Spilling Secrets

It never ends as Princess Diana’s then manservant has continued spilling confidences about the life of the deceased princess, but previously Mr Burrell was accused of stealing Princess Diana’s belongings from Kensington Palace, but the matter was ultimately dropped when his lawyer reportedly gave the police a 39-page report with specific data about Princess Diana’s demand for her lovers, but this statement was part of a legal plan to make Prince Charles drop the court case against the former servant.


methodesundaytimesprodwebbin3f02c942-380e-11e8-8456-98f9d3f28109In the explosive book Rebel Prince, written by Tom Bower, Paul Burrell alleges that the deceased Princess used to ask the Prince to cancel public appointments so she could meet with her man of the moment – seems a bit dramatic and somewhat unlikely, although not entirely absurd.

In his own book, the former butler claimed that Princess Diana had nine secret lovers, my she was a busy girl, including a novelist, a sporting legend, a Hollywood actor, a musician, a politician, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and billionaire businessman – hardly enough time in there to have a crap!

The Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield spilled some details from her chats with Burrell, and according to her, he reinforced that the princess used to date Canadian singer Bryan Adams, he said that he would sneak the rocker into Kensington Palace in the boot of his car, quite comical actually when you think about it.


In 2003, Adam’s girlfriend at the time backed up Burrell’s words. The former Bond girl Cecilie Thomsen had been dating the rock star for 12 years and she claimed that one of the reasons why they broke up was Adam’s affair with the late princess.

Of course, it’s all he said this and she said that and whether Princess Diana did have numerous affairs is beside the point and not actually that important now, unless your getting paid big bucks to spill the beans, so to speak.


Evidently, Bryan Adams wrote a song about the Princess of Wales, funny that so did Elton John, and I’m sure he wasn’t having an incestuous affair with the princess!

paul burrell.png

It appears that Paul Burrell is still making a living out of betraying his former employer and it’s become quite offensive. He’s still cashing in on Princess Diana and the poor woman is dead, at least show some regard for a person who can’t defend herself, instead of betraying her trust every time there’s a microphone in front of your mouth, and here’s a thought, why don’t you get a real job so you don’t have to support yourself with your hypocrisy?

Paul Burrell is a proper Yenta and he loves the media recognition and the money he gets for doing it.

Lisa Oldfield spilled some of the details for her in-depth chats with Paul Burrell from their time on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, and they do love a bit of scandal on there, probably because they’re so bored of eating cockroaches…

It’s been 21 years since Princess Diana’s sad passing but that hasn’t stopped the scandals and conspiracies about her life from rolling about the gossip grapevine, even to this day, and there will always be ridiculous conspiracy theories.

The brazen ex-aide further opened up on how he slept among her clothes after her death, and how he declared himself her “rock” and gave her food that helped her throw up as she battled bulimia.

Burrell was paid £10,000 by Channel 5’s in Therapy, with a shrink questioning him at a rehab centre in London’s Harley Street, and he blubbered that’s where he would come with the Princess. That he would drop her off to go for colonic irrigation, drive around the block several times and pick her up.

He further became ghoulish as he reported sitting with the Princess’s body following her 1997 Paris crash, and he went on to say that he found himself in her quarters and could smell her perfume and that he could hear her voice, all appears a little disturbing, don’t you think?

Burrell must be running out of money by now, maybe there’s another book on the horizon, and how could her body be warm, she would have been in the mortuary for a start, and very COLD, not a particularly pleasant colour either, I would imagine.

He betrayed her confidence and he should have thought of her children as should have anyone else who was on the bandwagon with him. He’s a snake, same as all the others that make out they were her friend but were happy to tell all, and they’re disgusting and selfish.

Princess Diana would have been really sad by Burrell’s actions and really hurt, seeing him sell her story for twelve pieces of silver, and this is not the behaviour of somebody who was her real friend or loyal servant.

He was merely a manservant, and he wouldn’t have been entitled to butt in everywhere as this slimy man insists. He was simply a domestic, nothing more, yet he looks at himself as royalty. Clearly, he suffers from delusions of grandeur, and his victim is not alive to confirm what delusions he suffers from and the cheat that he truly is.

Paul Burrell was obsessed with the Princess and that obsession continues to this day, and it looks like he was seemingly in love with her, and if you challenged him he would have probably have died for her, but he was faithful to her while she was alive and deep down loved and worshipped her.

But genuine loyalty doesn’t end after death and he shouldn’t be benefiting from her death. Maybe it was a resentment thing and if he couldn’t have her then he would make sure he could profit from her death, but now he’s just a fame-seeking scamp, and it would have mortified Princess Diana if she were alive today.

But why did the man who promised to protect the Princess’s confidences end up sharing them with the entire world? Ever since her passing Mr Burrell repeatedly said openly and privately that he would never cash in on his position, but he did.

