them like they’re important, even though they in all likelihood have had some grievances over the years, however, if you look at all the success that they’ve had, they haven’t done so bad.

You plainly couldn’t live off McDonald’s on a day-to-day basis, it just wouldn’t be practical, since there just wouldn’t be enough vitamins and minerals in to live healthily.  However, as a treat now and then, it’s the perfect treat.

The problem is. McDonald’s isn’t eaten as a treat anymore, and eating any monotonous diet can damage health, and raise the risk of future diseases.  Eating chicken nuggets and chips in fact supply enough calories and vitamin C levels for a teenager, however, essential nutrients in charge of skin, eyes and bone health are very restricted.

webmd_rm_photo_of_porous_bonesLack of calcium elevates the chances of bone disease (osteoporosis), and an overabundance of salt can raise blood pressure.  Iron insufficiency can lead to difficulties with brain function.

Fruit and vegetables are essential to long term health. Without them, it considerably escalates the prospect of developing long-standing conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

It’s going to be a rough road for McDonald’s unless they make their meals healthier, because if consumers become uncomfortable consuming them, their sales will decrease, and at the moment every single thing is overemphasized on talks of how harmful fast foods can be.

I wouldn’t say that it should be downplayed, or that the realities are not being exaggerated, however, McDonald’s should not be stamped out entirely.  Clearly McDonald’s don’t force people at gunpoint to go and purchase food from them every single day – people opt to go in there and buy food from them, they don’t have to, people have choices, and if they make the incorrect choices, then that’s up to them, and the responsibility should not be put upon McDonald’s themselves.

The people that should be held responsible are commercials that tell you on TV that McDonald’s is the finest place to go if you want something to eat, and they make it look so magnificent.

Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ve ever gone into a McDonald’s where the food ever looks like it does in a TV commercial, unless, of course it’s been freshly prepared.  Commercials are a construction of indoctrination, you view the same commercial over and over, until in the end your mind believes what it see’s, and you have the need to go out and sample it for yourself – I dare say it’s a form of entrapment.

At the end of the day, you can find fault with it as much as you like.  No one is saying that it should be glorified, however, it keeps a large amount of people in employment, and by having to close a great deal of them down, means that there will be a fair amount of people having to be supplemented by the government.

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