Meet The Ordinary Brits Stockpiling At Home


An increasing number of ordinary Brits are stocking up on extra food, medicine and other supplies, as fears grow because people think there’s going to be an enormous disruption if Britain leaves the EU without a deal in October.

And food, fuel and medicine deficits are likely, as well as heavy and sustained delays at borders for UK imports and exports, and there was a survey which inferred that approximately one in five people had started stockpiling, buying hundreds of pounds of additional goods and spending an approximated £4 billion ($4.8 billion) overall so far.


Yahoo Finance UK spoke to four members of the public about their concerns of deficits from important children’s medicines to toilet roll, with some purchasing hundreds of tinned foods they could survive on for months.

And Melvin Burton, an IT software tester, said he had several hundred tins, jars and other supplies at his home in Ely, enough for his family to survive on for four or five months, and he started stockpiling six months after the EU referendum in 2016 and warned that it was complacent to rely on the government and businesses for vital supplies.

And with limited information available, he turned to prep guidelines from the US but discovered they were essentially intended for surviving an apocalyptic or nuclear war, and Melvin Burton, who lives with his wife and eight-year-old daughter, even briefly consulted a Mormon survival guide.

But with much of the US information online concentrated on storing food for 20 years, he decided to simply buy long-life versions of his normal go-to items, lentils, tuna, beans, peas, and other preserved foods. He further imported tools from the US to start canning his own vegetables and said he expected his family would eat most of the food anyhow even if it wasn’t needed.dc80-live-3-1600x1600.jpgBurton also bought a “shattaf” shower head in case loo roll stocks ran out, as well as paracetamol and antihistamines, and he did a risk assessment and wrote down what might occur if trucks were held up at borders, and that meant any shortages on the shelves, then there could be panic buying and then nothing on the shelves.

But hopefully, a no-deal will be less destructive than most experts are prophesying and there might be some people out there that are more optimistic than others, but we really should be prepared, and we should be particularly concerned about the outcome after a no-deal Brexit because if the economy falls off a cliff, we’re probably going to be in quite a bit of trouble.

And there a lot of people out there that have grave concerns about their medicines, particularly with the extensive reports of possible disruptions to essential supplies, and there are countless people with severe illnesses where their meds are imported and one day without them could be catastrophic.

And even though the government has announced a £25 million contract to deliver medicines to Britain and is working to build up supplies, it’s really not that encouraging to the public who have to take medications on a daily basis.

But we’ve been told not to panic, and that we shouldn’t stockpile medicines at home in case of a no-deal Brexit, and Britain’s have been informed that the Government has plans in position to make sure there’s a sustained supply of at least six weeks worth of medicines and that the public doesn’t need to worry about it, but what happens after the six weeks?


Health Secretary Matt Hancock wrote to colleagues informing them of the latest plans. He said that ministers were working to make sure patients would get their medicines and that hospitals, GPs and community pharmacies didn’t need to stockpile extra medicines, beyond the ones that they already stock.

And there was also no need for clinicians to write longer NHS prescriptions, and that local stockpiling wasn’t needed, and that patients would not need to and should not attempt to store extra medicines at home, yet health chiefs warned that hospitals could run out of life-saving medicines in a no-deal situation, and this is because the government haven’t prepared for what might happen if the United Kingdom leaves without a deal.


But Dominic Raab has emphasised that it was doubtful that we would leave with a no agreement, and he stated that he’s convinced a good deal was within their sights, and that our institutions will be set for Brexit, deal or no deal.

However, other technical notices issued were more unenthusiastic about the impact of a no-deal because things will likely increase, indicating more expensive holidays and online shopping will be pricier too, but Brits will still be able to enjoy the BLT sandwich after we leave, after there were scare stories insinuating that there might not be enough supplies for sandwiches.

And he ensured that, contrary to one of the wilder claims, we would still be able to enjoy a BLT after Brexit, and that there would be no plans to use the army to secure food supplies, but the 25 papers released noted that imports from Europe would be subjected to customs duties and VAT from day one of a No Deal outcome.

European banks will be able to operate in Britain for at least three years without any change, but UK institutions would have to strike their own deal to avoid being shut out of the EU market completely, and Ministers are refusing to force new checks on European medicines for fear they will cripple the NHS.

Organic farmers could be severely thrashed because their goods could be shut out from the continent, and cigarette packets will get new warning images because the contemporary ones belong to Brussels, and Civil servants are ramping up their work on No Deal with thousands of more officials implicated in the plan.

And the papers now reveal that without such a deal British pensioners could be unable to claim payments without a deal on cross-border transfers between Britain and Europe.

Nevine Mann is a woman that’s concerned about the disruption to her country if it fails to reach an exit deal with the EU, and Nevine Mann is a Brexit survivalist, and she’s stockpiled at least two months worth of food in her home in Cornwall, England, in case Brexit happens without a withdrawal agreement with the European Union.

And she’s transformed her home so she and her family will have an independent source of water and electricity.

The possible implications of a no-deal departure from the EU are quite remarkable and extensive to daily life, and she said that as a mother, she can’t just sit there and not do something, and those like Mann, who are preparing for possible disruptions, have been named Brexit preppers.

And there’s a Facebook group with over 1,000 members where people can talk about practical preparations for life after Brexit. There’s also a flyer called “Getting Ready Together”.

We might not be able to change a lot of things, but we can get set for the most damaging feasible outcome because nobody died for being over-prepared.

On Mann’s fridge, there’s a shopping list of things to stockpile, including chickpeas, tuna, pasta, rice and Marmite. The family of five is also buying up medicine, but Mann’s stocking up is because she expects delays caused by a possible no-deal that might last a long time.

The family has a 1,100-litre water collection tank in the garden and solar panels on the house, but Mann said that the family still requires the facilities to enable them to pull power from the panels in the case of a blackout, and she believes there’s unquestionably a strong possibility of disruption to power and water.


But Brexit preppers have been blamed from being alarmist, but of course, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, if we do leave with a deal, and Mann and her family don’t need the goods, it doesn’t matter, they’ll already have it, and they’ll still use it.

We don’t, in fact, know what the outcome of Brexit will be, but if you’re considering investing, do you put all of your money in one investment, even when financial experts are asserting that the possibility of losing everything is very small, or, do we spread our investments around as a hedge?

And if the possibility of ruin is not zero, then it’s smart to hedge, and that’s what this lady is doing, and she believes that the possibility of real hardship after Brexit will not be zero, so she’s bulking up on a few things and being self-sufficient in some areas and feels that this is justified as a hedge.

And if she’s wrong, then all she’s done is spend a bit extra and will be well equipped for future problems, but if she’s right, then she’ll be really happy she did what she did for her family, and all of the cynics and foil hat finger-pointers will look like perishing idiots.

And when it comes to making these kinds of choices, it’s sensible not to allow people’s sheep herd mentality to discourage you from thinking problems through.


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