Boris Johnson Gives Rambling Incoherent Brexit Speech


Boris Johnson has been accused of not understanding his Brexit deal after he gave a random and rambling talk on the election trail as the Prime Minister was caught on camera praising fundamental elements of EU membership, including freedom of movement and access to the single market, to a group of Conservatives in Northern Ireland.

And critics of the Prime Minister’s deal questioned why the rest of the United Kingdom would not have those rights if Boris Johnson believes they are such a bonus. The Prime Minister was further savaged for misleading his audience about tariffs.

Under the Prime Minister’s deal, firms moving goods west from Britain to Northern Ireland will have to fill out two customs forms and EU customs laws will then apply to some of these goods, if they’re considered at risk of moving into the EU later on.

Yet Boris Johnson contradicted that by stating that there would not be tariffs or controls on goods coming from Great Britain to Northern Ireland that are not going on to Ireland, this is misleading.

Boris Johnson further stated there would be no checks on all goods going the other way, from Northern Ireland to Great Britain. Despite his own Brexit Secretary having previously told MPs that exit summary declaration would be required in terms of Northern Ireland to Great Britain.


Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit Secretary, slammed the Prime Minister for the remarks, which he stated displayed a lack of understanding over his Brexit deal.

And he said that Boris Johnson either doesn’t understand the deal he’s negotiated or he isn’t telling the truth, probably both.

Under the Prime Minister’s deal, there will need to be customs checks on goods going from the United Kingdom into the EU but to bypass restraints on the 310-mile border between Northern Ireland and the Republic these will happen when goods from Great Britain arrive in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland and the Republic will share some EU single market laws, forcing checks on manufactured and agricultural goods crossing the Irish Sea.

But in an obscure and incoherent speech by Boris Johnson, he stated that when you come out of the EU Customs Union which is what we’ve done you have to have some way of checking that goods going to the United Kingdom into Ireland that might attract a tariff pay that tariff is there is to be a tariff, that sounds more like something someone would say if they were inebriated.

He continued saying that the only place you could do it if you didn’t do it at the border is at the border in Northern Ireland and that there would be no tariffs or controls on goods coming from Great Britain to Northern Ireland that are not going on to Ireland and that was the whole point.

And that the great thing that has been misunderstood about this is there will not be checks and that he spoke as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a passionate unionist and that there would be no checks on goods going from Northern Ireland to Great Britain because they were the government of the United Kingdom and that they would not initiate or execute or perform such checks.

And he said that actually, Northern Ireland has got a great deal, you keep freedom of movement, you keep access to the single market but you further have, as it states in the deal, unfettered access to Great Britain.

The anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats pounced on the Prime Minister’s remarks as an acknowledgement that the rest of the United Kingdom is getting a worse lot than Northern Ireland under his deal.


But Liberal Democrat Shadow Brexit Secretary Tom Brake stated that the single market and freedom of movement are an excellent deal and that even Boris Johnson understands this, so why isn’t he keeping them for the whole of the UK as part of the various benefits of EU membership?

And he continued that it was the best deal for the United Kingdom and that’s why a Liberal Democrat government will revoke Article 50 on day one because it’s time to stop Brexit and forge a more favourable future.

It must be especially challenging for Boris Johnson because he’s a simpering reprobate and he’s chosen to support a ridiculous decision and once that happens, all his efforts have been wasted in fruitless attempts to warrant it.

And it’s ridiculous to pretend that Brexidiots knew what they were voting for. They couldn’t have known because there were too many likely ways to leave the EU and it was never stipulated which one we would take, to return to World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules, to take a Norway option, to take a Canada option or to get the famous bespoke deal that would give the United Kingdom all the perquisites but none of the responsibilities.

This latter was what the Brexidiot leaders kept promising, even though the EU ruled it outright from the start and all evidence confirms that we will undergo a huge blow to our economy by leaving, but rather than drawing conclusions from the evidence, the Brexidiots simply block it out by squawking ‘Project Fear’ every time that tiny voice of reason manages to make itself heard at the back of the withered truffle they call their brain.

All Boris Johnson’s speeches are random and disorganised and full of ridiculous identifiers such as ‘wonderful’ and ‘fantastic’ with unquestionably no substance and honestly the man has gone so far down the road of dishonesty, misrepresentation and misleading assurances that now perhaps he could never wander down the path of righteousness and understanding even by accident and perhaps a rocking horse would be more comfortable and more intellectually agile than Boris Johnson.

And have you noticed that every time Boris Johnson makes a fool of himself, the Tory quarters seem to employ additional ogres to defile the pages of the newspaper with their sheets of misleading rubbish and their trolls are so offensive, juvenile and ineffective they inspire people to vote Labour?

But then Boris Johnson is a bumbling, stumbling, blustering clown with his dog’s breakfast Brexit and it’s difficult to believe the Tories have allowed this fool to lead the nation or are they simply making him the fall guy for when it all goes wrong, which it unquestionably will.

Boris Johnson said that Northern Ireland has a great deal access to the single market and the Customs Union, yet he tells the British media that being a free member of the single market and the Customs Union with the EU is a bad deal – This man really can’t seem to stop lying, so which one is it, Boris,?

This guy’s a babbling loon when he contradicts himself all the time and it’s nauseous when we see him meandering through hospitals, with his sleeves rolled up which is essential when you’re working staff but not necessary if you’re a birdbrain looking for a photo opportunity, then a food distributor, in a white coat and hat.

And we should despair when so many voters go ‘Ah Boris, he’s doing his best’ but we should feel sad for the blockheads who believe one of the most dishonest, lying human beings on the political landscape because the only thing that Boris Johnson cares about is Boris.

Boris Johnson is not fit to be Prime Minister especially when he remarks that Muslim women are postboxes and that black people are pickaninnies with watermelon smiles, he’s just a joke and this is why Boris Johnson can’t be let out to campaign and we all know what a lousy campaigner he is and how slothful he is about getting across any brief and unavoidably he then says things that are off the mark and then he creates a disaster.


They sneak him here, they sneak him there, because he’s the dedicated follower of Thatcher, oh yes, he is…





Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “Boris Johnson Gives Rambling Incoherent Brexit Speech

  1. The guy clearly needs to see a trick cyclist. His mind has gone (if he ever had one) . My advice to you Boris is as follows: Lay off the pies, don’t involve yourself in complicated matters, never again challenge a 15 year old girl to an A Level paper contest, learn to write properly, and lay off the gargle. I’ll scrub the first bit of advice, as he is fading away fast — seems to have aged 30 years since he became P.M. Bye, Bye Boris, and don’t come back.


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