Russian Tory Donors Named In Report


Nine Russian business people who gave money to the Tories have been identified in a report that was sordidly covered up by 10 Downing Street and it’s been reported that numerous contributors had been named in a report by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (ISC) on alleged Russian interference in UK elections.


The report is still under wraps, despite pleas by ISC chair Dominic Grieve for its release after Downing Street declined to confirm its discovery before Parliament adjourned for the election.

It wasn’t made clear who the contributors listed in the report were, or whether they would have been mentioned publicly in the report or been in its confidential annexe and it’s additionally unclear what any references to donors in the report say but then billionaires finance the Conservative Party, so this shameful cover-up shouldn’t be unexpected.

And the Tories hindered this report and opposed tax transparency so their billionaire backers could continue to rip us off unchallenged and Labour is on the side of the many, not the few, so we’ll get dirty money out of governments, introduce an oligarch tax and take on vested interests selling out our people and public services.


Chancellor Sajid Javid was challenged on the report but stated that he believed it had been timed out in terms of the election and that when it came to party donors, whether it’s the Conservative Party or any other party, there are extremely stringent rules that need to be followed and that of course, they will always follow those rules.

And asked if he was certain Russian money wasn’t pulling the strings in the election, Sajid Javid stated that he was as sure as he could be and that he was sure in terms of his party and that he was pretty confident about how they were financed and that they were quite clear about that.

But Conservative Party’s Russian linked donors have come under investigation before with Lubov Chernukhin, a banker and wife of a former ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who gave the Tories a single cash contribution of £200,000 but there is no suggestion that she’s named in the ISC report.


Top Tory Grant Shapps blamed the machinery of government for the stay in publication, adding the government is not permitted to print things which are regarded as questionable in any way around election time.

Chairman of the committee Dominic Grieve previously accused the Government of sitting on the report and stated it was sent to the Prime Minister for approval on October 17, however, the Government maintained that more time was needed to redact information, however, former Cabinet Secretary Lord Butler and Lord Ricketts, a former National Security Adviser dismissed this response.

Political funding in the United Kingdom has been a cause of debate for countless years, even though political parties in the United Kingdom can be financed through membership fees, party contributions or state funding, the latter of which is reserved for administrative costs.

The Conservative Party relies on contributions often from people and businesses, as well as sources the Labour Party gets a notable portion of its donations from Trade Unions.

However, the Conservatives have received significant cash injections from several Russian contributors and their friends and well connected Russian oligarchs and companies have been massively involved in lobbying for Russian interests and have stepped up their funding of the Conservative party.

And this report comes as Boris Johnson stands accused of presiding over a cover-up over his government’s unwillingness to release a report into alleged Russian meddling in British politics.

And now we know one of the reasons Boris Johnson is suppressing the official report into Kremlin penetration of our government. It’s because of the substantial and increasing ties between Russian money and the Tory party.

Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure over his decision to withhold the report on Kremlin electoral interference but Dominic Grieve said that the grounds given for the report’s unprecedented delay were false.


And Downing Street has maintained that there wasn’t enough time for the report sign-off process before the election.


Former Prime Minister, Theresa May, had earlier vowed to distance the Conservatives from Russian money, especially in the wake of the Salisbury poisonings in 2018 and by far, the largest recent Russian contributor has been Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of a former Russian deputy finance minister.

Lubov Chernukhin has donated more than £450,000 to the Conservatives in the last year.


Another former arms financier Alexander Temerko, a notable Russian contributor in Tory circles who have given money in the past year and Alexander Temerko, who has talked passionately about his friend Boris Johnson, has gifted over £1.2 million to the Conservatives over the past seven years. 

And he reportedly confessed to being involved in a Eurosceptic conspiracy to oust Theresa May as Tory leader less than a year ago and with the Conservatives looking to raise £30 million before December’s general election, significant funders to the Tory campaign are expected to include many existing Russian contributors.

An investigation by Open Democracy has determined that the Conservatives have received more than £3.5 million from Russian funders since 2010 and while contributions quieted down following the poisoning of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury in March 2018, they’ve picked up again in recent months, according to filings to the Electoral Commission.

Between November 2018 and October 2019, the Tories have received at least £489,850 from Russian contributors, compared to less than £350,000 in the preceding year.

In May, the Conservatives also received approximately £20,000 from a lobbying company closely connected to both Russian interests and the upper echelons of the Tory party and founded by former Ulster Unionist MP David Burnside, New Century Media was funded by the Kremlin to cultivate a positive image of Russia in the United Kingdom in 2013.

New Century Media, which has donated more than £177,000 to the Conservatives over the last decade, previously arranged for Vladimir Putin’s judo partner to meet then Prime Minister David Cameron at a major Tory fundraising event in 2013.

Burnside also represented Dmytro Firtash, a Ukrainian oligarch familiar to Vladimir Putin, who’s wanted by the FBI on bribery charges.

