Clive Lewis Drops Out Of Labour Leadership Race


Clive Lewis has dropped out of the Labour leadership contest after failing to obtain enough nominations to get onto the ballot paper and with merely hours to go before the deadline, the shadow business minister had convinced just five MPs to formally support him to succeed Jeremy Corbyn.

And it was obvious that he wouldn’t get on the ballot, so he announced that he was standing down in the spirit of pluralism, diversity and generosity that he’s promoted during his campaign, although he did in the morning say that he had confidence in his colleagues to put him through to the next round of the contest, despite him touching on complex problems throughout his leadership delivery.

He stated that he realised that it was difficult because he’d been addressing things which have been difficult for people to hear and that it wasn’t about triangulating policies, it was about stating that you’ve got a political system that’s stacked against you and that it was like playing by the rules with both hands tied behind your back and that we needed to change the rules – well, he’s not going to be doing that anytime soon!

And even though Clive Lewis hasn’t shied away from his controversial stand, portraying himself as a republican and calling for a vote on the future of the monarchy which seemingly didn’t get him many brownie points but then people don’t like the truth and those that are loyal to the Royal Family weren’t going to give him any points at all.

Clive Lewis further said the drive to take Britain out of the EU had prejudice at its heart and that politicians like Nigel Farage had used Brexit to divide our communities but ultimately our country has decided to listen to Boris Johnson, someone who’s got a track record of discriminatory discourse.


He also suggested that the Duchess of Sussex had been the victim of structural racism in the media and he suggested his race had played a part in his fight to get enough nominations from his parliamentary colleagues to get on the ballot paper but had he thought that he just wasn’t good enough? On the other hand, he could have been browbeaten out of the race because he was a person of colour but we’ll never truly know for sure.

Sadly bigotry is tossed about all over and it’s pretty overused so now nobody actually takes it seriously and he did appear to blame everything on racism and the monarch and literally, that was his entire stand and now, of course, he’ll be screaming racism and according to this man everyone is racist and he talks about others dividing the country but this is a chip on his shoulder which is a kind of anti-white racism, which certainly didn’t help him.









Published by Angela Lloyd

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