Without A Roof Over One’s Head Danniella Westbrook


Danniella Westbrook has been spotted sobbing in the streets just weeks following losing her home and car, but she’s nevertheless clasping on to her designer handbag. The ex-EastEnders actress, whose fight with cocaine resurfaced only last month when she told of her deterioration and was seen walking the streets of Liverpool in tears, covered by a grey jumper, baseball hat and skinny jeans and pulling a suitcase behind her.

Danielle sat on her baggage as she made a telephone call, and was seen drying off tears as she made her way out of a hotel. She had her £1,200 Louis Vuitton handbag hoisted over one shoulder and her long, brunette locks were mopped up into a ponytail.


The 43-year-old actress appeared on This Morning in November 2016 to set the record straight about her unusual lifestyle. She maintained she’d overdosed when her companion George Arnold walked out the preceding month and blamed him of cheating on her, prompting her to attempt hara-kiri.

In the corresponding week as her talk show debut, Danniella was observed wearing medical dressings under her snout, firing reports that she had returned to the drug that made her septum fall out back in 2000.


However, when Philip Schofield invited her to explain what transpired with her overdose, she revealed it was pills she had taken. That she had overdosed on tablets, and that it wasn’t cocaine. She further went on to say that when you lapse and you take drugs, you don’t consider your children.

However, despite putting the viewer’s minds at rest, she stated she was getting her life back on course, but only weeks later it appeared she was being made homeless, again. I don’t actually think the spectators are going to fret about whether she is homeless again, and I don’t suppose she even put the viewer’s minds at rest, she is simply a VIP that highlighted in Eastenders for a very short time.

Christmas dinner

The spectators are going to dig into their Christmas meal with no thought to Danniella Westbrook. The concept of starving Daniella swaggering her stuff on the streets over the Christmas season will have no importance to the British people at all.

They might giggle and give a suppressed laugh because they will all state the same thing, she was in charge of her own fate, nobody put the cocaine up her nostrils, she did that all by herself, and if she is doing this to herself repeatedly, then she is the one to blame.

It is alleged that Danniella was unable to keep up repayments on her home, and as a consequence is currently staying, here, there and everywhere. Evidently, she’s been busy viewing but hasn’t found her new home.

Clearly, the timing isn’t great with it being so near to Christmas but evidently, she isn’t rushing into anything and is remaining with friends and family over the celebratory season. Homes are really pricey, therefore perhaps she should auction her handbag to pay for one?

Danniella Westbrook would have no concept of what it’s actually like to stay on the streets, and if she laid off the drugs, she wouldn’t be in that situation in the first place, but there’s a suggestion there someplace that it’s definitely an excellent tactic to get money from the tabloids because I’m confident they are providing her rather well for the press coverage.

Furthermore, apparently, she isn’t on the streets, as it has been announced that she is visiting with friends and family, again more newspaper coverage for a fantasy that isn’t really reliable. Apparently, the papers are treating paying readers like idiots because it’s a paid staged shoot.

Danniella Westbrook has made a great amount of money from her years in show business, enough to own her own home I’m sure, but of course, with most of it going up her nostrils, no wonder she’s got no home and no car.

Of course, she needs guidance, there is no questioning that, however, some people don’t want any guidance, they just need the recognition, and some also covet the attention, it makes them feel good about themselves, even more, important than being on Eastenders.

It’s clearly all a very big publicity stunt, and this story is so ridiculous this time of year. Stars short of money get the naive media to take pictures of them apparently in desperate need. Homeless, but visiting with friends over the festive season, what a deceptive fabrication.

However, this is meant to be the season of goodwill, let’s not knock someone down who is grieving and suicidal.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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