Giving Food To The People And Aged


I don’t usually here of people putting their hands in their pockets to do something nice, and it doesn’t even have to be about giving money, simply being there for somebody over Christmas is enough. However, one chip shop in Birmingham unlocked its doors on Christmas Day to feed the destitute and aging.

Brothers Asef and Hamid Faqiri delved into their own pockets to give a turkey meal with all the accessories. There was additionally to be free fish and chips for those craving anything simpler. The brothers have observed so many destitute people around them that they really wanted to do anything to help them.

There are also many old people who don’t have any families and will be on their own on Christmas Day. So they chose to open up primarily for them, to induce some Christmas joy. Staff prepared and served up a legendary turkey feast in takeaway cartons to hand out to anybody who turned up between 1 pm and 4 pm.

A sign was put up in the shop window announcing the event. It was distributed extensively on social media and the brothers further asked their patrons to spread the word.

This is very inspiring, and I have not observed compassion like this in a really long time, and I give these brothers an enormous thumbs up, for what we call kindness towards another human being. The British people would never conceive of doing anything so thoughtful and kind, but these brothers have moved oceans to feed the less fortunate and aged who were are going to be on their own at Christmas.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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