Law On Assisted Dying Must Change

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The statute must be altered so that people can be assisted to take their own lives without having to schlep off to Switzerland. Sir Keir Starmer who was in charge of drawing up directions that spelt out how people who took steps of empathy might stay away from prosecution for aiding someone who wanted to take their own life.

He’s now set his mind that it’s time for a new statute to rescue dozens of Britons every year from making their way to Zurich clinics of Dignitas to end their lives.

The statute has to be altered, and the important thing is to have precautions. The present recommendations have inbuilt restrictions, which mean that there can be unfairness in a number of instances.

One of the fundamental troubles was that doctors weren’t permitted to assist, which meant that chronically ill people might have to depend on friends or relatives to help them pass away.


It’s hard when a loved one is terminally ill to know what to do, or even do the right thing, and there are a large amount of people who are terminally ill who want to pass away with dignity, however, they are governed by rules and regulations.

Everyone should be allowed to pass away with dignity.  We come into this world with dignity, and then we are looked after by the hospital to make certain that everything is done right. So why shouldn’t we be permitted to go out the same way? – Well, I shall tell you the reason why.

When a child is brought into this world, it has possibility, and is viewed as a resource.  That child will in due course go to school where it will be conditioned by the authorities, then go out to work, where it will slave its little ass off making the government filthy rich.

Once you arrive at a certain age, and you’ve had your children, you’re of no use to the government because you can’t work any longer.  The only way I can describe it, is like this.  If you were a greyhound, that animal labours hard to win its owner money, then when they get too old they are thrown to one side, and not wanted any longer, this is how the government works.


The only distinction in the space separating the greyhound and a human being, is that greyhounds are pursuing a rabbit, and they have no idea why – they have no idea it’s for financial gain.  Nevertheless, we human beings know that what we’re doing is profit-making for the government, however, we need to work to obtain a living to support ourselves, and our families, so we are driven by fear.

Once we get older, the government has no use for us, so they have no motivation to support, or give us anything, especially if it’s going to cost them money, and they’re not getting anything in return.

At the end of the day, we come into this world with nothing, and we all go out with nothing, but most of us have worked our butts off – okay some might not have, but we should still go out with a little bit of dignity, and not only that, it shouldn’t cost us a penny, the government should foot the bill for that.


The only good thing about dying is that VAT is not invoiced for funerals.


Straight forward no frills direct cremation is £895, which includes the coffin.  It doesn’t seem a lot, but when the family doesn’t earn a lot of money, and the departed hasn’t left any money to deal with funeral costs, it’s an enormous amount of money to find, especially when you’re mourning a loved one.

There should definitely be something put in place by the government, so that when a loved one dies they can be buried with peace of mind, and not have to worry about cost, and when a loved one is terminally ill, they should have the decision on how they would like to die.

After all, we think nothing of having a pet put to sleep, it’s the norm these days.  If a pet is suffering, the vet will automatically put the animal to sleep so that it does not suffer.

We’re pretty eager when it comes to animals, however, when it comes to human beings that are suffering, we’re less likely to help them out of pain, and we’re pretty inflexible to that idea.

People appear to be against to certain concepts, if they think it’s injurious because they have been conditioned to that lie, then they will be against the concept, because we have been powerfully conditioned on the foundation that it’s quite normal to euthanise an animal when it’s suffering, however, when a person who is suffering such pain that they just want to stop the agony that they’re in, then we would sooner allow them to be in pain because we have been conditioned that it’s okay because they’re human, and not an animal.

Humanity constructs these building blocks to devise notions in our minds, so much so, that we give way to those ideas because we in truth believe that they’re true. Of course, there are those few of us that wrestle against those ideas because we know that it’s a lot of nonsense.

We are individuals, and as people we should be permitted to do what is most important to our well being, however, it seems that we’re not allowed to do this one thing. The notion that death is a bad thing is not invariably so, particularly when one is suffering from a terminal disease.

Society can attempt to fashion us as to what they want, but there will still be some of us that will be opposed to this, and everything that we now believe is reversible, like cultures and trends, they can alter at any moment because most people have the creative power to do so, we cannot be conditioned forever.

There are contrasting euthanasia laws in each country. The British House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics interprets mercy killings as an intentional intervention undertaken with the express intentionality of ending a life, to alleviate uncontrollable suffering. In the Netherlands and Flanders, euthanasia is accepted as ending of a life by a doctor at the plea of a patient.

A mercy killing is classified in different ways, which comprise elective, non-voluntary, or involuntary. Elective euthanasia has been legalised in some countries, such as the United States, and Canadian Provinces. Non-voluntary euthanasia is unauthorised in all countries. Involuntary euthanasia is normally reviewed as murder. As of 2006, euthanasia is the most active area of investigation in contemporary bioethics.

In some countries, there is an alienating national disagreement over the ethical, moral, and legal matters of euthanasia. Those who are opposed to mercy killings may argue for the sanctity of life, while advocates of euthanasia rights stress about reducing the patient’s pain, and preserving the physical integrity, self-determination, and individual freedom to do as one wishes. Control where euthanasia or aided suicide is legal comprise the Netherlands, Colombia, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, Albania, the United states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Vermont and, starting in 2015, the Canadian Province of Quebec.


Individuals who are terminally ill do not make a decision on euthanasia for pleasure.  It’s a really grave commitment that someone who is terminally ill decides upon.  They have given considerable thought to what they want to occur, and they more often than not, have talked about this at great length with their loved ones.

Euthanasia is the ending of a very sick person’s life in order to alleviate them of their pain. And in nearly all instances euthanasia is carried out because the person who passes away asks for it, however, there are cases called euthanasia where a person can’t make such an appeal.

People have a specific right to die. And a separate right to die is not necessary, because our other human rights suggest the right to die. Death is a personal matter, and if there is no impairment to others, the state, and other people should not get to impede that decision.

We could ask the question, is death a bad thing? And that if death is not a bad thing, then many of the grievances of euthanasia disappear.

Is it because human life is intrinsically precious, or is it because our existence and demise are God’s business with which we shouldn’t impede upon, or because most people don’t want to die, or because most people believe that it breaches our freedom in an extreme way?

Everyone has a route that they want to go down, or a pathway that they want to stroll along. It’s not about the order of life, it’s about the direction that we want to go, and we can be directed on a specific path, however, at the end of the day we all make our own choices.

We are all in charge of our own existence, we are the building block of our own future, and no one can contest that, because we all dance to our own tune. Our aim is to exist in life, how we see suitable, full of aspirations, hopes, and determination.

What we do at the end of our life is very much the same. We are single people, and individually we can determine about how we exit this mortal coil, we don’t need anyone’s consent.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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