Nurses Are Already Well Paid

Nurses have been told they already get paid more than most working people despite the pay cap and Eddie Hughes, Conservative MP for Walsall North, stated public sector workers already have a great deal opposed to hairdressers, plumbers or carpenters in his constituency.

And he stated it was his responsibility to stick up for everyone, not simply people in the public area.

Mr Hughes spoke out as MPs argued proposals to stop the public sector pay cap for the NHS.

A Labour motion asking an end to the cap, which restricts yearly pay increases to simply 1 percent, was passed collectively by the House of Commons after the Government decided not to fight it rather than risk a humiliating downfall.

Some Conservatives have further requested an end to the pay cap, and Ministers have already announced it will be raised for police and prison officers.

However, Mr Hughes stated the normal income in his constituency was £23,000 a year which is really the starting salary for a nurse.

He stated that like everyone who has spoken, he absolutely embraces the arduous commitment that is done by NHS workers up and down the land but wanted to bring some meaning to the discussion.

The average income in his constituency is £440 a week, which is around £23,000 a year.

He plans to support on behalf of all his constituents, not simply those who serve in the public sector because the normal pay in his constituency is £23,000, which is approximately the equivalent as a qualified nurse starts on in the NHS.

Numerous workers in his constituency are employed as hairdressers, plumbers or carpenters, and what pay increase do they get every year on an incremental basis? Well, they do not get one. And most employed people in Walsall further enjoyed nothing like the plentiful subsidies awarded to nurses.

They have had to fight hard each year for their salary, and when you make the comparison utilising other factors, such as pension schemes, you understand that in order to receive the same kind of pension a plumber would need to be putting away 43 percent of their wages.

The public sector in this country is admired, but the Conservatives seemingly appreciate all the workers in this country, which is why it will be pushing that they proceed with a Conservative Government in the future.

The remarks seemed to disagree with the path used by another Black Country Conservative, James Morris, the Tory MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis.

Mr Morris stated the NHS was finding it difficult to hire and employ workers to work in mental health services, continuing that not enough people want to go into psychiatry or mental health nursing, and we must find methods of incentivising people to fill those jobs.

The stretch endeavour to get 20,000 extra people working in mental health is a considerable hurdle.

He stated it was necessary to incentivise people to work in mental health, and stated that he really welcomed the Government’s decision to allow Departments more adaptability on public sector pay.


After the proposal, requesting an end to the pay cap was passed, Labour shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth called on ministers to make clear whether they planned to disregard the clear will of the House or take action to stop the pay cap in the NHS.

It’s extremely rare for the Government not to vote down an opposition motion and the only solution is it dodged a vote because it knew it would lose it.

The Labour Party is no longer simply the official opposition, they are a government in waiting, eager to properly invest in the NHS and its staff.


Throughout the discussion, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt labelled the Labour motion as bogus and stated it was absolute nonsense to suggest the cap over the last seven years as part of an ideological mission to decrease the proportion of the country.

Yes, of course, hairdressers, plumbers and carpenters are worthy, and we need the Government to make their life more satisfactory. Nevertheless, nurses are vital and we must keep them alive.

A qualified nurse does 3 years of intensive training and when he/she begins work he/she is lawfully accountable for her patients, he/she can’t afford to make any blunders, both for the patient’s well-being or her own as she could be struck off.

This means he/she would never be able to nurse again, not simply jobless but unemployable in her preferred profession, and this would never happen to say a hairdresser, plumber, carpenter, et cetera.

It’s because of this that nurses have to be extremely alert at all times, no matter how hectic and stressful the workspace is.

If your hairdo goes awry or your broken faucet is still dripping all it implies is you can have it rectified the next day or with another worker.

If you are sick it can’t be corrected the next day because the nursing care has to be given right away, no second opportunities.

And as for the pension granted it is a good one, but to state, a plumber would need to pay 43 percent is a ludicrous example, and if the government believes there is too much of a gap why don’t they devise a pension body not merely for public sector workers but all others with equal pay?

Sadly, most of the Government are nincompoops, totally divorced from reality. No wonder why MPs are usually looked at with such disdain.

How brave of nurses to demand more money, if they had an increase then our hard working MPs would not be able to have their 11 percent increment. We could live pretty simply without these foolish out of touch parasitic loafers of Westminster – Nurses – Not so much.

As usual, MPs are out of touch with the actual world and I bet he has private health care and wouldn’t use the NHS with the working people while our taxes sweeten his earnings and expenses.

How often are nurses assaulted, slobbered on, cussed at, and generally berated, for simply doing their job? How often do they have to clean up when people have soiled themselves or thrown up?
And they deal with bereaved families or support people when they are often going through the worst experience of their lives.

Numerous people in the public sector are woefully underrated and underpaid considering the roles they have to do, Nurses, Emergency personnel, Police, Armed forces and they often have to deal with some of the most challenging or dangerous jobs imaginable.

Without people like this willing to work in the public sector, life would be much different in this country and it’s about time their devotion and value to society is rewarded. It’s about time someone stuck up for those who work in the Private Sector. Well, there is someone, they’re called unions but join quickly before they get legislated out of existence.









Published by Angela Lloyd

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