Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds Wants Violent Felons To Fear Police Again

Nick Thomas-Symonds said that his aim was to refurbish trust in Labour as the party that will keep neighbourhoods safe, adding that in the working-class communities he represents – in South Wales there are people who have preyed on defenceless people. And if we think of the disturbing growth in domestic abuse through the lockdown,Continue reading “Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds Wants Violent Felons To Fear Police Again”

Keir Starmer Accuses Boris Johnson Of Cruel Move

Keir Starmer has blasted Boris Johnson for pulling the plug on free TV licences for over 75s. The Labour leader attacked the Prime Minister of savagely admonishing pensioners who may have to choose between paying their TV licence and heating their homes. The assault came as Boris Johnson dug his heels in, and said theContinue reading “Keir Starmer Accuses Boris Johnson Of Cruel Move”

Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?

Downing Street has dismissed any allegations that Boris Johnson got help at the Despatch Box via an earpiece but Labour MPs suggested he was getting help in his confrontation of the Leader of the Opposition after a hazy image of his head circulated online, and social media wags suggested the image showed a communications deviceContinue reading “Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?”

Dominic Cummings Says He Acted Fairly And Professionally

Downing Street has broken its silence concerning the Dominic Cummings coronavirus lockdown debate, but it’s been alleged that his infraction was inside the guidelines, and a statement was issued which supported the chief aide, despite renewed calls for Boris Johnson to dismiss him, yet ministers hurried to Dominic Cummings defence after the Prime Minister backedContinue reading “Dominic Cummings Says He Acted Fairly And Professionally”

Photographer Hits Back

The photographer who shot Keir Starmer as he clapped for carers has hit back over allegations he was only doing it for the cameras. The Labour leader met with social media assault over a clip of him, which showed him asking a cameraman if he got what he needed, after clapping beside his wife VictoriaContinue reading “Photographer Hits Back”

Coronavirus: The EU Ventilator System Mix Up

The government said that there was a communications mix-up which meant that they missed the deadline to join an EU scheme to get more ventilators for the coronavirus crisis. Ministers were further accused of putting Brexit before public well-being when Downing Street said that the United Kingdom had chosen to pursue its own scheme, butContinue reading “Coronavirus: The EU Ventilator System Mix Up”

Coronavirus: Weak Zero-Hour Workers Are Led Into Choosing Between Isolation And Food

MPs are demanding an emergency law to stop thousands of zero-hour and part-time workers being left poverty-stricken by Coronavirus as Unions and Labour sounded the alarm over the government’s sick pay laws amid concerns huge numbers of people in the United Kingdom may need to self isolate as a precaution. Statutory Sick Pay doesn’t coverContinue reading “Coronavirus: Weak Zero-Hour Workers Are Led Into Choosing Between Isolation And Food”

Rebecca Long-Bailey Has Said She Won’t Compromise

Rebecca Long-Bailey has recommitted herself to Labour’s promise to discard Universal Credit, stating she will not compromise on axing the six in one benefit. The left-wing leadership hopeful repeated Jeremy Corbyn’s strategy of ditching the Tory reform following years of objections and delays and replacing it with a new policy. All three leading competitors forContinue reading “Rebecca Long-Bailey Has Said She Won’t Compromise”

Clive Lewis Drops Out Of Labour Leadership Race

Clive Lewis has dropped out of the Labour leadership contest after failing to obtain enough nominations to get onto the ballot paper and with merely hours to go before the deadline, the shadow business minister had convinced just five MPs to formally support him to succeed Jeremy Corbyn. And it was obvious that he wouldn’tContinue reading “Clive Lewis Drops Out Of Labour Leadership Race”

Boris Johnson Suddenly Realises He Can’t Trust His Friend Donald Trump

Donald Trump is in town and Boris Johnson is doing about everything he can to dodge being seen with his guest but usually, Prime Ministers embrace the opportunity to be photographed beside the US President as a method of polishing their credentials as a world statesman or woman. Boris Johnson isn’t even holding a oneContinue reading “Boris Johnson Suddenly Realises He Can’t Trust His Friend Donald Trump”