Cancer Sufferer Has Benefits Axed


A cancer victim who was given months to live claims she has had her benefits terminated because she’s survived longer than anticipated.

Single mum Kathy Hall says she has always sought to fight her disease but feels like she’s being punished and says she now feels like she’s deteriorating and is a hostage in her own home.

Kathy Hall was told she had only six months to a year to live in 2016 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Yet in August this year, the 44-year-old was assessed at home and considered eligible to work despite experiencing severe headaches and lethargy and Kathy’s disease makes her forgetful and causes her speech to slur.


The former charity shop manager is now in despair as she has lost £140 per week from her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) when it was discontinued just after the assessment.


She now struggles to get by on Universal Credit, providing her and her 17-year-old son, Luke Godden, whose in full-time education, at their home in Buxton, Derbyshire and Kathy Hall, whose a keen car enthusiast said that she’s always tried to fight her cancer because she didn’t just want to give in and die.

She wants to fight to live for herself and her son and her doctors have told her to remain positive and to get out and exercise, so every day she takes her dog, Stewie, out for a stroll to get out in the fresh air, and she and her son are doing their best to spend time together on good days, going to car shows that they love, to make memories together.

But now she’s being penalised for this and she said that as far as the DWP are concerned she’s lived far too long for their liking and because of this, she now feels that she’s getting worse and is now suffering from her pain and her mood.


Kathy Hall was diagnosed with a grade four tumour after complaining of headaches and falling in and out of consciousness while on holiday in Wales two and a half years ago.

She was taken for an MRI scan which found her brain was being crushed by fluid between her skull and her brain.

An emergency helicopter rushed her to Salford where the fluid was drained off and surgery removed 95 per cent of the tumour on her brain and she was then given between six months and a year to live.


She had daily radiotherapy at The Christie in Manchester for six weeks as well as rounds of chemotherapy.

She said: “I’m a very strong person and I refused to let it beat me.”

And she would love to be able to work and once she had her diagnosis she continued to work for two days a week, although working part-time ended up losing her managerial post but at the end that proved challenging and it was difficult to maintain those two days.

Her consultant accepts that she can’t work. She is dying of cancer and even though at the moment her cancer is stable, anything could occur at any time because it’s still there and now she’s worried that all this stress will make her lose her fight.

The DWP stated that people with a terminal diagnosis, such as Kathy Hall, are given the higher rate of PIP allowance for a specific period of time but what that means is as long as you die.

Kathy Hall was assessed in the summer by the DWP and they have stated that her consultant reports state that her prognosis has changed and that her PIP needs to reflect this, that’s seemingly because they believed she would be dead by now.

Apparently, the DWP is committed to ensuring disabled people and those with health conditions get the support they’re entitled to, well, obviously not because now they believe that because Kathy Hall is still alive and has lived longer than expected they don’t have to help her anymore.

Are the DWP that stupid as they make themselves out to be. This woman has cancer and she’s trying to stay as positive as possible, not only for herself but for her son and wants to make as many memories for him as possible. She has cancer of the brain and the DWP are acting like it’s nothing.

This lady has terminal brain cancer, it’s not like it’s going to swiftly go away and the pain that it causes makes it difficult to concentrate on the simple things and even the chemotherapy that this lady has had would have decreased the number of white blood cells produced by the bone marrow which can have a significant impact on the immune system and which diminishes your body’s resistance against infection during and following treatment.

But then the DWP will try anything to avoid paying the suffering what is due and it’s shameful but then that’s the government for you and they treat disabled people like they’re a burden to society.

This has caused her stress and it’s victimisation which is cruel but then I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the purpose of denying her money and this is sickening and just because she’s not dead yet, that doesn’t negate her disease and this is a prime illustration of the brutality under the evilest Tory government and welfare department in living memory.

But this is beyond just evil at this point, it’s a holocaust and it doesn’t get much crueller than this and what’s worse is this poor lady has been told it’s the correct decision, fewer benefits because she’s lived longer than they thought.

The DWP is designed and staffed by sociopaths who have no shame or compassion and presumably they want her to die so there’ll be more cash for the next Royal wedding.

This lady still has cancer, it’s simply dormant but that could change at any time and knowing you have cancer and could die at any time is like a death sentence hanging over your head and this really shows the lack of understanding in the system and she’s still ill and PIP should be paying her something.

But the whole point of this is that they’ve stopped her PIP because she’s overstayed her welcome on this earth and it’s called Personal Independence Payment for a reason, but what people fail to understand is that when people are refused their PIP, their independence is taken away from them.

This government are monsters towards the disabled and ageing and it’s appalling but then who’s to say that any other government will do things differently or not, they might even attempt to reduce the ever-growing welfare benefits bill.

It’s wrong and should be stopped but it’s reached the stage that you can’t trust any politician to be honest and fair and this is what happens when we allow ourselves to be governed by insane, cruel, thick-witted Tory government but these are the outcomes that the Tories want, and punishing the have-nots is what gets them up in the morning. 


Published by Angela Lloyd

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