Will Camilla be Queen?


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The rules and customs of the British Royal Family might date back centuries, but they’ve also been adjusted as the monarchy has entered the 21st century, but one important topic is what will happen when Prince Charles ultimately becomes King, and whether his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will then become Queen.


Camilla will technically become Queen Camilla once Charles takes the throne, rather than Princess Consort, the title Clarence House previously said she “intended to use” when she married Charles in 2005, and even though Camilla goes by the Duchess of Cornwall, she’s still technically the Princess of Wales, so by that reasoning she would be Queen when Charles ascends the throne.

We all know that in Common Law that at the moment Camilla is Princess of Wales, she is, she’s not just called that. Therefore, if she’s married to the King when he becomes King, she will be Queen, they may choose to name her something different but she will be Queen.

Camilla will be a ‘Queen’ in the restricted legal sense of being the wife of the king or Queen Consort, but she can’t be forced to be called Queen Consort, but her performance as the wife of the King is, by interpretation, that of Queen.

And even though Camilla will legally be a Queen she doesn’t have to take the title, but when Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles in 2005, following his divorce from the defunct Princess Diana, she took the Duchess of Cornwall as her title instead of Princess of Wales.

Camilla was not popular or well-loved, although this has changed a lot since the marriage as Camilla has taken on a number of patronages and Charles is much happier. Still, it was concluded that Camilla would be mannered as the Duchess of Cornwall, even though, of course, she is the Princess of Wales.

Only a shift in the law would mean Camilla wouldn’t technically be Queen. She will be Queen unless Parliament orders differently, and Parliament can do what it likes, but can you really see Parliament enacting primary law to amend current legislation?

Parliament can at any time intervene, and a new act of parliament could decide the titles of the Royals and their functions in a different way, and nothing is set in stone about the monarchy under the United Kingdom’s flexible constitution.

In fact, there was a significant constitutional development relating to royal titles in 2013 when the Succession to the Crown Act was passed. Previous to its creation, men in the line of succession to the throne would take preference over women.

Nevertheless, the act declared, in determining the succession to the Crown, that any gender of a person born after 28 October 2011 does not give that person, or that person’s successor, preference over any other person whenever they’re born.

The Prince of Wales married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005 and he will determine whether to give her the title Queen Camilla, although there is some debate around the position because Charles could be barred from handing his second wife the reputable title if he is hit with a legal challenge, and the legitimacy of Charles and Camilla’s marriage could be called into question, which could precipitate a legal dispute.

And without a public approval from Prince Charles’ mother, the Queen, Duchess Camilla has been left isolated and vulnerable.

The couple has seen off doubts as to the legitimacy of their marriage after some constitutional experts declared it was unlawful as critics contended that Charles should have been prevented from marrying in a register office by two statutes, the Marriage Act of 1836, which bans royals from marrying in register offices, and the 1949 Marriage Act.

However, nothing short of a debacle can stop Charles ascending the throne following his mother’s death, but a legal challenge to the legitimacy of his marriage might put a stop to Camilla being crowned.


Camilla, 71, has been left vulnerable because the Queen has so far declined to mediate and openly back the duchess as the next Queen of the country. One answer would be if the Queen were to make a public endorsement of Camilla, indicating that it’s her wish that she’s crowned alongside Charles.

However, there’s no indication of this at the moment, and of course, this leaves the Duchess in an isolated and exposed position, one that Charles finds it difficult to understand.

This is a continuing dilemma for Camilla which will not be properly established until Charles eventually supersedes the Queen, but Prince Charles is understood to want to make Camilla Queen Consort when he ascends to the throne despite earlier claims she will be known as Princess Consort when he is crowned.

Charles and Camilla have been married for 12 years, but the pair have a long and complex history, and even though the couple met when they were young, they both married other people. Camilla married Andrew Parker-Bowles, a retired military officer, but the couple divorced in 2005.


Charles married Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, but following Diana’s death in 1997, the couple brought their relationship out into the open, with Camilla attending a hunt with Charles and his two sons.

The pair were first photographed together as a couple in January 1999 as they left the Ritz Hotel after celebrating a party for Camilla’s sister, Annabel.
Charles eventually married Camilla in 2005 during a low key ceremony at Windsor Guildhall and the duchess was given an engagement ring that once belonged to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The Queen and Prince Philip, as well as Camilla’s parents, did not attend the wedding, apparently because the couple had both previously been married.
But, they did attend the service of prayer and dedication that followed, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with the Queen saying later on that she was happy in the knowledge that her son was home and dry with the woman he loves.

Camilla has cemented her position in the Royal Family in recent years and the Queen even promoted her to the Privy Council in June 2016, and the Queen’s promotion of Camilla was regarded by many as a likely sign that her son and successor plans to make her Queen Camilla, but her title will not be formally established until his accession.

But there are numerous people out there that believe that Charles will be extremely lucky to become King, let alone dragging his baggage with him and that he should be circumvented, and if Charles survives the Queen, he will be King, despite any damage he’s done to himself, he appears to be pretty healthy.

As for Camilla, whether or not she also survives Queen Elizabeth is a debatable subject. Camilla’s mother died at the age of 72 of osteoporosis, a malady which Camilla’s brother, Mark was already starting to exhibit manifestations of when he died in 2014.

