Big Row Over The Northern Ireland Border

A new dispute has broken out over the fate of the Northern Ireland border following Brexit and there’s an enormous disparity about a hard border, enterprise, a customs union and more.

All this is extremely technical, it’s easy for the contention to appear a tad confusing even tedious. However, it’s essential to millions of people’s livelihoods and if Theresa May doesn’t solve it, her effort to move on to trade discussions with the EU will be screwed.

So how has this latest dispute started, and what does it all mean?

Theresa May wants to bypass a hard border between Northern Ireland, which is leaving the EU, and the Republic of Ireland, which isn’t, and at the moment the border is frictionless, and she wants this to continue.

That’s because border checks would create tremendous disorder and many fear they’d trigger a return to the dark days of the Troubles but even though dodging a hard border is the Prime Ministers highest priority, she hasn’t guaranteed it.

That’s because, on the one hand, she has to obtain a means of retaining a frictionless border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. This would protect items like prescriptions and the energy market, which currently operate both sides of the border.

Yet at the same time, she further needs a new set of border controls between the United Kingdom and the EU.

To make things more problematic, she’s further threatening to leave the EU with no deal at all in 2019 if Brussels declines to give any ground and some worry this will lead to a hard border.

The EU needs to sort out three things before it moves on to talk about Britain’s future enterprise with the Continent. They are the citizens’ freedoms, the divorce bill and the Northern Ireland border.

The Prime Minister wants trade talks to begin following a crunch December summit but if there’s no consensus on the border, the rest risks being held up.

Ireland has rekindled the discussion with a climactic intervention. The dilemma could be resolved by staying in the customs union or single market and it’s a very simple fact that if the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland continued to be in the EU customs union, or better still the single market, there would be no border problem.

Plus we should continue to be astonished at the blind faith that some in London place in theoretical future free trade treaties.

The Tory government has already ruled out the chance of Britain staying in the customs union or single market and Ministers say we can have a connection with these groups but staying in completely would have so many precepts that it would primarily be like staying in the EU.

This is where Mr Hogan’s three little words or Northern Ireland come in.

He knows what the UK government’s position is. Therefore he’s primarily suggesting there be one set of trading practices for the mainland and a different one for Northern Ireland.

Remember the DUP, whose 10 votes the Tories required to stay in control?


The unionist party has made it clear it won’t allow any circumstances where Northern Ireland and the mainland have different trade dictates and they will not back any arrangements that create obstacles to trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom or any proposal that Northern Ireland, unlike the remainder of the United Kingdom, will have to mirror European statutes.


Furthermore, Tory Brexiteer MP Owen Paterson, a former Northern Ireland Secretary, accused Irish politicians of blackmail and that discussion of a separate settlement for Northern Ireland is completely ridiculous and dangerous

The notion that Northern Ireland’s going to be taken out of the single market of the United Kingdom where it does 87 percent of its commerce is crazy and it’s especially irresponsible of politicians to make a remark like that, saying they are going to force and bribe the United Kingdom into giving a special status for Northern Ireland outside the rest of the United Kingdom.

The notion we’re going to go back to old customs posts with customs officials is like attaching a spoon into a vat of treacle and that is entirely out of date.

Despite the unfolding dispute, the government is declining to give a final answer until after a settlement with the EU. The next EU summit is in mid-December, but there’s no guarantee the matter will be resolved then.

They don’t want there to be a hard border but the United Kingdom is going to be leaving the customs union and the single market.

They have always had exceptions for Ireland whether it’s in their voting rights or our rights of residence in the United Kingdom, they have always allowed a certain asymmetry and that will have to be part of whatever compromise they come to with the European Union.

However, they can’t come to a conclusive answer to the Irish problem until they get a conception of the end state. Plus until they get into negotiations with the EU on the end state that will be quite difficult, therefore the faster that they can do that, the better and they are still in a situation where the EU doesn’t want to do that.

One thing that they don’t want to do is endanger any movement suddenly because they require action to allow them to get into the proper trade agreements and they’ve got to be pretty cautious about not losing any of the gains from the peace process.

Both Ireland and Northern Ireland face a likely power vacuum that could string this out for months and the Irish government is on the verge of destruction following reports Fianna Fail, the opposition, would produce a no-confidence motion in the Deputy Prime Minister.

The dispute rotates around the handling of a police whistleblower case. In the meantime, Northern Ireland had been run since the Good Friday Agreement through a power-sharing arrangement that let unionists and Republicans hold office together.

However, that power-sharing collapsed in January and numerous efforts to revive it have crashed.

The British institution is inherently bipolar and maybe they don’t remember the shocking stuff that occurred in the disturbances in Northern Ireland and should this appalling Government be permitted to ruin Ireland as well as the balance of the United Kingdom?

It looks like this can’t be settled. The DUP will only accept that Northern Ireland has precisely the same requirements as the rest of the United Kingdom and no border which indicates staying in the single market/customs union and Brexiteers will only accept that they completely leave the single market and customs union which has to mean a boundary between Northern Ireland.

Given that we know that the Brexiteers knew this would be a problem before the election, John Major and Tony Blairs address before the election simply states this will happen, what does it tell you about how far they will go in pursuing their absurd low tax, non-existent public services, a welfare state, low wage, corporate subservient, and environment slaying crazed beliefs.

Clearly, they and the media they manipulated don’t care about their own people in the United Kingdom and even less about the Irish and if Berlin wants to force taxes on UK goods the Irish will be required to get them and it will be up to them how they do that.

Ireland had the Lisbon treaty referendum and their people declined it. The EU wasn’t happy as they wanted an agreement, a tiny piece of fearmongering and then they redid the referendum and they succeeded, a charming bit of EU bully boy democracy.

Therefore Ireland will do as the EU orders or it won’t give them any more money when they require another bailout.

The United Kingdom needs a Free-Trade Agreement that is not conceivable or on offer. The EU stated 5 years ago what the possibilities were if the United Kingdom left, they stated it before the referendum, during and after.

The United Kingdom is living in an illusion that it can enforce a separation on the EU or furthermore, 27 member nations, which cost them billions following 40 years of giving the United Kingdom awesome deductions, then get to be friends with benefits, wanting a deal that doesn’t exist.

Then on top of that, the UK media overlooks the fundamental truth that the United Kingdom following discussions commenced, still has not announced what it requires. The United Kingdom attends gatherings with no minutes, no paperwork or suggestions, hinders every exchange then stands before it’s media talking rubbish, stating growth is coming forward when nothing has been accomplished.

The United Kingdom is the one not settling, it doesn’t want a compromise, it doesn’t want a return to a European Free Trade Association arrangement it is saying stuff incompatible with what is plausible.

The United Kingdom has been fooled by far-right Brexiteers, they will move their money out through the collapse and scoop profits after, and they will move the United Kingdom closer to US control.

Seventeen million people have driven a society of 65 million to ruin, on a hope and a prayer and the United Kingdom is committing self-destruction, gradually.

It’s Brexit insanity that will destroy us all and poverty Britain will be poorer now by a hundredfold. We have no industry, we control nothing, marketed off to Europe by the Tories.

We required new hospitals so where was the money to come from? We were too hospitable and we overspent. What will surely make us destitute is the millions of low paid, low skilled immigrants, that will decrease Britains average salary and we will be poorer and poorer if that doesn’t end.












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