McDonald’s New Paper Straws Can’t Be Recycled


McDonald’s new “eco-friendly” paper straws can’t be recycled and must be binned and burned instead.

Plastic straws were banned in all UK branches as part of a green drive, even though the fast-food colossus said they were “100 per cent recyclable”, and now an internal memo reveals the paper versions which were shunned by customers must be binned and burned.

But when McDonald’s introduced paper straws they were getting a pat on the back for being environmentally efficient, but it appears like it was an act to satisfy green campaigners because the things go straight in the rubbish.


The paper straws have angered thousands of McDonald’s customers who maintain they make milkshakes difficult to drink and dissolve in cola, and the firm has admitted that its plastic straws were “100 per cent recyclable” but said it changed to paper because “more can be done”.

It appears that everyone is switched on environmental discussions but the large firms need time to understand what they’re doing.

McDonald’s removed its plastic straws in September and promised to use paper ones in all its 1,361 branches across UK and Ireland, but an internal memo admits: “Paper straws are not yet recyclable and should be disposed of in general waste until further notice.”

And even though they strengthened their paper straws, and their materials are recyclable, their thickness makes it difficult for them to be processed by their waste solution providers, but McDonald’s have said that their working to obtain a solution, so putting paper straws in general waste is therefore temporary.

But Friends of the Earth’s Julian Kirby called on McDonald’s to axe all straws.

McDonald’s rolled out the new straws to all 1,361 branches in the United Kingdom to try and reduce pollution to the environment, but the paper straws had a rocky start with many claiming they ruin drinks and break when they use them to drink milkshakes.

One foodie was so outraged they started a petition to bring back the plastic ones, and in the months since its creation, more than 50,000 people have added their signature.

There are numerous people who dislike the paper straws, and are still managing to obtain bulk plastic straws through the internet, but are dreading when plastic is no longer available, and in Asda, you can purchase metal reusable straws, but they can be extremely deadly.

A 60-year-old English woman died last year after falling on a metal straw in a glass, which caused the utensil to go through her left eye and into her brain. Elena Struthers-Gardner was in her Broadstone home with a mason jar drinking glass in her hand when she fell on Nov. 22.

The 10-inch metal straw was in the jar’s screw-top lid and stabbed Elena’s left eye socket, causing a traumatic brain injury. These are extremely dangerous and should be banned.

I guess she could have done this with a knife or fork, should these be banned too? But then how often do you see a knife or fork sticking out of a cup?

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel because you can purchase reusable rubber straws, and they’re made out of silicone. Silicone is not biodegradable, but it can be recycled efficiently, where facilities exist.

I’m not an enthusiast of paper straws, far from it, but the McPoint is that paper straws naturally brake down McQuicker than McPlastic straws, and they’ve usually begun the process before you’ve even finished your drink, or you could simply drink from the cup, but perish the thought!

And now we can’t even get straws right, what is the world coming to?

Tip for everyone out there, my parents actually taught me to drink from a cup without using a straw, I know, it’s great, isn’t it? It’s very simple, you just pick up the cup, and bring it to your lips, and gently pour the contents into your mouth, I know, insane, isn’t it?

Years ago newspapers would scare us with threats of the communist threats, four-minute warnings and impending nuclear disaster, now it’s paper straws in our milkshake – I’m hiding under the bed hoping it will all go away.

Of course, straws do have a purpose because there are many people out there with disabilities who have to use straws, and straws need to be made for the needs of the disabled person, but not everyone needs to use a straw.

So, let me get this right. In an age when we’re told the trees are all being cut down, McDonald’s are using millions of straws a week made of paper. How long until the eco ‘warriors’ start complaining about that too?

Hemp is probably the answer. The stuff is amazingly versatile and useful. Bottles made from hemp are biodegradable and disappear in a matter of weeks. Hemp grows prolifically, making it an extremely efficient crop for those sustainable plastics know as “bioplastics”, and they’re lightweight, biodegradable and can replace numerous petrochemical plastics (oil-based plastics).

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