Shocking Treatment Of Tommy Robinson

A judge accepted Tommy Robinson’s appeal and dropped the contempt conviction against him, giving him bail and sent him home, but let’s talk about Tommy Robinson’s treatment while he was in jail.

Tommy Robinson should never have been put in jail, and even if he should have been in jail, his treatment in there was inappropriate. But let’s talk about what Tommy Robinson has had to live through following his sentencing on May 25th 2018.


Tommy Robinson was first sent to HM Prison Hull, which from what we can surmise is one of the safer prisons in the United Kingdom, not that it’s not full of offenders, but it’s not governed by Muslim prison groups.

In many prisons in the United Kingdom, there are a number of Muslim’s in jail for crimes, including severe crimes, including terrorism. But a lot of people who go to jail, reform to Islam to be protected by the Muslim gangs.

If they convert to Islam they will be protected by the other Muslim detainees, if you don’t, you’re in danger of violence. This gang effectively runs the prison and it’s run in a Halal manner with five prayers a day, Halal food, they’re the bosses and they can carry out Fatwas inside the prison, and Tommy Robinson was transferred from HM Prison Hull to HM Prison Onley which is a much more Islamised prison.

There was no warning, reason or appeal whatsoever and this was not done by the courts, this was done by some unknown, faceless political official embedded inside the prison system and it’s a scandal and we must find out who did that.

There’s only one reason to remove Tommy Robinson from a safer prison to HM Prison Onley and that’s either to get Tommy Robinson killed at the hands of a Muslim prison gang or to force him to do what they knew he would do because he’d done it before and ask to be put in solitary detention to save his own life.

But the thing is, you can’t survive for thirteen months in solitary confinement, you would go insane and it would be regarded as cruelty, but that’s where Tommy Robinson was placed. It’s distressing enough that Tommy was in solitary but let’s give some instances of what the prison did to him while he was in jail.

Prisoner’s would constantly be given access to the front of Tommy’s cell and they would open up the cover to his cell and scream threats at him and this was allowed, like a form of mental cruelty, and there was a window in Tommy’s cell for a breeze in the scorching summer but prisoners were allowed to go up to the window and spit into Tommy’s cell which is a form of assault and its outrageous and it’s psychologically abusive.

So, Tommy had to shut his window in this particularly hot British summer. Tommy was locked in his cell to protect himself from the other prisoners, and on at least three occasions his cell door was inadvertently not locked and it would have been a disgrace if an accident had happened to Tommy in prison.

So, who was it in the British prison system who was seeking to get Tommy killed? And Tommy was only permitted to phone home during the lunch hour, so he was unable to talk to his kids because they were at school. That is an unreasonable and vindictive decision by the prison and on three occasions when his lawyers attempted to engage with him, on one occasion that meeting was cancelled by the prison, no reason, no warning, no appeal, simply cancelled.

And on the two occasions, they did meet, those meetings were cut short. The jailers slow-walked and took their time to bring Tommy to his lawyers and cut those legal meetings in half, that’s one of the reasons why Tommy’s delay was filed late because he couldn’t get a decent meeting with the lawyers.

Some would maintain that solitary imprisonment is a form of cruelty especially when other inmates are allowed to come right up to you and scream threats into your cell, threats of death and threats against Tommy’s wife. It’s a form of cruelty when inmates are allowed to spit at you with the support, or the willfully blind eye of the prison officials, almost so that he had to cook in this British summer.

And we now know that Tommy Robinson’s sentence was a fraudulent conviction and judicially inappropriate and flawed in every way and that a thirteen-month prison sentence was absurdly excessive and judging Tommy a criminal where in reality the contempt of court was not a violation, and that put him in this sadistic position unjustly.

But you know what, justice has not been done, his sentence has been revoked but we still don’t know who or why Tommy Robinson was treated this way in prison, why he was assigned to a more dangerous prison and why this brutal treatment of him was overlooked by the prison officials, and that needs to be satisfied.

