Jacob Rees-Mogg Suggests Crackdown


Jacob Rees-Mogg has announced there may need to be a crackdown on demonstrators outside Parliament after the Tory and his 12-year-old son were taunted with screams of ‘traitor’ and the Leader of the Commons said MPs must consider about whether there’s more they need to do after he suffered wailings of ‘f**k off’, ‘utter prick’, ‘Nazi’, and ‘shame on you’.

He added that sessional orders may be necessary, a reference to an obscure order last invoked in 2005 that tells the police to keep the streets clear and free near Parliament and he stated that he believes it’s extremely crucial that MPs can come and go from the confines of Parliament feeling safe.

And he said that all MPs are serving 70,000 sometimes more constituents and must be able to come here and go without any sense they’re under any pressure from any gathering outside Parliament.


This came about after Jacob Rees-Mogg and his son Peter were heckled by an irate mob as they walked out of the Commons and they were accompanied by numerous police officers during the jeering, which seemed to be from both anti-Brexit and Brexiteer protesters.

Sessional orders, which started in the 17th Century, are orders acknowledged by the Commons that only affect one Parliamentary session, normally a year. They have limited or no direct legal influence but express the intention of Parliament.

Crucially, they were last used in 2005 to tell police the passages through the streets leading to Parliament must be kept clear and free and that no obstruction be allowed to hinder the passage of MPs.


The order also told Scotland Yard to stop anyone hindering MPs by any means in the pursuance of their Parliamentary duties in the Parliamentary Estate but it was no longer required thanks to an extremely contentious law several months later, which made it a crime to protest in Parliament Square without approval from the police.

The law was revoked in 2011 but sessional orders were not brought back and now it’s understood that Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks the topic may be one for Parliament’s Procedures Committee to take up.


Jacob Rees-Mogg announced to the House of Commons that he wanted to add his gratitude to the police for the protection they provide to get people home, including himself and that he’d had numerous kind inquiries about his son.

He said that he’s a 12-year-old boy and found nothing more appealing than being accompanied home by the police but what a surprise, Jacob Rees-Mogg parading his son seems it was more of a publicity stunt, taken straight from the fascist playbook – provoke, plead victim and then demand an absolute crackdown.

And this was smug of Jacob Rees-Mogg taking his son with him to stage an incident and all those media boffs fell for it, making it more of a problem than a solution and the vile Jacob Rees-Mogg should be ashamed of himself for letting his child be a tool in this twisted Tory propaganda.

And it was a bad decision to drag his son along, clothed like something out of the Addams Family in a suit fit for a bank manager from the 1950s and why did Jacob Rees-Mogg take his son through or near an anti-Brexit demonstration when his son could have watched the debate on TV like the preponderance of us.

And given the increased emotions and potential for violence that encompasses Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg taking his son to the House of Commons was both dense and irresponsible.

He was a complete fool for taking his son to a demo with a million people in attendance, I mean, what did he expect? These people don’t live in our world.

Or did Jacob Rees-Mogg take his son because he knew precisely what would happen? He knew that he would get insults from both Leavers and Remainers and is now attempting to use this to win sympathy.

This one’s really going to get a Father of the Year award, purposely taking his son into a hostile situation merely for a photo opportunity and where a massive crowd is predicted or already in situ, then a rational parent has to determine on whether it’s prudent to walk their son through it particularly when days before, organisers were talking of a million people being there and how dim does a parent have to be to consider the safety of their child in such a large crowd?

And why did he take him with because he simply wanted to make a point? But a child shouldn’t be used as a human buffer and the Tories must go.

They’ve already destroyed thousands of lives and now they’re offering up their flesh and blood and now Jacob Rees-Mogg is attempting to introduce martial law. This guy has a ministerial car, so there was no need for him to be pulling a stunt like that because no parent should be putting their child in jeopardy like that.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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