Women Construct A Human Chain



Four people were killed when Khalid Masood drove a hired SUV along the sidewalk, mowing down pedestrians and leaving three with deadly injuries. He later smashed into railings outside the Houses of Parliament, left the carrier and stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death as he stood on sentry.

Four days following the assault that shook London, women from diverse backgrounds came together in solidarity to denounce the horrific wrong and display solidarity in the face of fear. Several of those present were Muslim, wearing blue as a token of hope and peace.


As visible Muslim women, they understand that it’s necessary to display solidarity with the principles that they all hold dear, the principles of plurality, diversity and so on. When there is an assault in London, then it’s also an assault on them.

It’s an assault on all of them. They stated that Islam completely denounces brutality of any kind and that violence is offensive to them. The feeling of what occurred in London on Wednesday is very overwhelming.

They were thinking of the regular people who were in London and were mowed down, so being there, that was pretty powerful. People from a variety of backgrounds participated in the event, organized by Women’s March On London.

Ahmadiyya Muslims stated they needed to add to the reproach of the violent crimes and stand defiantly in the light of terrorism. They were there to present in a calm way that they will continue to go where they want and do what they want in London.

This is their city, and it’s a pretty small display but then the world is made up of small gestures, and at least their standing up. We stood up long ago, it is only now that we have a voice. They are also standing up because they also condemn the attack like everybody else, not to defend their faith since they have nothing to prove.

Myriads of Muslims from across the globe met in the United Kingdom for a gathering where they renounced extremism and brutality of terror organizations such as Isis. More than 30,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic movement gathered at Oakland Farm in Hampshire for a three-day assembly, the 50th time the annual event has taken place.

On the last day, attendees were directed by the global Caliph of the movement in a promise of peace and a pledge of allegiance to their home nations. The only thing the revolutionaries are doing is to simply dishonor the teachings of the Holy Koran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

They are not following Islam, rather it appears as though they have created their own hate-filled and destructive beliefs. The Ahmadiyya movement has 129 hubs across the United Kingdom covering the Baitul Futuh Mosque in south London, the biggest in Western Europe.

The movement was established in India in 1889 with a heavy importance on peace over violence and tolerance over extremism.

30,000-plus people from across 90 nations gathering at the convention come in the spirit of fraternity, and to give gratitude for the protection and liberation they have encountered in Britain.

Many have escaped oppression in other nations and together, they will reaffirm their commitment to support the real teachings of Islam, that are teachings of peace, and to showcase all kinds of extremism and intolerance.

They have much to be thankful for in Britain which has enabled their community to succeed and contribute to British life for more than 100 years. They count themselves gratified to call themselves British Ahmadi Muslims.


The true saying of the movement is “Love for all, hatred for none”.

Organizers of an anti-Isis march in London talked about their disappointment following mainstream media outlets that declined to cover the demonstration. Myriads of people took part in the yearly UK Arbaeen Procession, organized by the Husaini Islamic Trust UK.

While Shia Muslims take part in the march each year to mark the Arbaeen or mourning, the anniversary of Imam Husain, a seventh-century leader who strived for social justice, this year organizers chose to use the occasion as a floor to condemn terrorism following the recent Isis assaults in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere.

There were hundreds of placards which were essentially declaring no to terrorism and no to Isis. A pretty applauded message. For them, it was a controversial move to go political. Usually, they don’t combine politics with mourning.

With what occurred recently, they believed that they had to make sure they as a population completely disassociated themselves with what’s occurring elsewhere in the world. The demonstration, however, declined to accumulate attention in the mainstream media because of stereotyping.

It is the oldest yearly Muslim event in London but sadly, it is quite hard to get any media coverage because of stereotyping. People view the whole Muslim community as one community. The Muslim community is a pretty diverse community, with the vast bulk of them appalled by Isis.

Because Islam and Muslims are getting labeled all over the globe owing to the number of a percentile, no other culture or faith is treated in this way, therefore certainly it is astonishing and requires media coverage.

However, it’s Muslim’s getting the blame, when it’s the radicals creating the dilemma. It’s astounding as this culture and religion are all seen as all being identical. This solidarity proves they are not and these ladies are as offended by these actions as you and I and are not scared to confront and show it.