It’s despicable what Tommy Robinson has had to go through and those officials that let this happen should be dispensed with respectively. What on God’s creation has happened to England? This only suggests that our legal justice system is defective.

We should be thankful that Tommy Robinson is okay and back home with his family, but it could have been so much more serious and we must not let those that are blameworthy of supporting this vile treatment of Tommy Robinson get away with it because the establishment has no morals or regard for human rights or life.

The governor of the prison is accountable for what goes on his or her prison and consequently, the person in charge should be charged and with that course of action, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before the offenders would be brought to trial.

It’s time to evaluate the situation with this parley of Muslims running our prisons. Our legal system is criminal and this type of simplicity truly is ammunition for anarchy in the United Kingdom and those that are reading this would have no doubt sent a chill up the spine of most.

The problem is Britain has slipped into the hands of the Islamic snare and before long the British will be called terrorists for having an opinion on the truth and it’s shocking and the velocity with which injustice was given out to Tommy Robinson was remarkable, if not horrifying.

Without having access to his own lawyer, Tommy Robinson was immediately judged and condemned to 13 months behind bars, really, 13 months for contempt of court, some people get less for rape because supposedly there isn’t enough room in our prisons, but Tommy got 13 months behind bars.

In the meantime, the judiciary who convicted Tommy Robinson also ordered British media not to report on his case and newspapers that had now posted the news of his detention immediately took them down. All this happened on the same day.

The way everybody was acting, anybody would have imagined that Tommy was a security risk, well there’s a way to make somebody feel extraordinary, pity he hasn’t been treated that way in jail.

In Britain, rapists have the right to a full and impartial hearing, the right to the proper representation of their choosing, the freedom to have adequate time to prepare their arguments, and the license to go home on bail between sessions of their case. No such rights were granted, however, to Tommy Robinson.

Britain has always been where the importance of the Anglosphere, and above all have been committed to our liberty’s, but in recent years, Britain has strayed from its dedication of liberty but now there is one notable native basher of Islam, Tommy Robinson, who was repeatedly harassed by the police, railroaded by the courts, and left unprotected by prison officials who allowed Muslim prisoners to beat him.

Clearly, the British police view Tommy Robinson as a troublemaker and I’m certain there are many out there that would like nothing more than to see Tommy give up his game or get murdered by jihadists.

The saga of Tommy Robinson started a new chapter when British police officers dragged him off a street in Leeds, where, in his role as a civilian reporter, he was live streaming a Facebook video from outside the courthouse.

Inside that building, numerous offenders were on trial for supposedly being part of a so-called grooming group, a gathering of men, nearly all Muslim, who regularly rape non-Muslim children, in some instances hundreds of them, over a span of years or decades.


Some ten thousand Facebook watchers throughout the world saw Tommy Robinson’s arrest live, and those responsible think they’re right in seeking to keep such people from broadcasting the facts.

What has this country become? Our forebears died to protect our freedoms, this country is finished, it’s past preservation and it’s horrific the damage the British government has done to Tommy Robinson in the past and in this latest act of treachery against democracy.

Tommy Robinson is a British subject of whom we should all be proud of, but was meted out as the Gestapo would have done, so where are the judges in Britain who believe their voters have rights to free speech, rights to a demonstration against gangs who rape their kids?


Theresa May should be ashamed of herself, she allowed Tommy Robinson to remain in prison and shame on the British people who no longer have the backbone to stand up for free speech, and shame on the judges who did this to a man who was fighting for us all by putting himself on the line for what he believes in.

He didn’t actually break any laws that would have put him in prison, ordinarily, a suspended sentence would have sufficed, but subversives would be allowed to get away with murder but Tommy Robinson was put in jail because the government don’t want the world to know what’s happening in our country.

