Rape Day!



Steam, a digital distribution platform, recently announced it would not ship a new computer game called “Rape Day”. This video game lets you play as a sociopathic rapist for thrills, and it’s now found its way onto the internet through other outlets globally.

A Squarespace website has since been created which highlights information about how and where to download the game for free, and US-based Squarespace which is one of the most popular website developers should disable this website immediately.

Rape Day lets you portray a serial killer rapist during a zombie apocalypse, and the author of the game describes it as a visual novel where the protagonist can literally harass, murder people and rape women as you choose to progress through the story.

Raping and killing women is not a game, and the creators of this video game should not be permitted to profit from extolling sexual brutality against women.

If played enough and by certain people, video games can affect people’s’ mental and physical well-being, and even if some believe that video games may not have real-world outcomes on the majority, is it worth the risk? And a game centred on raping and killing women is unacceptable and should be eliminated from the market.

And despite not appearing in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), there has been increasing concerns about people who seem to be fixated with video games and consume far too much time playing them.

Addiction to video games is being considered for upcoming editions of the DSM, but for now, it’s not seen as an approved clinical problem, and despite its unofficial status, there’s little question that some people, whether they are kids, teenagers, or adults who play video games excessively, that video game addiction can create problems in other critical sectors of their lives.

This doesn’t suggest that everyone who plays video games becomes addicted, in fact, only a small minority appear to develop significant problems. Millions of people play video games in moderation as a way to spend time with friends, unwind after a stressful day, and as a simple form of entertainment.

Still, keeping gaming habits under control is not something that comes easily to everyone. For some people, online computer gaming becomes the most important thing in their lives, and academic achievement slumps as little thought is given to studying or school grades.

Someone with an obsession with video games may miss work or neglect job-related duties due to an attraction with a preferred game, and relationships may suffer when one partner is overlooked in support of video games, and when video games are no longer a simple distraction from the real world but a compulsion that overtakes all other pursuits, this can point to many adverse consequences in the gamer’s life.

Obviously, not all video game enthusiasts will be affected in precisely the same way, but the list beneath features some of the more common consequences of an obsession to video games.

Some people dealing with an addiction to video games may further struggle with problems such as depression, low self-esteem, high-stress levels, and shyness or social anxiety, and if they see these difficulties that their extreme gaming is causing, yet are powerless to regulate it, they may also encounter feelings of guilt or a feeling of powerlessness.

And while video game addiction can almost certainly be made worse by other psychological problems, for example, depressed feelings, it may further add to these problems in a circular fashion, such as, depression boosting extreme gaming, which makes the depression more serious, which leads to more gaming.

Clearly, if one’s weekly activities are largely comprised of playing video games, health and occasionally personal cleanliness may be overlooked, and people with an addiction to video games may no longer take part in previously enjoyed physical activities or exercise, and may develop bad sleeping habits contingent on gaming schedules, and may frequently choose unhealthy diets that simply are convenient to snack on while gaming.

An addiction to video games can create difficulties within the family. For instance, the parents of a teen who is dependent to video games may permit extreme gaming for a while and pray that it goes away by itself, but if their child exhibits no signs of getting his gaming under control they will ultimately demand change.

The teen may then become outraged at his progenitors for interfering in his life, deny that it’s creating any problems, and maintain that it’s none of their business.

Parents with a child or teen who is addicted to video games frequently have regular arguments about time limits on games and the disregard of other responsibilities, and even for players who are not addicted, video games can be a pretty costly kind of entertainment.

It’s really easy to spend thousands of pounds on computer upgrades, new gaming consoles, subscriptions to online services, recently released games and the newest expansion packs, and occasionally, people with an addiction to video games may be dismissed owing to bad performance on the job, for instance, prioritising gaming over work obligations, playing games while at work, often showing up late, or missing work completely in support of gaming.

Academic achievement is usually one of the most visible causalities of video game addiction, and children, teens, and university scholars who employ all their unfettered time playing video games will almost certainly see their grades decline.

They may disregard forthcoming deadlines, promise to study “tomorrow”, deny that they have homework, and race through assignments so that they can continue playing, someone who’s addicted to video games will spend more time and more hours in front of a computer or television screen, and less time with other people, such as friends and family which decreases.

One to one in person contact with others is reduced and online or virtual contact is increased, and for those who seldom spend time with others in person, online only friends may not prevent the gaming addict from feeling socially isolated and detached from the world around them.

Some children will spend 16 hours a day on their Xbox, which will end up creating serious relationship problems among families, and can become a serious problem, even though the child will not feel the same.



And for those parents who discover their child playing Xbox at 2.30am, the child’s defence will be that they didn’t realise the time. But your child comes out of his bedroom for about 15 minutes for meals, and then rushes their food so that they can get back to their Xbox, then the parents will scold them for doing this, but that only creates more arguments.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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