Bill Gates Makes Public Microchip for Population Control


He was an apparently charming fellow in the first half of his life. An ordinary American who made his wealth by marketing hardware and software worth billions, growing into a global symbol and a living model of the American Dream.

However, in the second half of his life, he coupled up with the world’s elite/Illuminati and happened to decrease the world’s population by billions, and he meant business. He quickly became one of the most notorious depopulation activists, speaking on genocidal vaccines, conducting vaccination crusades that crippled and killed many people in third world nations, creating GMO mosquitoes that could carry and inject harmful diseases, and he’s continually gaining new ways of delivering his sick ideas.

We are, of course, talking about Bill Gates, the man who recently drove the population control agenda one step further, when he announced the development of a remote-controlled contraceptive microchip, which can be inserted under the skin and last up to 16 years.



The microchip Illuminati under the skin, it will begin to deliver a periodic dose of levonorgestral, which is a hormone utilized to inhibit pregnancy. According to the Gate’s Foundation, a woman can decide when to deactivate or reactivate the chip utilizing a wireless controller, however, viewing the Illuminati history of Bill Gates’ involvement in depopulation, we would be stupid to believe them.

In the subsequent TED Talk, Bill Gates demonstrates the increase of CO2 amount produced by a large number of humans being alive and breathing. The world now has 6.8 billion people. Now if they do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services, they could reduce that number by maybe 10 or 15%.


The remote-contraception idea may appear fancy and cool at first until you recognize that the microchip can simply be inserted under the skin of millions without their awareness and permission, and used as a population control tool.

Even more troubling, several years ago in the Philippines, the powers that be didn’t even bother hiding their sick agenda, and coercively embedded RFID-like microchips into who-knows-how-many people.
Now, please attempt to visualize what the elite-Illuminati can and will do with this sort of technology, and the extreme compression of Earth’s population is one of their open agendas.


The chip that one day may dominate our numbers. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology said the implant would have to be encrypted to shield wireless data flow and keep it secure. The chip’s size is 20mm x 20mm x 7mm and reservoirs of the hormone are stored on a 1.5cm-wide microchip inside the device.

The birth control microchip would hold almost two decades worth of a hormone usually used in contraceptives and administer 30 micrograms a day, according to a report from the MIT Technology Review.

The concept germinated after a visit Bill Gates made to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) two years earlier, where he asked professor Robert Langer if there was any way to turn birth control on and off by remote control. This would save women the trouble of visiting the clinic to have contraceptive implants removed when they wanted to become pregnant.

Robert Langer attached the Gate’s Foundation with MicroCHIPS, a Massachusetts firm authorized to use a controlled-release microchip technology. Since then, the partnership has been active expanding the technology which could see a release as early as 2018.

Based on the evidence that innocent people had been quietly microchipped in the past, it is thought that this microchip has previously been inserted under the skin of many people, without their knowledge.

If you don’t think it is plausible, or even probable, I query if you have viewed his TED Speech. Bill Gates is not at all reticent about his population control objectives. The only questionable thought here is whether or not he would slip it on people unsuspectingly.

Like that’s never been done before right?

Would it be just out of the question for a billionaire with a save the earth from the terrible human’s environmental agenda to recognize it is doing the world a favour?

People have got to wake up and realize that these globalist chaps like gates and soros do in fact have a depopulation agenda, and the things they are supporting do serve that goal. They won’t acknowledge it openly because then people would see them for the demons they are.

Alternatively, they cover it as humanitarian services, like contraceptives, vaccines, and abortions. How dumb do you have to be to not see it?

The One World Government does endure, and their plan is to depopulate the planet to make it simpler for them to maintain and manage the lessened population. These are not ideas. Our government and other governments have been found doing these very things many times.

However, if you do not study it, they surely are not going to teach it in schools or put the info out there. Analysis just how many times in the last 200 years our government has diffused and/or deceived crowds of people to test out new biowarfare, on our own individual people. The records are there. It is happening.

Bill Gate’s daddy was an attorney and administrator of Planned Parenthood, he is satisfying his father’s dreams of killing millions of people. What a great offspring he is.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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