My Son Had To Do A Poo In A Bush


A pupil had to poop in his school’s grounds because the toilets are locked during class time.


The 12-year-old Treorchy Comprehensive pupil, who had a bad tummy, had no alternative but to cower behind a school block when he had to relieve himself in an emergency – Treorchy Comprehensive verified that the toilets are locked during lessons.

Students at the school must ask a teacher for permission to go to the receptionist to get a key if they require the toilet during lessons and the boys parents said that their son, who’s in year eight, was given permission to go to the toilet by his teacher in a classroom five minutes walk from reception.


But when the receptionist declined to give the boy a toilet key he was caught short, although he did make his way back to his teacher to tell his teacher but could wait no longer and had to squat down to poop behind a bush near a block outside.

The unfortunate boy had diarrhoea and didn’t want it to run down his leg so he simply had to find a quiet area outside and this is just negligence by the school.

The boy told his mother what had occurred later that evening, although he wasn’t unwell when he went to school but had a belly ache after lunch and said it was quite intense and he just told his mother he had to poo outside.

This is a health and safety concern because the poor boy couldn’t even clean or wash his hands and it’s negligent to not have unrestricted use of the toilets and they shouldn’t be permitted to just close off the toilets like this.

And now this boy is anxious about not being able to go to the toilet in school when he needs to and he’s also concerned because he feels he did something wrong and the boy’s parents don’t want their son named or for them to be named in case that identifies him and they did complain to the deputy headteacher following the incident.

But they were told that students have to get a key to circumvent trouble making in the toilets and kids skipping class professing they need to go and a spokeswoman for the 1,644 pupil school said that the toilet policy would be examined in light of the concern raised by the boy’s parents.

There are nine sets of toilets placed across the school site and most of these are locked during lesson times to ensure all pupils have access to the highest standards of toilet amenities when they want to use them, upon request, although that’s no good when you have some receptionist refusing to give out the key upon request from the teacher and it does make you wonder who’s in charge of the school.

No school should ever refuse a desperate child the toilet and I feel sorry for the boy who was reduced to such an embarrassing situation and an electronic lock type system would be simple and cost-effective to fit, then all teachers could have an access card solely for the toilet to give out as and when needed.

Personally, if I went to work somewhere and was told the toilet was key access only and that key was kept by reception and managed by someone else, that would be my interest in that job gone because if you need to go to the toilet you need to go and that’s that.

There’s supposedly been some manner of significant dilemma that has transpired in this school before and they’ve had to resort to this sort of action and it would be good to know what those reasons were for this radical move to be taken where children are not permitted to visit the toilets as they please.

Does the pope crap in the woods, no but the pupils from Treorchy Comprehensive do!


Published by Angela Lloyd

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