Anne Robinson Absconds with Food


Anne Robinson may be worth an estimated £50 million, but that doesn’t stop her from foraging for food in a bin. The Weakest Link presenter gets into the Freegan spirit by helping to hunt for out of date food that has been thrown away by fancy supermarkets.


In the BBC documentary Britain’s Spending Secrets, Anne is spotted calling on eco-warrior Jedi and his girlfriend who live free of charge in the woods.

They don’t pay out money on food. Instead, they skip food from bins and prepare healthy meals. Jedi explains that every single thing they consume essentially comes from a bin, however, Anne is not ado and happily tucks in to her meal.

The 70 year old contentedly joins in with her recently developed friends as they head out in the dark for a splash of shopping at Waitrose, as she helps them find such opulent treats like salmon, feta and carrot homous prior to being chased away by a security guard.

It appears Anne’s standing helps the three get away with roughly £50 worth of skipped food, however, Anne admits she hasn’t been changed, and still requires her luxury comforts.

Anne as well spends time with wealthy people to differentiate the dissimilarity between spending habits between the rich and the poor.

He may be one of the most wealthy men in the United Kingdom, who made his millions from building trailer parks, but Alfie Best is still frugal by nature and refuses to send his son to a private school.

The reason that he hasn’t sent his son to a private school is because he’s desperate to install the will to achieve success, and no one can do that better than Alfie Best.

It’s understandable that Anne is a wee surprised that with all Alfie’s millions he doesn’t want to send his child off to somewhere he could get a higher quality education, but following the meeting with the self-made millionaire, Anne said that what she loves about Alfie is he is refreshingly blunt about his financial affairs.

His bank balance may have altered, but Alfie has the selfsame values that he grew up with as a child in a roadside caravan.

Anne also talks with single mum Charlotte, who has racked up £5,000 worth of arrears while she aspires to live the life of a footballer’s wife.

Mum of two talked honestly about her incomings and outgoings after greeting the presenter, and welcoming her into her home, but Charlotte, who lives on £213 a week, refuses to let that limit her from getting what she wants.

Anne Robinson is worth at least £50 million.

The television hostess, who gathered her enormous fortune throughout her lengthy profession as a presenter as well as overwhelming America with The Weakest Link, maintains she doesn’t know precisely how much she is worth, however, said she would like to think it’s more than £50 million.

The 70 year old Watchdog presenter, stated a lot of her money is in property, comprising a living quarters on Fifth Avenue in New York, a portion of a house in the Hampton’s, and a place in Gloucestershire.

If you question Anne on how much she’s worth, she doesn’t exactly know, but she’s got sufficient funds to have everything she desires.

Money is something we’re all captivated and controlled by. Yet it’s very British not to actually talk about it.

People will discuss their sex life, their mother’s dementia, their operations, and whatever else at a dinner party, however, people won’t chat about money.

Nearly all people that are wealthy have no difficulty frittering it away, and they definitely don’t appear to care what they lavish it on.  So, Anne can present her most recent show called “British Spending Secrets”, and she appears to be enjoying herself presenting the show, and then gives over the impression that being poverty-stricken is a walk in the park, but of course she can go back to her affluent way of life, and forget about the people that’s she’s been dealing with.

She, without question consistently gives a superior show, however, what people fail to remember is that these people are not putting on a show, this is actual life, and these are actual people.

Many of these people once worked for a living, however, through no failing of their own were either made unemployed, either because of redundancy or ill health, and it’s not a joke, and a subject that should be taken very seriously, and the show makes a mockery out of people that are genuinely trying to make ends meet.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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