Sadly, most protestors are portrayed as dim-witted rightwing extremists, and nobody has ever before been found in contempt of court and a postponement order made preventing the media from immediately reporting the news unless of course, the case was still ongoing.

Solzhenitsyn spoke about how Soviet police concentrated so much on ideological adversaries of the government that they ultimately became practically incompetent of determining the most simplistic everyday crimes and this appears to be where the United Kindom is heading.

Grooming gangs rape thousands of British girls and have had an exemption for years with little or no interest bestowed by the police or our political jurisdictions, but Tommy Robinson gets arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned in a matter of hours for a non-violent misdemeanour.

Tommy Robinson supposedly turned up in court and referred to people as Muslim paedophiles and Muslim rapists and so forth. Well, blow me down with a feather, are we not permitted to say what we feel and to defend what is not true?

Okay, so he’s been told over and over not to do this, and time and time again he does, but somebody has to make a stand, somebody out there has to fight for our rights and our country, and I guess as much as he disagrees with the law, he can’t ultimately complain if he knowingly breaks them, but really, prison, that’s more than ridiculous when you consider that there are people out there perpetrating more pressing evils and they get off with a slap on the back of the hand.

Tommy Robinson reports what the establishment stops us from hearing, it’s as simple as that, and that’s why society relies on press freedom, and something that we will be saying adieu.

Anyone in the United Kingdom is allowed legal representation except if you surrender that freedom and choose to represent yourself, and Tommy Robinson should have been allowed to have a lawyer present.

His crime of reporting Muslim paedophilia hardly warranted a prison sentence and this judge was seemingly attempting to satisfy powerful Muslim groups which are an odd and self-destructive approach to our justice system.

If Tommy Robinson was a far-right racialist and fascist, then the UK government would be far less afraid of him. What the government are most petrified of is normal, decent people understanding, verbalising, and presenting evidence of how sick and corrupt the government’s multi-culturalist methods are.

All people should have human freedoms and the realm of awareness and conscience and we should have freedom of opinion and belief in all matters. We should have the freedom to express ourselves, either to articulate them or write them ideas down.

We should be allowed to have the freedom to follow our pursuits and to be able to build a life that accommodates our own personality, and of doing what we like without impediment, so long as we do not harm others. Some might believe that this behaviour is stupid, unreasonable or even crazy.

For decades the media, our cabinets and MPs have looked the other way when it comes to Muslim rapists, giving them an unfettered reign to carry on doing what they do but the thing is, in Islam, human sexuality is ruled by God’s authority and a sexual violation is viewed as a crime of moral and spiritual law and demands divine retribution.

Rape is deemed a serious sexual offence in Islam and traditional Islamic law (Shari’a) considers the offence of sexual violation as a coercive “zina”, and consequently a “hadd” crime, but in England, it happens all the time and we’re not allowed to speak about it because anybody talking out will be silenced, jailed, fired or quelled.

But the writings on the wall folks and our police are now there to defend the rapists and abuse the victims, with children frequently being identified as prostitutes by the police and councils to justify what some Muslims are doing, and it’s an outright disgrace what this country has become and now we have to say goodbye to the England we once knew.

This is the (United) Kingdom but we’re not united at all because now we have Muslim sovereignty. Not that all Muslims are fanatics, of course, they’re not, the same as not all German’s were Nazi’s, but all German’s got tarred with the same brush.

But we must understand that there’s no place for die-hard agitators in the (United) Kingdom.

There has always been propaganda in our newspapers, but the United Kingdom was an apparently free country and now thirty years later it has descended into this regressive state, this isn’t progress, it’s become an apocalypse.

Tommy Robinson has been slandered by the establishment from the start because he’s a white working class guy that articulates the facts and the establishment are working laboriously to stifle and warp his reputation, and if you compare the indignity accorded to him for his first offence, mortgage fraud, a falsification on an application form to help his brother in law get a mortgage.