We should applaud them. Well done ladies!

If we can’t say anything nice, then we shouldn’t say anything at all. Muslims are Muslims and extremists are different, nevertheless, Muslims should unite with the UK people and get to know us and not be against us and vice versa.

We should not have to censor our faiths but should stand with a nation that is working to support us to make a better life for ourselves, and our families. Nevertheless, we should not protect the agitators, the zealots, however, we should understand there is a distinction between Muslims and extremists.

After all, we have no difficulty going to our corner stores that are operated by Muslim families, most of who are really friendly people, nice and polite.

My corner shop is operated by a Muslim family, they work extremely hard, and open up real early and finish rather late. They bend over backward to accommodate me when I go over there, understanding that I am disabled.

If they don’t have a commodity I want in the store, they will go and obtain it for me, even if I am the only person that needs that merchandise. They open up on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s day, which is very helpful for me, and I appreciate all they do.

They have been in this country for a really long time, and work extremely hard, they are grafters, and we would be lost without our corner shops, and when we use them we ignore the reality that they are Muslim since it suits us to buy from them.

Nevertheless, if we didn’t require a corner store, see how fast we would abuse those folks that work in them now.

We are not an especially peaceful society and we manage to separate from other people’s needs, and nonviolent doesn’t appear to be in our lexicon. We appear to have a hard job existing collectively which forces us against one another.

The intensity of that produces multiple conflicts which have multiple outcomes which make us crash and burn. People think that we can’t live together in peace but that’s not really correct because we could put an end to all hostilities, it’s called compromise.

We are the engineer of our own future, we are the masterminds behind any conflict that goes on, and when it comes down to it we are really not very clever people at all. We are human beings with very limited intelligence at all because as human beings our animal instincts are still there, so when it comes down to it, we have not evolved very far.

We are driven by servitude and we are the doormats of the elite and the mass media and we are deceived all the time. The news is repressed all the time by the media and we don’t scrutinize what the elite and media don’t want us to know.

We must prevent prejudice of any sort since hatred is a kind of bullying and we should have a ban on this. We must defeat any manner of conflict since there is only beauty in the universe, we simply have to look around us to understand and appreciate how brilliant it is, however, we appear hell bent on punishing each other, but life is not a contest.

We should never discount a person’s beliefs and feelings merely because it does not match in with ours, and we should never scrutinize at a glance or overlook the reality that we are all diverse, that’s what makes this a diverse planet.

The problem is, we are entirely motivated by fear, and most of us are followers similar to sheep, and we are chauffeured by the familiar sheepdog. Suddenly there is this eruption of terror which the government describes as terrorism and it’s like a whack on the chops and it doesn’t matter whether they are revolutionaries or not, they are still identified as subversives.

There is no life to be seen in violence. Each introduction of violence brings us nearer to heaven or hell, depending on what you believe in. Whether it’s the mundane brutality we do to our bodies by eating noxious food or drink or the sheer brutality of child molestation, domestic hostilities, life-threatening hunger, alcoholism, or state terrorism.

Generally, nobody desires to wage war on one another, however, we do it so effortlessly, and we expect conflict before its even here because like Chinese whispers the government make us desire, like an extreme itch and it’s an element of our daily life.

We first encountered the infidels in the name of our faith, then Communism, and presently in the name of drugs and terrorism. Our reasons for global control forever alter.

We don’t require justification to wage war, we simply make one up as we go along, like fools that rush in and all because of hardened rebels, Muslims, however, not all Muslims are revolutionaries, though there are some badass insurgents out there.

Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people, and it makes people very highly strung but governments use this to their advantage along with media coverage. It’s utilized as a warning to people that they are at risk, but we are in danger each day, wandering across the road, taking a trip on a plane, in fact, we are seemingly less inclined to get killed by a revolutionary than anything else.

bi-graphicsodds of dying

This fanaticism is what encourages terrorism, and this is exactly why Muslims need to play an actual part in fighting hate speeches and stimulus to terrorism and extremism in their mosques and it’s now obvious that not all Muslims advocate subversives, and it’s imperative that those that don’t should make a stand.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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