Essex Doctor Struck Off For False Claim


A doctor has been struck off after sending letters to patients incorrectly alleging they had been professionally abused by a co-worker when having contraceptive coils fitted.

Dr Frank Hlordzi wrote to six women who had been treated at Clayhill Medical Practice, in Basildon, Essex, telling them a chemical could have been improperly used on them, and a Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal found he knew this to be incorrect, and it heard that the letters that were sent out had caused a lot of anxiety.


Dr Hlordzi’s association with other staff at the practice, including Dr Francisca Ogunbyiyi, had broken down in 2016, the tribunal heard, and there appeared to be this desire to avenge, so he wrote to some of her patients, using emotive and incendiary language to tell them a chemical called Hydrex Pink may have been wrongly used to cleanse their vaginas, which he said was professional abuse.

In one instance it had been inadvertently used to wash a patient’s pubic area, but it had not been used as Dr Hlordzi stated, the tribunal determined, and the tribunal decided Dr Hlordzi had acted because of his desire to avenge what he considered to be wrongdoing committed against him by co-workers.

It said he had not made necessary inquiries to determine what had really taken place before writing to patients and had behaved dishonestly, and despite Dr Hlordzi apologised to the tribunal, the panel decided he should have his name deleted from the medical practitioner’s register.

The doctors from this surgery simply appear to get worse and worse, and it was only back in 2011 that a widow talked of her fury after an out of hours doctor diagnosed her stroke victim husband with vertigo over the telephone, yet she escaped being struck off.


Dr Francisca Ogunbiyi twice declined to attend Jeffrey Wingrove, 48, after he collapsed at home with severe vomiting and crippling headaches. Instead, she decided he was suffering from vertigo and prescribed some anti-sickness drugs for his wife, Isabelle, to get.

Mr Wingrove, a father of two who ran marathons, died 48 hours later, and his family were given a six-figure sum in an out of court settlement for clinical negligence against the family doctor and East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust.


Nigerian-trained Francisca Ogunbiyi could have been struck off by the General Medical Council, which discovered Mr Wingrove would have lived if his stroke had been diagnosed earlier, but instead, she was given a warning which had to be submitted to her employers for the ensuing five years.

And of course she appealed against the decision, but it was sustained during a five hour hearing in London. 

If Mr Wingrove had been given the right medical care, and his doctor had done her job correctly, this man would have survived, so why did she get a warning and still continued to work? Not only did she take this mans life away from him, but she took this father away from his children and his wife.

During the hearing in May, the board was told Mr Wingrove fell ill on the morning of December 9, 2006, at home in Braintree, Essex, after going to the bathroom and collapsing in terrible pain. He then crawled to his bedroom with a relentless headache and was powerless to move the right side of his body efficiently and was sweating and vomiting.

His wife, who was working at the local college, contacted her GP and was directed to an out of hours service run for Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust by private firm Primecare because it was a Saturday.

Dr Francisca Ogunbiyi called Mrs Wingrove soon after and told her to take her husband to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford. This would, of course, have been the nearest hospital to Braintree, Essex where they lived, but then why would you send a patient to the hospital if all you thought they had was vertigo? And why was an ambulance not called?

There was an alarming exchange that was played during the hearing where Mrs Wingrove, again asked for a doctor, saying that she couldn’t get him out of bed, and she certainly couldn’t have got him out of bed whilst he was having a heart attack, he would have been dead weight.

But Dr Ogunbiyi told this woman that she would just have to get him out of bed, so Mrs Wingrove then rang NHS Direct and a nurse there told her to demand a home visit from a doctor as soon as possible.

At 12.20pm she called Primecare again but was told by the doctor that NHS Direct was different from there, and they can insist and they can jump up and down, that they know the system, even though it wasn’t fair on her, and certainly not fair on her husband, who was now getting caught up in a mass of red tape.

Mrs Wingrove replied: ‘You’re telling me I cannot get a doctor here? I cannot get him out.’ The GP replied: ‘You’re shouting,’ and around 9 pm she called paramedics who also said her husband was suffering from vertigo when they arrived, and they gave him paracetamol and declined to take him to hospital.


The following morning he fell off his bed and was taken to Broomfield Hospital, where he was later transported to Queen’s Hospital in Romford where he died the following day.

Dr Francisca Ogunbiyi, who lives in Benfleet, Essex, and works at Vange Health Centre in Basildon, and was dismissed by Primecare following the tragedy. 

So, what has this world come to when we have to dispense with cruddy doctors, and it seems that this particular doctor was amazingly lazy and couldn’t be bothered to do a home visit, and simply fobbed Mrs Wingrove off, and she shouldn’t be practising as a doctor if she’s that slothful.

The paramedics were probably just following the doctor’s diagnosis, however, not to have taken him to the hospital was an absolute disgrace.

They’re not fully qualified medics and should always assume the most critical diagnosis, and quite clearly this gentleman was displaying significant symptoms of a stroke, as we lesser beings have had it drummed into us by the government’s ad campaign, and he should have been admitted to the hospital even if only as a precaution.


But if anyone’s loved ones fall ill suddenly, they should ring 999 directly, particularly if they think that person is having a stroke because this out of hours services in this country is diabolical.

The problem is we learn about dozens of related things, for example, a locum giving painkillers to someone with chest pain or someone with Bowel Cancer being told they’ve got IBS.

Or a young man with Testicular cancer who was told that the mass he had was nothing to worry about or the woman who was told her brain haemorrhage was a migraine et cetera.

So, avoid your GP for anything more than very secondary stuff, it could save you your life, and I wonder what a doctor has to do before they get struck off because it seems being too lazy to do a proper job which leads to a patients death isn’t enough.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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