Then you have the huge mortgage fraud that was perpetrated by the Labour minister, Peter Mandelson in 1996. He was initially forced out of government but he was let back into government at the first chance by Tony Blair and he became the Northern Ireland Secretary.

This arrogant criminal was also accused of receiving extensive bribes to allow an Indian businessman to get a British passport, and then you have Tommy Robinson who’s shocking crime was falsifying an application to enter the United States as the mortgage fraud rendered him unsuitable.

It appears that if you have the right educated background and the right accent and you come across as being incisively intelligent, then everybody appears helpless against this towering mentality and anything that they do is tolerated and respected despite championing the same causes at Tommy Robinson.

The government are supported by their henchmen, the British media who are scheming to snare Tommy Robinson and eliminate him from our midst because he verbalises the facts of what’s going on in the United Kingdom.

Then we had the Royal wedding, another tool of the establishment, which the media devoted every detail to, from the footwear that everybody wore or what Harry might have said to his bride, all so that the establishment can keep the crowds suppressed and “loyal.”

But why are we loyal to an establishment that’s working toward replacing us with foreign people?

Our towns are no longer British, and people are leaving them and the country in their droves. Our culture is being torn from us and the Queen does nothing, she doesn’t even defend the faith or the realm, and our country has been transformed beyond comprehension.

There will be no objection by the liberals against Tommy Robinson’s treatment as they don’t support white men, free speech and they don’t care about the thousands of young working-class white girls and Sikh girls being raped on an everyday basis by British Pakistani Muslim gangs, but if the zealous feminists are out in force, or if an actress has a tale to tell twenty years after an incident, despite film footage of them cosying up to their assaulters years after, and working for him for vast remunerations, but ordinary hard-working human beings have now become collateral damage.

The biggest problem here in the United Kingdom is that almost half the country is supporting and encouraging this political correctness, but it’s not political correctness, it’s political control, and the government embraces those multicultural credentials when it satisfies them.

You mustn’t do this because it’s not politically correct, well, we pay our damn taxes and abide by the law and so long as we’re not harming anybody else in the process, freedom and liberty once meant we could do what we liked.

Well, clearly not because we’re not free, we don’t have our freedoms anymore but it’s okay for die-hard Muslims to rape our women while our government turn a blind eye because apparently raping women or children is politically correct.

Ordinary decent people care about protecting their country but ultimately, that won’t be the case because, in the end, we will end up becoming a supremacist culture, and it’s rather terrifying how vulnerable our judges are becoming in the United Kingdom and how much left-wing control there is in our courts these days.

So, Tommy Robinson breached his bail conditions, what’s he a national security risk? I hardly think so! Who hasn’t at one point or another breached something, it’s not like he’s a knife-wielding assassin, but raping women and children is okay and past contempt now. You watch this space, soon fanatics will get a slap on the wrist and told what a bad boy he is, and not to do it again, and that will be the norm.

Nobody has the right to groom and rape children and whether somebody that has perpetrated that atrocity is Muslim or British, that should be punishable by a prison sentence. This is the United Kingdom, not Islam, they can do what they like over there, but here in England there are particular laws and if the die-hard fanatics can’t live by those laws, then they should go back to their own homeland where they would feel more at home to rape their women and children whenever they like.

This government must go and we must put a fork in them because our government is done.

The trouble is, people are sheep and our bureaucrats are a bunch of wimps shepherding the docile masses, and we need somebody like Tommy Robinson to fight for the sheep’s rights. We have been taken in by these bunch of wimps and the sheep have accepted this and we’re in a submission race.

Sadly, our government will not let Tommy Robinson carry on much longer, and eventually, if he mutinies against the machine he will disappear without a trace.

I moved to my hometown in 1981, when I moved here it was a pleasant little town with some especially friendly people, you could go out at night on your own with no fear of getting beaten, hammered over the head or killed, and I could still leave my front door open and be safe. It’s now 2018, I can’t walk my streets at night for fear of getting stabbed, and there’s a crime on my streets virtually every day where somebody dies, my town is like Beirut, sad to say, this is how most of England is.

