Former Aide Raped Woman



A former top aide to Tony Blair and John Major is on trial cited of raping a woman while she was asleep.


Mark Adams, 56, worked at No 10 as private secretary to Tony Blair and John Major for a total of six years in the 1990s, and it’s alleged that ex-civil servant Mark Adams raped a woman who was in her 20s, on a sofa bed at his former home in the early hours.

Catherine Farrelly who was prosecuting said that Mark Adams was controlling, and it was claimed the alleged event occurred in Blackheath, South East London which woke the complainant, but Mark Adams told Woolwich Crown Court that he was mystified when she told him at a cafe later that day that he raped her.

The jury then learned that he had bought her the morning after pill, but he denies rape and said that it was what she wanted him to do and move on.

The jury learned that he had two or three whiskies before the alleged rape in the hours following the May 2015 general election, plus a friend said that Mark Adams told her that he had no memory of full intercourse with a woman but he thought they did other things and that she was obliging, so he can remember her being obliging but not having intercourse with her?

The woman actually froze with fear when she awoke to find him raping her on his sofa bed, as Mark Adams pinned her down attempting to shut her up. He further attempted to worm his way out of it by meeting the woman at a cafe the following day, maintaining that he couldn’t remember anything.

The victim said that he got her the morning after pill and made her feel like he was her friend, which made him extremely manipulative, a typical model of a politician.

The victim in her statement that was read in court said that she barely recognised the person she was before and that she remembers the entire thing and constantly has to re-live it in her head.

Since the rape, she has experienced paranoia and has had an alarm fitted in her bedroom, and had an eating disorder, which she had beaten, but has now returned.

Judge Jonathan Mann QC said that the perpetrator did not have the guts to confess to what he had done and lied to the police and did everything he could to undermine the victim.

This brings an end to any aspirations he had in his political profession, and Mark Adams showed no emotion as he was sentenced and convicted, and he will have to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

The former Downing Street aide has undergone an exceptional fall from grace after being sentenced for seven years for rape.

The 56-year-old, who was made an OBE in 1997 and was a graduate of Cambridge University denied the rape but was found guilty following a six-day trial.

He took advantage of an especially defenceless woman who had just lost her job and broke up with her boyfriend, and he approached the woman pretending to be a nice man, when in fact he was controlling and mean, even though the offence was opportunistic rather than planned.

It took a jury of five women and seven men to return a unanimous guilty verdict after nine hours and forty-two minutes, and jailing Mark Adams brings an end to his career, which is a misfortune giving his former public service.

He did not use a condom and he prevented her from moving, she was particularly defenceless.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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