Very Significant Birthday Gift


Meghan’s life in the past three years has been like a crazed tornado because not so long ago she was the actress starring in Suits, and she was a campaigner, and even had her own fashion line.

Since then she’s abandoned everything to become the Duchess of Sussex so that she could marry her darling Prince Harry, and since then, they’ve had their first son together, and if that’s not cause for celebration, then we don’t know what is.

Nevertheless, Meghan has also had quite a tumultuous year, having suffered a lot of critique from the public. Either for the way she’s been perceived to be treating other segments of the Royal Family or for her apparent extravagant taste in food and clothing.

But Meghan is a Royal now, which means she can expect to get all sorts of gifts, even from the Queen herself.


Meghan is presently 38 years old but before she married Harry, she probably went on wild nights out for her birthday with her girlfriends or had dinner parties with the cast of Suits. However, Meghan is now a segment of the Royal Family and must celebrate as such, and it’s seemingly been a massive culture shock to Meghan.


But it’s not been long since she gave birth to her son Archie, but as a Royal, she still has obligations, however, it appears the Queen is taking one stress away because it seems the Queen was intending on doing some kind of birthday surprise for the Duchess.

This, of course, is quite the honour, and not one that’s readily bequeathed upon people, and very few people get to be personally considered by the Queen. However, it appears that Meghan is getting all the attention from the monarch, but even close segments of the Royal Family have a difficult time being welcomed into the Queen’s personal time.


Of course, Harry and Meghan are a huge exception because Harry is the Queen’s grandson, and it’s splendid that things are finally looking up for the pair after all the adverse attention they’ve been subjected to, and it was suggested that the Queen had invited Meghan to mark her 38th birthday at Balmoral in Scotland.

Meghan hasn’t been seen much since the birth of Archie, but that’s to be expected following the birth of her son, and even though she did take a brief step out of her maternity leave to accompany the rest of the Royal Family at the “Trooping the Colour”, which is a yearly celebration for the Queen’s birthday.

But in the few years that Meghan has been with Harry, she’s never actually been to Balmoral castle, and it’s been no easy path for Meghan, that’s for sure, not when you think of all the negative press she’s received, and it seems that relationships between Meghan and other segments of the Royal Family have also been slightly turbulent, especially when William and Kate came into it.


And there were reports that Meghan had once made Kate cry as a consequence of her pushiness and requirements when Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte was going to be one of Meghan’s bridesmaids at the wedding, and of course, Meghan wanted everything to be perfect, and whilst most brides want perfection, Meghan necessitated a little too much from Kate, who was still recuperating from giving birth to Prince Louis, leaving the Duchess of Cambridge in tears, leaving the room, along with Meghan’s demands.

Sources have said that Meghan can be a bit too pushy, and members of staff inside the Palace have further alleged that Meghan has a particularly extravagant taste and things only got more serious when other segments of the family urged Harry against marrying Meghan because many members of the family felt as if the couple were moving too swiftly and that Harry needed to think about his decision a lot more carefully.


And one outlet even reported that Prince Philip weighed in on the “Meghan Markle debate”, giving his viewpoint on what he thought about Harry marrying the former actress, and he was thought to have said that “one steps out with an actress, one doesn’t marry them.”

In other words, Meghan was good arm candy and nothing more, and while that does seem like a strange thing to say in this modern era, Prince Philip is extremely old and quite old school in his ways.

There have also been reports that things aren’t so sweet in utopia anymore, and according to some trusted inside sources, Meghan now wants to leave the United Kingdom which could be causing some excitement with husband Harry.

Of course, all families have their difficulties, even the Royal Family, so it makes sense that they fall out every now and then, but when they do fall out everything is usually transmitted or leaked in some way but from the start, it seems the Queen has made some allowances for Meghan, showing how she feels about her.

Queen-Elizabeth-II-Royal-Family-holiday-Balmoral-red-box-Kate-Middleton-Princess-Eugenie-1169282 (1).jpg

One of the well-known examples is the fact that Queen Elizabeth invited Meghan to the family’s Christmas celebration at Sandringham back in 2017 before Meghan and Harry were even married but traditionally, only family members are given an invite, so bringing Meghan along before she was officially a Royal was an enormous departure from the norm.

Countless people have been attempting to figure out why the Queen has been so welcoming toward Meghan, but Queen Elizabeth appears to be particularly enamoured with Meghan, and perhaps it’s because she gave up everything including her career and moved to another country just to be with Harry.

In addition, the Queen is thought to be sympathetic of Meghan and her difficulties with her family, prompting the Queen to make Meghan feel more at home with the Royals.

Royal fans were further shocked at how swiftly the Queen invited Meghan to accompany her on a solo engagement, and in fact, Meghan and the Queen were out together only months after Meghan and Harry tied the knot.

Kate, on the other hand, had to wait years before she was invited to a solo engagement with the Queen which appears to be another instance of the exceptional treatment Meghan has received from the monarch, and the Queen sure seems to be enamoured with Meghan’s company.

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