Fortuitously, my town is not extreme Muslim related crimes at the moment, most are gang or drug related, but shortly it will be, and smaller towns will be easier to target.

We are quickly approaching an Orwellian England with a horrifying misuse of state control with failed immigration management and a harmful multi-cultural experiment, and it was assumed that Muslims would be integrated into general society, and brought to accept our values of humanity and fairness.

Instead, we’re allowing Islam to bring our society down to the level observed in Muslim society, where hate, misogyny, anti-semitism and supremacism are rooted in their cultures.

It’s an insult what’s happening in Great Britain, our ancestors served honourably in the War to fight for the freedom of the British and Europeans. What did our ancestors fight for if not for freedom and free speech? Tommy Robinson should be entitled to have his freedom of speech, otherwise, our ancestors fought and died for nothing, and that’s an affront to those who died so that we could have the freedom of speech!

The United Kingdom is finished and we should ask ourselves why so many people as well as countless Americans shed their blood fighting the Germans and served to protect the United Kingdom and Europe when today those liberties that many fought and died for are quickly being taken away.

There is no longer freedom of speech and if that speech happens to be about articulating the truth about Islam and the problems that Muslim invaders have brought to the country, the UK police turn a blind eye to Muslim gangs grooming young girls for sex, but if you talk freely you’re causing a breach of the peace, it’s a dark day for the UK.


It used to be said that the British Justice System was the greatest in the world but now it has become more left-wing in its orientation. This was done incrementally and secretly by a political group that lied at elections after 1961, backed by the controlled media, and fixed by the Equality Act 2010, plus continuous pressure from capitalist interests for cheap labour and liberal-left psychological control of education, the law and the BBC.

A British woman complained to the Metropolitan Police about Muslims illegally conducting group prayer in a public place. The police were reluctant to stop them, and the woman protests about there being one rule for Muslims and another for everyone else. Shortly after, she was arrested.

There was a large gathering of Muslims openly praying in Royal Park in London, which infringes our British laws, but evidently, the Metropolitan Police intentionally abstained from implementing the law because it involved Muslims, probably because they didn’t want to deal with it or piss off the Muslims.

But, in this particular case, the police officers lied about the existence of the law. But when the woman read them the exact text of the law, they revealed that they had orders from above not to implement the law against Muslims.

The woman who recorded footage clearly planned in advance for the encounter and came equipped, and she’s some a gutsy lady because at one point she was besieged by hostile Muslims jabbing their fingers in her face and screaming at her, but she didn’t back down or give in.

A few days later, the police were at her door, demanding to be let in, but not explaining why they wanted to speak to her. Eventually, she let them in and they arrested her.

The Royal Parks (TRP) does not allow joint acts of prayer or other holy rituals in the TRP estate, either in their own right or as part of a demonstration, event or other activity. This includes oral or sung public prayers or other events that are essentially religious in focus. Exceptions are made for yearly acts of remembrance at the regimental memorials in the Parks, which have taken place since the First World War.

Leicester Square in the heart of tourist London is not exempt either. You can’t dispense with any religious material in such a public place, but it does happen, but this is totally against the local bylaws. You could complain I guess but you would probably get arrested for provocation of religious prejudice, one law for them and one law for the rest of us.

This is no laughing matter and simply shows that in the United Kingdom there is one law for Muslims and another for everyone else, and heaven help anyone who presumes to speak up.

Considering thousands perished in WWI and WWII to preserve a way of life, and thousands were injured, and often died from their injuries, this is nothing short of sickening.

If you happen to be white, you are treated as though you are transparent, the Police are only interested in defending Muslims no matter what they choose to do.

One has only to remember how long it took them to investigate the sex crimes against eleven and twelve-year-old children sexually abused by gangs of Asian men, using their cafes and restaurants as fronts for prostitution.

