Time To Fix NHS Mental Health Crisis

Jeremy Hunt appealed for more time to fix the mental health disaster in the NHS five years after he took custody of it.

Rome wasn’t constructed in a day and there is injustice and a lot more to do.

Mr Hunt’s remarks brought attacks after a number of mental health nurses nosedived by 5,000 and the NHS lost thousands of mental health beds and he acknowledged the decline in workers was an unintended outcome of requiring nurses on vulnerable hospital wards following the Mid Staffs embarrassment.

However, he rejected Tory-demanded efficiency savings were to blame and said that England has 11,000 more nurses in the NHS as a whole.

The NHS was moving towards treating mentally ill people better in the community, lessening the requirement for beds, and there were extra talking therapists.


And if they were going to reach Theresa May’s hope of full equivalence between mental and physical health, then they were going to need to train up much more people to address that and that’s apparently what they’re doing, and they’re definitely determined to stop this injustice that is going on at the moment.

Apparently, they want to stop the horrifying injustice of the reality that if you break a leg you get treated promptly in an A&E, but if you have a mental health emergency you might have to wait weeks or months to be seen.

To improve that it’s going to take a bit of time but supposedly they are making headway in the right direction but there’s a lot more to do.

Jeremy Hunt became Health Secretary in September 2012 and if he is still in his post next June, he will claim the ownership of longest-serving Health Secretary since the NHS started.

Technically he is now the longest-serving, but simply because the job title also included social services until 1988.

He must serve five years and 272 days to defeat Norman Fowler, who famously founded the “don’t die of ignorance” AIDS operations and is presently Speaker of the House of Lords.

Inside months he will exceed NHS founder Nye Bevan, who worked for five years and 167 days according to GP Online.


Labour Shadow Mental Health minister Barbara Keeley alleged Mr Hunt’s comments bear no resemblance to the reality of our mental health services and Tory Government’s experiences on mental health has been horrible.

Mental health nurse numbers have declined, more than a quarter of CCGs underspent their mental health resources for 2016/17 and some children are waiting as long as eighteen months to be treated.

But it does seem as if Jeremy Hunt has chosen to clean up the mess made by Jeremy Hunt.

However, it seems what this evil minister is doing is twisting the facts again. What do these uncaring and brutal Tories do to the people they take out of wards? That’s right they find them fit to work, and because of staff deficits they are taken off of the care register, and they use it against them and suspend their welfare payments and they end up living on the streets begging.

Maybe they should get a mental health bed for this delusional excuse of a person, preferably in solitude. Of course, there will be no staff to attend to his needs. But who cares because he doesn’t.

Most mental illness is treatable, but ego, sociopathic mindset, and the distortions that pour out of the mouth are not.

What a delusional moron this man is. Since he has held his office the NHS has got worse. Waiting times are still growing, doctors and nurses are dropping, including GP’s. There are fixed contracts on Junior doctors to accumulate funds, putting patients in danger.

All he requires is five more years to totally annihilate what is left of the NHS.

Currently, nurses that are studying have to decide when they qualify whether they are going to leave this country and settle in another in the same role where the wages are much better than here, in fact almost double what a nurse earns here.

At the rate this out of touch Tory government are going there will be no one that was born in this country here to train as nurses or doctors.

You have to spend money to make it and if you don’t invest in people, like raising the pay cap and paying people their dues, they will move on to brighter futures in other lands. You will not attract students to take up doctors or nurses positions at universities if they are going to be paralysed by low return and unreasonable repayment fees on their Uni loans.

It’s all part of the drive to extract affordable healthcare and substitute it with a pay as you use system similar to the USA. Where they closed services, get rid of workers, make it difficult for workers to train and make the pay rubbish.

Then they will tell you that the NHS isn’t working so our private backers will come and fix it for you and before you know it you’re spending a bundle simply to see a GP or get treatment.

The Conservatives have a distinct plan of aspiring to privatise the NHS and to establish US-style private healthcare which costs the earth and gives a pretty feeble service and as soon as an ailment goes on for a longish time the cover runs out and people have to sell their homes to finance the treatment.

They will take your home and leave you with scarcely enough to pay for your funeral and a bit left over for the children.

This person is useless, much like the woman he defends. There has been no change in our NHS since he seemingly took charge.

Therefore precisely what would Labour do, to make it any better?. Would they wave a magic wand and imagine up doctors and nurses although it would be an incredible thing if they could.

A good idea would have been to not cut a number of mental health nurses and mental health hubs to save money but that’s precisely what the Tories did.

They keep advising us what a rich nation we are but they manage the NHS like a liability. The NHS is actually pretty poor in World norms and in the United States it’s double what we pay and pretty poor if you don’t have rip off coverage.


Published by Angela Lloyd

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