Scotland Smacking Ban

Scotland has become the first country in the United Kingdom to ban smacking and the new law will effectively give children the same protection from assaults as adults and removes the defence of reasonable chastisement or justifiable assault.

Previously, this meant that parents could smack their child on the body but not on the head and now there are concerns that this new legislation could unnecessarily criminalise good parents.

Clearly, brutality against children is illegal, but, this is not the problem and it’s not foreseeable at all for parents what circumstances they might find themselves involved in when it comes to the criminal justice system because now there’s no discipline at all, it’s disappeared in our country.

Now we have soft courts, soft parents and chaos in schools, even turmoil in Parliament and children have become more disobedient and I see numerous posts about children defying their parents and making trouble at school et cetera.

And why is there such a pandemic of these conditions? Is it down to parenting techniques, diet or lack of authority? Or perhaps it’s because as all of the generations have disappeared, it’s now a generational thing, rather than an actual slipping of standards.

Having said that, I’ve seen a number of parents that are far too afraid to discipline their children and then the children are never shown the consequences of their behaviour and this makes a school’s job especially difficult to do when you have children starting school with zero boundaries or respect for the rules and being a teacher is now undoubtedly much harder than it was even 50 years ago.

But it’s not all to do with parenting because you might have two siblings who are raised in precisely the same way but have quite different personalities and children have many more rights than they did generations ago and the Government have prompted them to have a voice and an opinion, so it stands to reason that they will push those boundaries more.

And behaviour and condition are clearly getting worse and children are getting more unmanageable and there are many parents coming forward because they’re frustrated that they can’t manage their children and that they’re terrible at home.

Children now have poor manners, disdain for authority, they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise. They no longer stand when elders enter the room, they contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up their food and intimidate their teachers.

So, yes. Children are much more poorly behaved and society as a whole are much softer on children and a lot of them have no respect for adults and in school, they’re compensated for good behaviour.

But back in the day, we were punished for poor behaviour, along with detention and extra homework and lines when we were younger. 

I would never have talked to my parents the way my children sometimes speak to me and there was none of this taking stuff away or the naughty step and it certainly doesn’t have an effect on their attitude and I would have ended up on my backside had I even raised my voice to my parents.

I had the highest respect for my parents and I had no problem that they used to slap me and it hurt so I made sure I didn’t repeat the transgression in a hurry.

At school, I got the cane, although it wasn’t something that occurred frequently because the threat of it was enough of a deterrent.

But it’s society as a whole that has evolved with kids now demanding everything and children getting given everything they want and never having to work for it.

Teenagers no longer seem to go out and get Saturday jobs or paper rounds and there have always been disobedient children and there always will be and even more so now because punishment and fear of reprisals have disappeared and police and teachers no longer get respect.

The problem is society’s response to children, that is different because gone are the days when a clip round the ear would have stopped poor behaviour in its tracks, well, until the next time when the kid would be more cautious in not getting caught, but now they’d be summoning the police to have the adult charged.

Children should be given more rigid discipline in and out of school because I can remember wishing a policeman good morning and I was taught to respect from a pretty early age and parents these days have a really bad habit of treating their children like little adults and now parents feel that they have no rights over their children, so they struggle to parent them.

I’ve heard many parents use the argument that they don’t feel that their children are theirs, but then I also neglected to mention ‘the Government’, and now there’s the threat of Social Services, which don’t get me wrong is an enormous improvement from say 30-40 years ago, because parents got away with murder, quite literally.

But sometimes because of the rules, it goes too far and some parents are vilified and they don’t deserve it just because they parent out of the social norm and now parents really fear disciplining their children because they don’t want to lose them or face any sort of questions, and who can blame them because 90 per cent of them are excellent parents, but sadly because of the 10 per cent it’s difficult for the Government and Social Services to trust that.

But it’s true that the Government have installed fear into parents and yes, of course, symptom spotting is important but do Social Services always act in the best interest of the child?

And is it only me but are more children today spoiled and undisciplined?

Well, it’s a well-known truth that a two-year-old child will throw tantrums sometimes and that adolescent males have hormones, but it does appear that things have gotten worse and when you go into a shop and see children not just throwing tantrums but shrieking at the top of their lungs for something that they want and amongst young men there appears to be a lot of disrespect for women and authority in general.

And now we’re living in the age of child psychology and freedom of attire and parents no longer want to scold their children due to the possibility they may be harming their ever so fragile minds leading to a lifetime of children blaming their parents for their problems.

Of course, you also have lazy parents who don’t feel compelled to discipline their children because it’s too much like hard work and young girls have always wanted to look more grown-up and at one time that was great because grown women dressed more conservatively.

However, these days that’s considered narrow-minded and women are showing more and more and wearing less and our young ladies and young men are now suffering for this and young girls are now dressing like streetwalkers when they go to school with boys seeing more skin than they should and young females, as well as older ones, don’t have any respect for themselves.

I’m not saying that she got what was coming to her because of the way she dressed but more often it’s the way that you dress that determines how much regard you have for yourself and these poor disillusioned young ladies are dressing the way they’re taught to dress without any real appreciation of what they’re wearing.

They understand they’re dressing suggestively but they don’t understand the meaning of it and we’re raising children without any real consequences to their actions in the younger years because there’s a lack of discipline and now children have no morals, principles, manners and simple consideration for others et cetera.

Kids just don’t have any respect and we have to blame the parents and society but then kids have more power over their parents and it’s scary to see what today’s youth is turning into, particularly when girls are permitted to dress like prostitutes and that’s eye candy for horny boys and men and they have adult bodies but childlike minds and that’s a scary combination.







Published by Angela Lloyd

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