Some of the girls were gang-raped by various men, their lives will never be the same after undergoing this level of exploitation and the Police said that they did not believe the assertions, but this was happening in many large towns.

The children were too scared to tell parents or the Police because their lives and the lives of their families were threatened, yet for years the Police did nothing.

In Keswick, the Police arranged for Muslims to use the Town Hall for their prayers, I am sure that if Christians or any other group alleged they had no place to pray, they would have been told to pay to rent or buy somewhere, but no, Muslims need to be found a place.

People used to believe in the motto, ‘When in Rome do as the Romans.’ Yet Muslims are forcing their wicked and harsh killing of animals on the people by purchasing slaughterhouses, and complaining to MPs falls on deaf ears. The United Kingdom was once considered a nation of animal lovers, yet those who complain, be that farmers or members of the public are quelled from saying anything.

On the Isle of Anglesey, hundreds of Muslims were brought in to kill innocent sheep in the harshest halal way imaginable. No animal deserves to be treated in such a brutal and sickening way. If a person treated their dog like that it would be considered Animal Abuse and the people who did it would be prosecuted for their offences, but not Muslims.

The UK Olympics sold Halal meat exclusively, and it is sold to schools and hospitals for people who do not even need it for religious purposes, which is actually against the law in the United Kingdom.

The country has been totally taken over, no wonder Muslims boast that by the year 2020 the United Kingdom will be a Muslim Country.

Surely when two Muslims beheaded a UK soldier, Drummer Rigby, when he was returning to his barrack, then people should have woken up and smelt the coffee. When there are terrorist attacks, police are keen to conceal the fact, usually insisting that these events didn’t happen, and when Muslim leaders promote terrorism, it takes years to get them deported and we should ask ourselves why.

What a horrible state of affairs in the United Kingdom, while we’re all the pandering to Islam/Muslims by the political elite which took on a new dimension after the cruel killing of soldier Lee Rigby in 2013. His death should have been avenged instantly, but it didn’t happen.

Nothing much happened to the two animals who perpetrated the grim slaying except for some prison time. These monsters are still breathing.

When a country does not exact punishment for the pointless, unprovoked murder of one of its own, then it has really lost the plot. It’s not a real country anymore when it fails to defend its citizens, and is merely a pile of poo, and deserves the shameful fate that awaits the United Kingdom when Islam officially takes over.

The people of England have historically resisted against their homegrown oppressors many times, sometimes harmoniously and at times quite violently.

We now have a new kind of oppressor and opponent, the first and most dangerous is our own existing government. The second, which could be quickly dispensed by a right-thinking government is the emergence of the Islamic doctrine and culture which is an atrocity to progress in the 21st century.

It’s time once again to stop this current domination, and we need to begin with our police force, and the government should not be welcoming dangerous aliens into our country. Sadly, decades of conditioning of the people has had its impact, as it was intended to do.

But people are too scared to rebel because of what might happen to them, like getting carted off to prison like some criminal for speaking our minds, and the fear of government reprisals keep a lot of people in Britain from taking action, or they’re browbeaten and told not to speak out, and our government is our worst adversary.

Most of the 63 clauses of the Magna Carta granted by King John dealt with specific grievances relating to his rule. But, hidden within them were a number of basic values that both challenged the dictatorship of the king and proved extremely flexible in the coming centuries.

Most famously, the 39th clause gave all ‘free men’ the right to justice and a fair trial, obviously that concept has been lost and has been superseded by political correctness. Although, no man or woman has ever really been free, and the Magna Carta was simply for people like Barons and not for the people that were controlled by them.

Everything we’re seeing is an out-and-out misuse of power by the government, who lurk in the House of Commons and refuse to defend this country and its beliefs but are quite prepared to defend Islamic faith here in the United Kingdom, and on the whole, the British establishment is a bunch of wimps.

