Brits Will Inevitably Face Higher Tax Rates Due To Coronavirus

Tony Blair stated that inevitably people will suffer higher taxes as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, but the people of the United Kingdom already knew this, because they’ll be a huge shortfall that this government are going to run into. Tony Blair, who led Britain from 1997 to 2007, stated that these changes shouldContinue reading “Brits Will Inevitably Face Higher Tax Rates Due To Coronavirus”

Carrie Symonds Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Boris Johnson’s fiancĂ©e Carrie Symonds has today given birth to a healthy baby boy with compliments flooding in from across the political divide, which happened earlier than was widely expected in Westminster. The baby arrived only days after Boris Johnson returned to work following an intensive care battle with coronavirus and it’s understood that theContinue reading “Carrie Symonds Gives Birth To A Baby Boy”

Poverty Not Only Inflicts Suffering

Millions of children are living in poverty in the United Kingdom and this marks the 20th anniversary of Labour’s promise to eradicate child hunger. Much progress was made under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown but that good work was destroyed by the Conservatives, and there have been debates about how you measure child hunger, butContinue reading “Poverty Not Only Inflicts Suffering”

Child protection, Social Work And The Media

There’s always notable press coverage of the work of child protection social workers and it’s right that the abuses of power and injustices by social workers are revealed and examined and for that purpose, it’s necessary to explore social workers misunderstanding and the rising perversion of section 17 of the 1989 Children Act. Section 17Continue reading “Child protection, Social Work And The Media”

Boris Johnson Doesn’t Just Want To get Brexit Done Or Sell The NHS. It’s Far Worse Than That

Boris Johnson will get Brexit done, Boris will sell the NHS, Boris will invest, Boris can’t do maths, it’s all Boris, Boris, Boris and whichever side you’re on, there’s an awful lot of hubbub about what Boris will do. But only a few brave souls ever read a party manifesto and most of them browseContinue reading “Boris Johnson Doesn’t Just Want To get Brexit Done Or Sell The NHS. It’s Far Worse Than That”

Tony Blair Says Vote Tactically

Tony Blair has branded the Tory plan to deliver Brexit a daydream and said he wouldn’t trust Boris Johnson with a blank cheque and the former prime minister is to deliver a speech and is expected to describe the plight of British politics as completely dysfunctional. Tony Blair, will say that the voters should lookContinue reading “Tony Blair Says Vote Tactically”

Boris Johnson’s Comments About Corporation Tax Cuts

Boris Johnson’s remarks about corporation tax cuts being a great thing have come back to torment him as he stood before business chiefs and assured them it was fiscally able to cancel tax cuts for big businesses, so that money could be used to pay for the NHS. But just months ago, when he wasContinue reading “Boris Johnson’s Comments About Corporation Tax Cuts”

Katherine Gun: Whistleblower

Katherine Gun was a British translator who worked for the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a British intelligence agency. In 2003, she leaked top-secret information to The Observer, concerning a request by the United States for intelligence on diplomats from members of the Security Council, who were scheduled to vote on a second United Nations resolutionContinue reading “Katherine Gun: Whistleblower”

Impotent Tory Posh Boy Boris Johnson

Efforts to divert attention don’t come more polluted than ashamed Boris Johnson’s election ploy and this is an incompetent Prime Minister who by his own words should be rotting in a ditch after declaring his pledge to leave the EU on Halloween is a Tory fright show. Of course, his demands are a smokescreen toContinue reading “Impotent Tory Posh Boy Boris Johnson”

Former Aide Raped Woman

A former top aide to Tony Blair and John Major is on trial cited of raping a woman while she was asleep. Mark Adams, 56, worked at No 10 as private secretary to Tony Blair and John Major for a total of six years in the 1990s, and it’s alleged that ex-civil servant Mark AdamsContinue reading “Former Aide Raped Woman”