Parliament to forcibly evict Westminster Rough Sleepers


Homeless people are to be forcibly ousted from the Westminster underpass, which leads to Parliament, by installing rolldown shutters blocking the shelter off.

In December 2018, rough sleeper Gyula Remes was found dead in the underpass. The underpass is part of the Parliamentary estate.

One of the rough sleepers, Tim, a 58-year-old who became homeless nearly a year ago following the breakdown of a relationship, has named himself the ‘Earl of Westminster’ and has penned a blog about the removal of his group.

They were a good community sleeping in the tunnel, there was no mess, no drinking, no drugs and no unruly conduct, but now the group has been split up and they have nowhere to sleep and they’re condemned to stop being rough sleepers and instead have become rough walkers.

Laura Hughes, a friend of Tim’s, checks up on his progress regularly and gives him support said that this was a human rights infringement and that it was part of the antagonistic environment towards homeless people and it’s social cleansing.

Rough sleeping in the London borough of Westminster grew by 16 per cent between April 2018 and March 2019 and throughout that time outreach workers reported 2,512 people sleeping rough compared with 2,165 the preceding year.

In June, Westminster council boarded up an area outside McDonald’s in Victoria Street to keep rough sleepers away, and the number of homeless people dying on the streets had increased by 24 per cent in the last five years but official figures have revealed that approximately 600 homeless people have died in England and Wales last year, although the real total is likely to be much higher.


And the Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures reveal that there were 482 deaths amongst displaced people in 2013, growing to 597 in 2017, so, overall, an estimated 2,627 homeless people have died in that five-year span, and it’s sickening how we as a nation have allowed so many of our citizens to be forced to live on the streets.

So, why are we housing so many people from around the globe, yet allowing our own to live on the streets? We should be looking after our own first, but the liberal far left dictators call it racist, which seems to be their favourite catchphrase.

Meanwhile, our councils and government arrogantly stated that they were giving two Syrian families a house each, furniture, food, access to the NHS, school places, all free free free, while our own people have to sleep rough on the streets.

But then I guess people are just people and all deserve a roof over their heads and at least the very basics in our moneyed society and should race and nationality even come into it? And why are our own being treated so badly?

Sadly, it’s hard and there are people out there that might have given a few quid to someone who looks like they’re genuine. The dilemma is there are thousands of good players out there making £60 an hour in some places and then after a hard day of pretending they walk a couple of streets to get into their brand-new car and bog off to their nice house.


The thing is there are genuine homeless people out there who we would definitely give a few quid to, but in this world of dishonesty and deception, most of us have given up totally, but then it’s also really disturbing to learn of the lack of human kindness and understanding demonstrated by the “As long as I’m okay jack”.



Published by Angela Lloyd

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