Tommy Robinson was described as a thuggish rabble-rouser in the UK media, but he’s a young man who’s concerned and annoyed about the changes that have been foisted on his community, and he’s conducted himself civilly and articulately when subjected to intrusive discussions with the media and has posted youtube discussions he has had with controversial personalities.

He further posted youtube talks in which he reported the harassment bordering on abuse at the hands of the police, including one which revealed the police accosting him as he sat having a meal with his family, who were causing no disturbance to anyone, forcing him to vacate the area.

The sight of a flock of stone-faced police forcing his family down the street while his daughter was sobbing with extreme distress was one of the most shameful incidents and should make people ashamed to be British.

It all began with, “You can’t say baa baa black sheep anymore,” then the blackboard was eliminated and we had the whiteboard, and gollywogs were excluded from the side of our jam jars. I must confess I was rather happy when they got rid of the blackboard, I disliked that scraping sound from the chalk, but nursery rhymes were never the same again, and I used to love my gollywog, in fact, I had a doll with a double-sided head, one side was black the other side was white, and I loved that doll.

Things have come a long way since then, now we’re not concerned about a mere blackboard or doll, now our concern is if we walk down the street, are we going to get beheaded by some Islamic fanatic?

Our children are indoctrinated in their own schools, that’s what happens when you open up borders, before then, we were a modern country, and women weren’t wrapped from head to toe in suffocating attire, they drove cars and entered beauty parades.

But young people are indifferent because their too distracted with working and supporting a family and couldn’t care less about what’s happening and before they know it, they won’t know what hit them because they would have lost their country under a totally different rule.

Have the British obviously lost all regard for basic human freedoms, and will they continue to take the easy way out until the entire country is browbeaten into submission?

Does Theresa May have no regard for basic human values? And how long a life does Great Britain and indeed the entirety of Europe have before we are canned into the Middle Ages?

But the struggle still continues, and the unfairness is apparent to all. Muslims want to get rid of free speech but have their own free speech which is forever in support of Islam, it never favours any other faith.

It’s difficult to know where to begin or how to respond besides displaying contempt and loathing to our government because they have forsaken their own people, they have lost direction and are now going after those who will offer the least resistance.

This was an out-and-out injustice given out to Tommy Robinson and it’s time that the United Kingdom recognised and denounced Islamic perpetrators and their many associates who currently lurk in the police, and now the social welfare system, the government and now the judiciary.

What a dreadful malfunction of the law. The problem is the perpetrators are the government, and their followers in Parliament, none of this would be happening without their consent.

They have the ability to change everything that needs to be changed, and they could change most of it or all of it, and the fact that they aren’t doing it, or even discussing it, suggests that this is what they want.

And the only people who have assured freedom to do what they want, and the freedom to speak hatred are fanatical Muslims, and the British government and the police have totally surrendered to Islam.

No one else can speak up and criticise Islam and most notably no one is allowed to highlight the evils of rape and the molestation of young girls by Muslim grooming gangs without having to suffer the full weight of the new laws designed simply to defend Islam.

Imams speak brazenly of their antipathy for the West and are given an unfettered rein to access our country and spew their offensive beliefs, but if anyone or person were to bring it to the notice of the public that die-hard Muslims were on trial for their favourite sport of raping and molesting young girls, then like Tommy Robinson, they would be jumped on immediately by the police.

Our government is complicit in what has been happening to these young girls and that’s the only reason they don’t like any publicity, and they’re surrendering to Islam, and whenever a gang comes to trial they plead their innocence and by doing so, force those young girls to have to give evidence, which is very traumatic for many of them.

This is prudent, on the recommendation from their crooked defence team who care only for the cash they get from the public pocket, and the whole country has gone to pot with depravity and cowardice, the main claim to fame of politicians.

And the government go after everyone who simply questions Muslims, just because of the intimidation of rioting and civil rebellion posed by Muslims who use this as a way to keep the politicians onside.

