Petition Launched To Scrap Privatised Disability Benefit Assessments


The brother of a disabled man who was refused essential benefits while he was dying has started a petition to stop the outsourcing of assessments to private companies by the UK government.


Jamie Oliver died on April 9 following a lengthy battle with chronic liver disease after being denied Personal Independence Payment by the DWP on the grounds that he wasn’t sick enough, not just once but twice.

But five months following his death, in one of the most hugely distressing and outrageous cock-ups that have made the DWP infamous, one of Jamie Oliver’s children found a letter saying an appeal hearing had been arranged for late September.


The move angered Jamie Oliver’s brother Dave Smith, of Hastings, whose MP happens to be Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd and in an inflammatory Facebook post, he wrote: “I honestly cannot think of an organisation as shambolic, insensitive, incompetent and unhelpful as the DWP and the soon all this PIP and Universal Credit fiasco is kicked into touch the better.”


Dave Smith has started a petition that he hopes will secure enough signatures, 100,000, to ensure the issues are discussed in parliament.

His petition calls for an end to the use of private contractors for DWP disability benefit assessments, both for PIP and for employment and support allowance and its Universal Credit equivalent.


Dave Smith said in the petition that the disability benefit assessment system has been linked to numerous deaths and expedited deaths, like his brothers and he, said that he believes that there have been many falsifications in the written assessment reports completed by nurses, paramedics and occupational therapists working for Atos and Capita, the other PIP assessment contractor.

And if you feel strongly about this, then please sign:

A government spokesperson said that they’re investigating the matter to stop this happening again but how many times have they said this over the years, so clearly nothing has been learned from this and it now seems that the DWP is the Church of Satan.

And there are many people out there having assessments where the medical reports were full of inaccuracies, distorting the medical facts and what was really said, and flat out lying with the inclusion of comments that were never said.

And when will people begin to realise that the DWP is no longer a government department that’s there to support them when they need help because the DWP, in its existing form, is there for one purpose and one purpose only, to try to claw back benefits from people who urgently need them and are entitled to.

Hence the outsourcing of assessment to shameful disability denial firms such as ATOS, Capita and Maximus, the latter being branded a criminal organisation by a high court in California and there’s an idiom used by psychologists “Corporate Evil” that seems to represent the DWP specifically.

A government spokesman said their thoughts were with Jamie Oliver’s family at this difficult time and that they were really sorry for the distress caused and were looking into this to stop this from happening again… and again… and again, and again…

But if the DWP were a private organisation they would have been shut down years ago as being unfit for purpose because this is a weaponisation of the warfare state against the people and it proceeds to go on because we are at war with this government, make no mistake.

The problem is that innocent, genuine people are being caught up in this repugnant system which is being governed by workshy story-tellers. Only doctors should be carrying out these assessments, and there should never be any further assessments for any person who’s been diagnosed as terminal.

But then our government are cruel, brutal, overbearing degenerates and the sooner they’re removed from office, the better because this poor man didn’t stand a chance with these heartless mutts and they’re always looking into it, always saying that they’re sorry, always looking for it not to happen again, yet it does over and over again.


And it’s a shame that the DWP and Amber Rudd can’t be done for Corporate Manslaughter as their methods and shortcomings in the system frequently cause death that comes quicker due to the stress that it causes or even more so, death.

Jamie Oliver only wanted to live the closing days of his life happy and also not to suffer alone and he required support and assistance with day to day life. The thing is, the DWP don’t give a shag, especially now that he’s dead.

Sure, they will have sent out an apology letter that is merely assigned to deal with situations like this but at the end of the day people to them are simply an invisible entity and the DWP are your masters.

And the DWP has a policy of rejecting a preponderance of claimants because they’re shadowing the scraps of David Cameron’s austerity agenda.

Our governing classes are absolute rabble, concerned solely with protecting their privilege, their unmerited money and their status but no one will do anything because everyone is too content to sit in front of the TV or their Facebook accounts until it’s too late and it’s their turn to be shafted.

You can’t get any more ill than terminally ill and I just have no words for the DWP and it’s no surprise the country is a mess with the dimwits that we have in government and it seems that the DWP have no emotions and positively no brains and shame on the Tories because as long as their pockets are plentiful, none of them cares for the neediest.

And what makes me sick to the stomach is the fact that this was a legitimate case and countless people have lost their lives because they’ve been denied PIP and not only that, some people are giving the government consent to do this with their approval.

Jamie Oliver should be given what he was entitled to and the DWP should be backdating it, at least then his family would be able to use it as they see fit, at least it will help out for his funeral so that he can go off in style.

DWP is so keen to refuse benefits to qualified people while they’re still alive but then they get huge gratuities for denials, and all I can say is that subhumans work for this agency who are prepared to earn more money with bonuses so that they can see people suffer.

What I would like to say is that some of these people claim to be Christians, so if they died and ever met Jesus at the pearly gates face to face what would their reason be for their actions and the terrible consequences they’ve caused?

What explanation would they give for causing the death of thousands of defenceless people? What would they say? They did it to save money and it didn’t matter that it caused deaths.

This was someone’s father and for some, they will know what it’s like to lose someone and know that they will never see them again, it’s the most difficult thing anyone has to do, particularly when you have to tell grandchildren that they won’t see their grandad again and trying to explain why.

The answer is simple actually. The DWP did Jamie Oliver wrong and sent him into a downward spiral and these people from the DWP aren’t stupid, they knew that if they denied him money it would take a toll on his well-being and that’s called genocide!


Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “Petition Launched To Scrap Privatised Disability Benefit Assessments

  1. To be at the mercy of the DWP is worse than police investigation and the disabled are not crooks!!!! It’s all designed to stop any person who is ill from applying. A blanket ‘no tolerance’ to illness. Unless you have some support to help you there is no way a sick person could deal with it. It’s inhumane and extremely sad.


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