Shamima Begum and Boris Johnson Both Violated The Law

When she ran away to join an Islamic State in 2015, Shamima Begum violated the law. A year earlier, then Home Secretary Theresa May had applied powers under section 3 of the Terrorism Act 2000, to make the death cult a proscribed organisation, and having anything to do with the group was punishable by upContinue reading “Shamima Begum and Boris Johnson Both Violated The Law”

Boris Johnson Doesn’t Just Want To get Brexit Done Or Sell The NHS. It’s Far Worse Than That

Boris Johnson will get Brexit done, Boris will sell the NHS, Boris will invest, Boris can’t do maths, it’s all Boris, Boris, Boris and whichever side you’re on, there’s an awful lot of hubbub about what Boris will do. But only a few brave souls ever read a party manifesto and most of them browseContinue reading “Boris Johnson Doesn’t Just Want To get Brexit Done Or Sell The NHS. It’s Far Worse Than That”

Michael Gove Fudges Reply

Michael Gove fudged his response when he was asked if he could promise people wouldn’t die if the United Kingdom crashed out of the EU, only 10 days before the deadline. But Michael Gove told MPs that he’d been instructed to increase contingency arrangements because a settlement had not been reached and Boris Johnson wasContinue reading “Michael Gove Fudges Reply”

Impotent Tory Posh Boy Boris Johnson

Efforts to divert attention don’t come more polluted than ashamed Boris Johnson’s election ploy and this is an incompetent Prime Minister who by his own words should be rotting in a ditch after declaring his pledge to leave the EU on Halloween is a Tory fright show. Of course, his demands are a smokescreen toContinue reading “Impotent Tory Posh Boy Boris Johnson”

Keith Vaz Set To Be Suspended For 6 Months

Disgraced MP Keith Vaz faces the longest Commons suspension of all time after he met two prostitutes while chairing the Home Affairs Committee and the damaging report said that the Labour grandee must face a six-month postponement from Parliament more than three years after the embarrassment was revealed. The Commons Standard Committee declared the 62Continue reading “Keith Vaz Set To Be Suspended For 6 Months”

Brexit: Government Stands Down Operation Yellowhammer

No-deal planning was entirely scaled back on Monday night after hundreds of civil servants returned to their day jobs from full-time operations centres across the country and it’s understood that Operation Yellowhammer was stood down after the EU granted a three-month extension. Operation Brock, designed to handle traffic gridlock on the M20 which leads toContinue reading “Brexit: Government Stands Down Operation Yellowhammer”

Scotland Smacking Ban

Scotland has become the first country in the United Kingdom to ban smacking and the new law will effectively give children the same protection from assaults as adults and removes the defence of reasonable chastisement or justifiable assault. Previously, this meant that parents could smack their child on the body but not on the headContinue reading “Scotland Smacking Ban”

Parliament to forcibly evict Westminster Rough Sleepers

Homeless people are to be forcibly ousted from the Westminster underpass, which leads to Parliament, by installing rolldown shutters blocking the shelter off. In December 2018, rough sleeper Gyula Remes was found dead in the underpass. The underpass is part of the Parliamentary estate. One of the rough sleepers, Tim, a 58-year-old who became homelessContinue reading “Parliament to forcibly evict Westminster Rough Sleepers”

Revoke Article 50 Petition

More than two million people have signed a petition demanding Article 50 is withdrawn as Theresa May was driven to urge EU leaders for a stay to Brexit, as penetration of the people surged to sign it following a night of political turmoil as the Prime Minister turned on MPs in a moving address toContinue reading “Revoke Article 50 Petition”

MPs’ overheads increase to record amounts with more than one in four putting their family on the payroll

The inflation busting 10% increase totalled £9 million to the bill and, at the moment represents about a third of the whole cost of operating Parliament The commons have a gravy train that’s going full steam ahead today as Commons inspectors divulged that Members of Parliament squandered a record £98.1 million of taxpayers money onContinue reading “MPs’ overheads increase to record amounts with more than one in four putting their family on the payroll”