Man Goes Into Hospital For Botox


A pensioner went into hospital to have a botox procedure and got circumcised by mistake, but has now been awarded £20,000 compensation by the NHS.

Terry Brazier was given the procedure after medics at Leicester Royal Infirmary jumbled up his notes, and he maintains he was so preoccupied chatting to the nurses that he didn’t realise he was getting a different procedure until it was too late.

And they didn’t know what to say to Terry when they discovered they’d done it, and they said they couldn’t send him back to the ward and that they needed to talk to him, and the nurse was at the side of him and they were talking so he didn’t know what was going on, and it was a real shock.


The hospital has said that they remain profoundly and genuinely sorry that the blunder happened, and that they would like to take the chance to once again apologise to Mr Brazier, and that they take events like this very seriously and they carried out a thorough investigation at the time to ensure that they learn from the incident and do all they can to avoid it happening again.

Although it could have been much worse, they could have taken off his leg, at least it’s a foreskin which he can live without, whereas a leg would have made it much more complicated, and whilst money can never undo what occurred, hopefully, the payment can provide some compensation because the hospital definitely made a right cock up there, and you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

And if I was him, I certainly wouldn’t be leaving the surgeon a tip.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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