DWP To Give Private Firms Millions As Fit-For-Work Test Deals Extended For The Third Time

The government is set to give millions of pounds more to outsourcing colossi to run fit for work and disability examinations. Atos, Capita and Maximus are due to have their profitable contracts for PIP and ESA assessments increased for up to two years, and it will be the third time the contracts have been extendedContinue reading “DWP To Give Private Firms Millions As Fit-For-Work Test Deals Extended For The Third Time”

DWP Tories Confronted In Parliament

Tory DWP ministers were confronted in the House of Commons with explicit photos of a man who was refused disability benefit. The man was denied the crucial mobility element of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) despite having bones coming through his flesh as the Independent MP unfurled photos of the unidentified man’s gnarled hands and feetContinue reading “DWP Tories Confronted In Parliament”

Petition Launched To Scrap Privatised Disability Benefit Assessments

The brother of a disabled man who was refused essential benefits while he was dying has started a petition to stop the outsourcing of assessments to private companies by the UK government. Jamie Oliver died on April 9 following a lengthy battle with chronic liver disease after being denied Personal Independence Payment by the DWPContinue reading “Petition Launched To Scrap Privatised Disability Benefit Assessments”

Former Soldier On Universal Credit

An army veteran has blasted the Government’s questionable Universal Credit rules after alleging he was made to live on only £8 a week. Former combat medic Daniel Johnson has been struggling to make ends meet since July after the six-in-one benefit left him with only £32 a month spare. The 45-year-old, who served with theContinue reading “Former Soldier On Universal Credit”

How Atos Are Taking Over

The NHS is not being privatised with a bang; but more with a cunning deceitful whine. We only have to take a look at Holland, which privatised its health care system in 2006, to see how it’s feasible for the NHS to be privatised by secrecy. Following the Dutch example, privatisation is occurring in three phases. Continue reading “How Atos Are Taking Over”

GPs are Billing People £130 to Prove they are Disabled Enough

A number of GPs are billing disabled people up to £130 for medical proof; so that they can appeal the Work Capability Assessments and, other GPs are declining to assist at all. Atos are saying that 45 per cent of people with life long disabling illness or incapacities will get better and, must search for work.Continue reading “GPs are Billing People £130 to Prove they are Disabled Enough”

Mental Health Problems and ATOS

Mental health is considerably underestimated and, the effect it can have, not just for that person, but for their families and, society as a whole. In the United Kingdom mental illness accounts for a third of all afflictions and, at any given time, one person in six undergo anxiety or depression. In England, mental healthContinue reading “Mental Health Problems and ATOS”

Atos and Other Disability Related Welfare Urban Myths

Some people being announced not unfit for work because of a certain disability is an Urban Myth, or an old wives tale and, that numerous people have died because of this and, this is at the moment being called a Myth as well. I must say that perhaps the press may have possibly leapt onContinue reading “Atos and Other Disability Related Welfare Urban Myths”

One Size Fits All

You can’t by any means cut down someone’s benefits in a “One size fits all” scheme because not everyone is the same.  If I purchased a dress that said “One size fits all”, normally it would not fit me because my body dimensions are not suitable for “One size fits” all, particularly in European measurements,Continue reading “One Size Fits All”

Sixty-Six million in appeal costs

Atos have without doubt gotten it all out of focus and, the taxpayer ends up picking up a very large bill, the total of £66 million pounds.     Atos reportedly trick sick people out of their benefits in an unfair way.  Their logic is that, if you have a finger and, you can pushContinue reading “Sixty-Six million in appeal costs”