New Century Media has also represented Gerard Lopez, the former Formula One chief who has close business relations with senior figures in Putin’s Russia and who came under attack from Labour MPs when he gave £400,000 to the Conservatives in 2016.

Another prominent recent Tory donor is the Russian billionaire financier Lev Mikheev and the Moscow born investment banker has given £212,000 to the Tories since 2010 and records reveal that the former Tory MP Rory Stewart received £10,000 from Lev Mikheev for his failed Conservative leadership bid.

Lubov Chernukhin has been the most generous Tory contributors in recent months and is a long-standing party sponsor who has given more than £1.2 million to the Conservatives since 2014.

In February, Lubov Chernukhin attended the elite Black and White Ball for influential Tory contributors in Battersea Park, where she paid £135,000 at an auction to have dinner with Theresa May.

She also gave nearly £15,000 to the constituency office of the then Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis MP, now Minister of State for Security and Lubov Chernukhin had previously paid £160,000 to play tennis with Boris Johnson and David Cameron in 2014. She has also paid £30,000 to have dinner with Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Alexander Temerko has also been a long-time supporter of the Tories. He was a frequent attendee at the Conservative leader’s group of influential donors and has connections to the highest levels of the Kremlin.

Plus Alexander Temerko has manifested himself as a critic of Brexit, but earlier this year it was announced that the Russian tycoon had privately argued pro-Brexit views, and admitted being involved in a failed endeavour led by members of a group of hardline Conservative MPs, the European Research Group, to expel Theresa May as leader in December 2018.

Alexander Temerko is supposed to be especially close to Boris Johnson and the two men sometimes call each other ‘Sasha’, the Russian diminutive for Alexander, which is Boris Johnson’s real first name, and which his most intimate friends call him.

The Conservative’s Russian ties have sparked problems in the past and after becoming the leader in 2016, Theresa May pledged to distance her party from Russian donors, with collaborators briefing that it wouldn’t be business as usual with Moscow.

But in March 2018, the Conservative Party refused appeals by, amongst others, Marina Litvinenko, the widow of Alexander Litvinenko, purportedly killed on orders of the Kremlin, to recover money given by numerous affluent Russians.

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw argued that the new conclusions made the release of the Intelligence and Security Committee report even more important and he stated that they knew that the Kremlin meddled in the 2016 US presidential election and our EU referendum and that nothing had changed since then.

We’re now embarking on the most important general election of our life but we don’t have any confidence that it won’t be subverted by an unfriendly foreign influence and why are powerful Russian interests giving money to the Conservatives?

Is this political, commercial or both? And what are their interests in propping up Boris Johnson’s government? Especially a government that’s refusing to release a report into Russian meddling in our politics.

Yet, a spokesperson for the Conservative Party stated that the Conservative Party doesn’t accept foreign donations as they’re illegal and that the people that have been mentioned have lived in Britain for numerous years and are British citizens, which gives them the democratic right to donate to a political party.


But both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are equally irresponsible, promising money left, right and centre to obtain votes and with our stalling economy and depreciated currency, now is not the time to promise huge sums of money to everyone.

And one way to circumvent tricky negotiations with the EU is to remain by voting for the Remain candidate on 12 December so that we can bin Brexit. That way there would be no need for re-negotiating with the WTO and the EU.

That way we can keep the fruitful deal we’ve been enjoying for decades, we can start repairing our economy, preserve the pound and forget about using ferries to bring in essential supplies and turning Kent into a lorry park and we can forget about employing additional customs officers to police and Irish and Continental borders.

But then Boris Johnson has a lot to hide from, from cheating to lying and a known groper of women, so why would anyone ever want to trust him? And only fools follow a Donkey but then can we trust any politician these days?

And Brexidiots are of course, too dense to understand that the USA and Russia are both quite intent to undermine us Europeans and once the UK leaves the EU they will take advantage of the desperation that will overwhelm our country in its newly isolated position.

Oligarchs financing our political party that looks after the wealthy only endeavour to keep the poorer and disadvantaged in servitude and there’s a common pattern emerging of an attempt at world mastery by a deep state machine that probably all answer to one puppet-master.

It was Remembrance Day last week, a time to remember those who fought wars, but in the meantime, we’re currently engaged in one that’s being fought electronically via banking, misinformation and media control.

And we should remember our heroes while we can because there might come a time when it could be made illegal to do so if these mobsters get their way and it’s quite pitiful that Tory apologists just keep rehashing the same mantra, Marxist, tax increases, disaster for economy, terrorist collaborators, can’t they come up with an original comment or independent thought?

And they don’t appear that worried that children are starving or that families don’t have homes and they’re thrilled to see our public services diminish even further, that’s because they’re wealthy and have no concept on how the world they live in works.

But according to the Tories, we seem to have the very best Government that Russian money can buy.

Russia bad, but Russian money good!












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