Boris Johnson Branded Tin Pot Dictator


Boris Johnson has been branded a tinpot dictator over a promise to break the law rather than ask for an extension if Britain can’t agree on a deal to leave the EU and Boris Johnson stated that he would sooner die in a ditch than go cap in hand to Brussels, despite MPs passing a law demanding he do it if a no deal has been agreed by September 19.


But Shadow attorney general and Labour peer Baroness Chakrabarti branded the Government’s position extraordinary and said the PM was acting like every tinpot dictator on the planet if he thought he could oppose the law, and they appear to be in a very dangerous constitutional position.


And Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell stated: “We don’t believe that we can pin him down and I don’t trust him an inch, and I don’t think anyone does”.

It appears that we’ve got a Prime Minister who’s stated that he will not abide by the law, and it seems that we’re in a situation where no one can trust him, and it was a calamitous week for Boris Johnson in which he lost his majority, his first four Commons votes, his bid for a general election and the support of his brother and then senior Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd who dramatically resigned.

And then Boris Johnson suffered another embarrassing Commons setback as MPs again refused his request for a general election and the likelihood of yet more Tory civil war with more resignations from concerned Tory MPs who feared that Boris has no plans for a fresh Brexit agreement.

Baroness Chakrabarti said that she believed the situation was irresponsible and elitist with the view that there’s one law for Boris Johnson and his buddies and another law for everyone else and that it was appalling.

But then every tinpot dictator on the planet throughout antiquity has used the pretext of having the people on their side to breach the law to shut down Parliament and all the rest of it, and it’s utterly extraordinary and it’s really un-British, as was the removal of the 21 MPs.

The legislation is crystal clear, if Boris Johnson doesn’t have a deal in the next few weeks, then he should ask for an extension, or ask to stay in the European Union, and of course, the Prime Minister will try to agree on a new deal with Brussels at the summit on October 17 but should he fail he will then reportedly decline to comply with the so-called Benn Act passed by Parliament.

Nevertheless, Boris Johnson has repeatedly pledged to break the law in a move which Downing Street thinks would ensure a prompt judicial review in the Supreme Court with the future of Brexit which could be put in the hands of judges just days before the October 31 deadline, and the former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord MacDonald stated that it could see the Prime Minister arrested and imprisoned, and if he goes to prison will his cabinet and advisers be arrested for aiding and abetting?

What we should really do is have an election so that the people of this country can decide. No more petitions, no more courts, no more games in Parliament because it’s the only way to stop this nonsense from both sides.

And we all know that the only reason Boris Johnson has brought forward the shutting down of Parliament is that he doesn’t want any more humiliating disappointments and we shouldn’t believe what Boris Johnson has to say, he’s a known lier and even his own brother saw through him.

It’s all foolishness, and the referendum was sold on the basis of a stroll in the park, but it’s far from a stroll in the park. It was deemed to be the most straightforward deal in history and it has been far from it. The government and the people can’t have their cake and eat it, we’re either in or out, and the Government needs to make its mind up.


Theresa May said that a no-deal was better than a bad deal, I say, better the devil you do know than the devil you don’t!

Boris Johnson actually has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s wasting time and energy and our money planning on a no-deal when all that time, energy and money should be going on more essential things, and a no-deal means nothing, zilch, nada, walking away empty-handed, which of course is a recipe for disaster.

Boris Johnson was the man who penned two speeches, one to leave and one to remain, evidently, he couldn’t make his mind up or was he merely hedging his bets? And everyone said he was a clown, no clown there, and he clearly doesn’t need his head testing, he knows precisely what he’s doing.

But if you look at the entire picture, it looks pretty much like Sieg Heil to me with Boris Johnson and his fascist friends who are driving the Brexit sheep into a glorious fifth Reich. Nevermind parliamentary democracy, never mind the law, simply get rid of anything or anyone who opposes and then government tramples over the vote in parliament, and this dictator would do anything, even disregard the law to get his own way.

And so we’re now at a point where the only people who are certified normal are those who are agreeing with Leave and a no-deal and then people start using slanderous names against each other. So, there you go ladies and gentlemen and gender neutralists and Boris Johnson the bonehead is showing his real feelings with his once again inebriated brain, the only thing that’s missing is the occasional belch that comes out of his muzzle.

The bottom line is we can call Boris Johnson all the names under the sun but it won’t change anything and the country is a mess because of the Tories but I can’t see anything different happening under Jeremy Corbyn but one thing that has become glaringly apparent is that the political system in the United Kingdom is now out of touch with the current times and it’s beginning to disintegrate and self destruct before our very eyes.

And you can’t expect such an antiquated system to operate in the 21st century and the more you look into how parliament operates shows us that it has no place in the modern world and the Brexit shambles has only highlighted this for everyone to see and it’s now time to have a significant overhaul.

Boris Johnson wants it done and dusted, but even if he does get his way it won’t be over by a long chalk and the only way this country will come to its senses is when the effect of a no-deal kicks in and Jeremy Corbyn now realises that if he won an election he would be left holding that baby.

At the end of the day, Boris Johnson vowed to settle a deal when he became Prime Minister, but so far all he’s done is cause more of a mess but screaming ridiculous silly insults and playground namecalling at him will not make any difference, although people are entitled to a debate or they can simply observe from the sidelines while sucking their thumb.

At the end of the day, Parliament is on the verge of collapse and there should be a comprehensive overhaul of our Parliamentary system with MPs having their wings clipped and if we want things to be abolished, then MPs should be given no rights like people are being given no rights from the Government because this country should never be run on dictatorship!






Published by Angela Lloyd

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