Camilla has already been a heavy smoker, which makes her more predisposed to ailments like lung cancer, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, which in turn leads to emphysema, so there’s even more chance that by the time Charles becomes King he will have become a widower twice.

Nevertheless, it appears that their marriage is a bit of a facade with Camilla and Charles having separate homes most of the time. Camilla caused a lot of sadness and people have long recollections about how Charles and Camilla treated Diana.

If Camilla has any dignity she will refuse the title of Queen because there are many out there who would never call her their Queen because they believe that she hasn’t earned it. Considering Camilla is an adulterer and a divorcee, according to Royal law, she should never be crowned Queen and Charles as King for that matter, and she will forever be memorialised as the hag that destroyed Princess Diana.

And if Camilla wants to show another side of herself and win the people over for the rest of her life, she should refuse the title of Queen out of regard to Diana and the British people. Hankering after a title is not a great look, and she should be happy that she managed to marry the man she was apparently in love with after Diana went to an early grave.

Furthermore, she should never be permitted to be Queen, because it makes a mockery out of the whole Edward and Mrs Simpson saga and Princess Margaret, and with the variations on the protocol in the royal family now, it appears to make the precepts to accommodate what they want.


Charles should have stood down to marry her and also Harry should have bowed out to marry his showgirl, they don’t have a part to play, and there are far too many on the freebie bandwagon now, once the rules are bent, it becomes broken.


And would Charles give up the throne for his beloved, as Edward did?

Furthermore, there have been divorce speculations about Prince Charles and Camilla divorcing, and a spokesperson for Clarence Hous, the official London home of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, has been pressed for comment on rumours the royal pair are in divorce proceedings.

And there have been claims from a royal source that Prince Charles is consulting with a divorce lawyer, and that he and Camilla plan to divorce shortly, and Clarence House was asked if the royal family would make a statement about the allegations but stated that it wasn’t something they would clarify, and there are presently stories that royal fans are outraged by the unsupported assertions.

It’s been reported that the royal couple are expected to announce that they plan to divorce imminently and that the Prince of Wales has now signed the papers, and that Fiona Shackleton is considered to be the leading divorce lawyer.

And a source has said that the couple have hardly seen each other in the past few months, and Her Majesty has stepped in to make sure there is no speculation, but Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was not present at the Queen’s pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace, due to being ill with a cold, and she further did not attend the Christmas Day church service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham.


Camilla was also not present at Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October owing to prior engagements, and at the time, Clarence House said that the Duchess was visiting a local school harvest festival close by her home in Balmoral.


But while the entire world has been obsessed with Kate and Meghan’s dispute and William and Harry falling out, behind palace walls there’s been a much greater drama brewing, and despite happy public appearances, the revelation about Charles and Camilla’s relationship has been made apparent to everyone who’s in the royal clique.

And supposedly, the Queen has requested that the news is not made known until Meghan’s feud with Kate and William dies down, she simply can’t handle more rumours at this time, and as first in line to the throne, Prince Charles will automatically become King when the Queen dies as the throne is technically never vacant.

Yet, the accession council would need to be convened at St James’s Palace to formally name Charles the King, and he would be required to swear loyalty to Parliament and to the Church of England in front of the council.


In turn, the Houses of Parliament will be summoned to swear loyalty to him. The words to the National Anthem will be replaced and new postage stamps and currency designed to display Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne.


The only way Prince William would become king is if Prince Charles decides to renounce and relinquish the throne to him, but Charles has increased his workload since 2013 as the Queen has decreased in what seems to be a handover of the reins.

Charles is really keen on Green agendas, and it now seems like he’s recycling his wife too, but Charles never appears to get the message that the people don’t want two divorcees as leaders, both of who were unfaithful to their previous spouses.

And if they can’t be faithful to their spouses, how on earth could they possibly be true and loyal to Great Britain? Nevertheless, this Charles and Camilla thing is nothing in comparison to the capers and aversions of our royal predecessors, for many a Prince or King, anything in a skirt was fair game.

The Royal Family have become the laughing stock of the world and it should be abolished after the Queen passes away, the Royals are old fashioned with some pretty questionable social behaviour, these might have been acceptable in the 16th century, but not in the 21st century.

And Camilla should be thrilled that she’s treated like a Queen, so does she really require a title? And most of the people don’t like her, and William should be the real successor to the Queen, whether or not Charles makes it onto the throne for a bit or not.

And Charles and Camilla’s union is not in the realms of love because it’s contaminated with betrayal and the death of a wonderful much loved abused woman, and the tapes of a secret call between Camilla and Charles whilst he was married to Diana, is enough to make anyone barf with the image of Charles wishing he was the tampon that she was using.


Camilla’s great grandmother was a courtesan, so why aren’t we shocked that bedding Royalty continues in the family? People might have moved on and accepted this woman as a consort, life goes on, but memories never fade.

And there it was on tape, in his own words and voice, quite different from the distortions that were assigned to Diana, you really can’t look at Charles and Camilla without seeing a Tampax in your mind, and perhaps the Queen should skip a generation and instead of Charles becoming King, William and Kate should become King and Queen of England.

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