It’s completely incredible, and who would have ever thought this would happen in the United Kingdom, but this is what happens when terror hits at the core of government, because politicians only consider themselves and as a consequence will willingly allow the radical Muslims to gradually win authority and do what they want.

Tommy Robinson, amongst others, have been attacked and denounced by politicians in this country, and he won’t be the last, but at the same time the government are letting hate preachers come to England, but we have gutless and spineless politicians who pacify the vile religion of Islam, and they’re laughing at how well they have deceived the sceptic, their sumptuous plan is sluggish, but definitely taking place.

Don’t bother writing to your MPs they probably won’t respond because they’re not interested in what the masses have to say, and the message is crystal, the United Kingdom is lost because our government has felt the Muslim knife at its throat and it has surrendered to it, and anyone who criticises Islam or who shines a light on the Muslim paedophiles who prey upon underage white non-Muslim girls is likely to suffer the same fate as Tommy Robinson.

Let’s see what the government have to say about this, or even our Queen while she cavorts around having wonderful tea parties for her various personages, perhaps she will make a gesture to help and support the freedom of her citizens.

The British whites are now the new Blacks and now they can be exploited, molested, battered and murdered at will because the government pick on the vulnerable like all tormentors and because the whites have become vulnerable as their industries close and their faith is trashed, and family order collapses, the new strong attack the vulnerable.

But Labour needed the Pakistani votes in the Northern Towns, and they turned a blind eye to the grooming, gang rape and exploitation and some entered the fight gleefully, and the BBC true to form backed the ethnic minorities and dismissed, distorted and covered up to conceal this, and they’ve been doing so for at least three decades.

Other Conservative governments are now committed to multiculturalism and having capitulated to Islam chose to cover up as well, but Tommy Robinson kept pushing this, exposing police depravity, ineptitude and the cold indifference as the rape, beatings and pimping carries on.

However, his incarceration without trial exposes a far more sinister Pandora’s box, and that is fascism and allied with Islam, as Hitler did, could well spell an extensive problem for Britain because we have become a society where it’s potentially acceptable to molest children of sceptics, and this needs to be exposed and eradicated.

The only wrong that Tommy Robinson did was that he insisted on telling the truth and he opposed becoming the means of any power structure, newspaper or political party, but more than that Tommy Robinson is a white lower class guy without an Oxford background or accent, but clearly that’s inexcusable.


Published by Angela Lloyd

My vision on life is pretty broad, therefore I like to address specific subjects that intrigue me. Therefore I really appreciate the world of politics, though I have no actual views on who I will vote for, that I will not tell you, so please do not ask! I am like an observation station when it comes to writing, and I simply take the news and make it my own. I have no expectations, I simply love to write, and I know this seems really odd, but I don't get paid for it, I really like what I do and since I am never under any pressure, I constantly find that I write much better, rather than being blanketed under masses of paperwork and articles that I am on a deadline to complete. The chances are, that whilst all other journalists are out there, ripping their hair out, attempting to get their articles completed, I'm simply rambling along at my convenience creating my perfect piece. I guess it must look pretty unpleasant to some of you that I work for nothing, perhaps even brutal. Perhaps I have an obvious disregard for authority, I have no idea, but I would sooner be working for myself, than under somebody else, excuse the pun! Small I maybe, but substantial I will become, eventually. My desk is the most chaotic mess, though surprisingly I know where everything is, and I think that I would be quite unsuited for a desk job. My views on matters vary and I am extremely open-minded to the stuff that I write about, but what I write about is the truth and getting it out there, because the people must be acquainted. Though I am quite entertained by what goes on in the world. My spotlight is mostly to do with politics, though I do write other material as well, but it's essentially politics that I am involved in, and I tend to concentrate my attention on that, however, information is essential. If you have information the possibilities are endless because you are only limited by your own imagination...

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