Eight months after she died, Mr Burrell wrote to a member of the public: “I will never tell my story, sell my secrets, or betray ‘my Boss’. It was an honour and a privilege to serve such an inspirational and unique human being. I would never betray the trust which she placed in me.”

Those who know Mr Burrell best believe he’s been driven by money, malice and fame. Mr Burrell is likely to make more than £2 million from book sales and newspaper serialisation. The Daily Mirror has paid him £500,000 in addition to the £300,000 he got for exclusive interviews with the newspaper after his trial failed.

In the months after the Princess’s demise, Mr Burrell was given a “special bequest” of £50,000 for his loyalty from the executors of the Princess’s will. Although there were no legal requirements attached to the gift, the implication was that it was for future, as well as past, loyalty. Some now think that this money was taken on false pretences and should either be returned to the Princess’s estate, or given to charity.

This man just hasn’t got any remorse, and he’s bleeding it for all he can, it’s pitiful, and he’s a Prima Donna with the quality and skill of a parasite. Who needs enemies, he’s a vile person and should have floated away gracefully, instead, he concocted the truth to get recognition and money.

Paul Burrell has completely misplaced his dignity, and he should have more regard for himself, and he should have taken Princess Diana’s secrets to his grave, but instead, he keeps cashing in on them.

However, Bryan Adams maintained that he was only ever good friends with Princess Diana. Whether they did have a love interest or not is beside the point now and actually nobody’s business

Historically, royals were not permitted to marry for love. Instead, they married strategically to gain territory, form international alliances, replenish the national coffers or preserve the purity of their bloodline. Of course, Edward VIII renounced the throne in order to marry Wallis Simpson, but it was only when the Queen gave the Prince of Wales leave to marry divorcee Camilla Parker-Bowles that royal love began conquering all.

That’s a pity though because by not allowing our ruler to marry for love, we’ve missed out on an entire army of consorts who might have just been good fun.


As fans of “The Crown” know, Prince Harry’s great-aunt, Princess Margaret, fell madly in love with her father’s former equerry, Peter Townsend, in her early 20s. He was a gallant war hero and presently would inevitably be judged a credit to the Royal Family. But back then, a princess could not marry a divorcee. Margaret went on to marry Antony Armstrong-Jones, and look how that turned out.

And for a really long time, Royal weddings were actually about as far from being a fairytale as you can get. Yes, there was a prince or princess involved, with lots of hoopla and some elegant couture, but historically, these unions were canny diplomatic ones.

Not passionate, Mills and Boon-style love novels, where some diamond-in-the-rough bourgeois got their royal piece of eye-candy, and really, Harry and Meghan would never have happened 100 years ago. Maybe even 50. It was never about love and until the early 20th century, royal weddings observed the same patterns and attitudes they had ensued for hundreds of years.

For almost one thousand years, these royal marriages were used for political ends, to help build alliances and gain territory, and in the course of a whole millennium, there were barely any royals who broke this pattern.

Even the Queen at the young age of 11 years old had five potential husbands scouted for her, and one of those five happened to be Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, whom she ultimately fell in love with, so that worked out perfectly.

But since then, her children and grandchildren have had more freedom to chose their spouses, but these preceding laws created problems for Princess Margaret because the Queen actually denied her leave to marry Captain Peter Townsend.

prince harry.png

Of course, things have loosened up a little since then and Prince Harry has been permitted to marry Meghan who was a commoner, but there’s still little something forbidden about it, although I believe that Princess Diana would have been pleased that Harry got to marry for love.

Paul Burrell eventually admitted he was gay, and perhaps he did love her in a completely non-sexual way, maybe it was he that needed her and she was his rock and not the other way round. After all, he was married to a woman that he’d been with for a very long time, but he was gay and he had two children, so perhaps Diana knew that he was gay and knew what he was going through, bet she would never have revealed his secrets if it had been the other way round.

Perhaps he was envious and didn’t want to share her with anybody else because of that connection. Perhaps he felt cheated when she died because she was his only normalcy.

He confided in her often and she was his strength. You’ve got to agree it was a peculiar bond and somewhat stalkerish after Diana died. Diana was kind to him, and her one thing was that she was great at counselling various people in her life, including Paul who she counselled after his mother died.

He said that he wasn’t an intelligent man, that he doesn’t have any qualifications, but he believed that he’s been to a great university of life and that his principles were achieved because of the two women in his life. Well, he obviously didn’t have any principles when he sold his story for big bucks and had it scattered all over the tabloids, his principles must have been born out of money and notoriety.

But he did love her, he loved everything about her, but it’s all very I, I, I, me, me, me, I did this, I did that, which is all so easy when there’s no one around to dispute it and all pretty Jackanory.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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