John Bercow Vows To Fight With Every Breath


John Bercow has insisted he will fight with every breath to stop Boris Johnson from dissolving parliament to push through a no-deal Brexit, and the House of Commons Speaker’s comments amounted to his most powerful signal yet that he was prepared to personally intercede to prevent prorogation.

John Bercow stated that he firmly believed the Commons must have its way and that MPs must proceed to assemble and debate the matter as the Halloween deadline approaches, and if there’s an endeavour to circumvent, to bypass or God forbid, to close down parliament, that would be an abomination to him.

And he said that he would fight with every breath in his body to prevent that from happening because he believes that they can’t have a situation in which parliament is shut down and that we’re a democratic society and parliament will be heard.

And it came after he in June warned the then contenders in the Tory leadership race to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister that prorogation was not an option, and he stated that was simply not going to happen.

But MPs who are against leaving the EU without a deal are endeavouring to obtain a parliamentary path to prevent plans for the UK’s departure on 31st October, and it became apparent that Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposals may be jeopardised early next month after a court agreed to fast track a hearing on whether he can legitimately prorogue parliament.

And a judge in Edinburgh agreed to facilitate a legal challenge from anti-Brexit campaigners including more than 70 MPs and peers, but Mr Bercow’s comments came as former Chancellor Philip Hammond warned Boris Johnson that he risks betraying the EU referendum decision if he pushes through a no-deal Brexit by listening to unelected saboteurs.


Philip Hammond, who resigned in anticipation of Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister, urged the Tory leader to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union with a deal in place, and he stated early signs for that were not reassuring, warning that demands to terminate the backstop had become a wrecking stance over the withdrawal agreement.

The Tory backbencher said that the unelected people who pull the strings of this Government know this is a demand and the EU cannot and will not accede to and that a No Deal will be crippling to the country, both economically and to the union.

Of course, most people in this country want to see us leave in a tranquil and quiet fashion that will not disturb lives, cost jobs or decrease living standards, and Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd stated that she would urge Boris Johnson not to take the questionable move as part of his do or die commitment for Brexit by the 31st October deadline.

We probably will leave without a deal because everything bad that happens to this country, including a no-deal itself, over the next decade will be blamed on the EU, Remainers and immigrants, and John Bercow is a man that needs to be fired, and Boris Johnson WILL find a way to get Brexit done.

Bercow can’t fight the will of the people wanting to leave the EU, and the speaker is supposed to enforce Parliamentary procedure, not make foolish statements, and let’s hope he speaks very little pretty quickly because how can we call ourselves a democracy when boneheads like Bercow are calling the shots?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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