Boris Johnson Acknowledges That £111 A Month Is Not Enough To Survive On Universal Credit



Boris Johnson has agreed that £111 a month of Universal Credit isn’t enough to survive on after being faced with the frightful case of a pregnant woman.

The Tory leader, who previously called his £250,000 newspaper salary as chicken feed confessed after he was quizzed by SNP MP Mhairi Black.


Mhairi Black raised the case of a constituent who is eight and a half months pregnant and on the new six in one benefit, which includes a five-week wait for the first payment.

That delay leads to many families taking out advances, which is then paid back out of their future benefits to cover the gap, but they’re then hit by the repayments, which calculated to £50 million in one month alone last year.

And after deductions, including an advance, this unfortunate pregnant lady was left with the grand sum of £111 a month to feed herself, to heat her home and care for her child, and she said that she’d be delighted to give the Prime Minister more details so he could help but that she wouldn’t ask him in principle.

Additional details of the case, including the woman’s name or details of why she only ended up with £111 were not immediately accessible.

But DWP statistics say the average Universal Credit payment is £720 a month, though the information on deductions is less clear, and Boris Johnson responded that he was happy to look at the case or to do whatever was needed to assist with specific cases. However, continued that in the round, Universal Credit has helped and is helping 200,000 people into employment.


And Boris Johnson worded his response carefully just weeks after being slapped down by the official statistics watchdog for making a fraudulent claim about Universal Credit, and in January the Prime Minister announced to PMQs the six in one benefit has resulted in getting 200,000 people into employment.


However, the UK Statistics Authority said his claim was incorrect because the figure is only predicted once the benefit was completely rolled out in 2024.

But it’s all come to little to late for the majority and it’s okay for the government to pat themselves on the back with those changes but it won’t bring back the victims who’ve died.


Suicide doesn’t just encompass one effect of someone just feeling down, it has several issues and the Universal Credit is at fault and the government who are attempting to cover their tracks, and who are acting like nefarious low life vermin pigging it through the trough as ordinary people suffer.

The cost of peers expenses and daily attendance allowance grew by 29 per cent in the year to last March to £23 million. Lord Paul claimed £47,885 in expenses despite his family having a £2 billion estate.

The business magnate, 89, spoke only once in the Lords and more than 110 peers didn’t make any verbal or composed contribution to the House throughout that period, but claimed a total of £1 million and yet some people of the United Kingdom seem to think this is acceptable.

This is unacceptable and some people do whine about it but these leaches are still allowed to carry on as normal.

Universal Credit is an unjust policy and it serves no one that needs help and the rules are so complicated that even the benefits staff that are trained to follow those rules haven’t got a clue, so what chance have the neediest and defenceless in society got?

Well, zero chance and was that by accident or design?

Either way, Universal Credit is cruel and targets the disabled and strips them of their benefits which they genuinely deserve and need. However, some people dislike the fact that people are getting money that they so justly deserve, but those people worship at the political altar of the champagne socialists and are deceived enough to believe that they are them, but then such is socialism, ‘Do as I say, and not as I do’.

One day the penny will drop and hopefully really soon because Boris Johnson only helps the richest get richer.

And yes, Universal Credit was designed as a benefit for getting people back into work, but there’s a group of claimants that will never be able to return to paid work, and severely disabled claimants have been transferred from legacy benefits like the ESA Support Group.

However, what the DWP doesn’t understand is that the disabled are being beaten to the point where they end up destitute or will end up committing suicide et cetera because they can’t handle the stress of Universal Credit or the sanction regimes encompassing Universal Credit.

Universal Credit has proven to be a political decision to try and force as many as they can into work whatever the consequence, but time and time again it’s been shown to destroy lives and cause poverty.

And it’s simple in the eyes of the Tories who lie about helping the most defenceless in society so that they come across as the caring party, whilst behind the scenes, they give instructions to private companies assessing them to get them off benefits, no matter how sick or unemployable they are.

Then there’s this latest report that the DWP have mysteriously or inadvertently shredded the report that demonstrates a link between Universal Credit, sanctions and deaths.

But there’s always a cover-up somewhere where reports into people who’ve killed themselves after benefits have been stopped, and it’s not what you know that matters, it’s what this government tries to prevent you from knowing that matters.

And heating your home is crucial because if your body temperature does down below 95 degrees you can fall into hyperthermia, and hyperthermia doesn’t discriminate age.

Heat is vital for a decent quality of life, the same as food is essential, but then some might say that’s an extravagance as well, and what about those that need Oxygene to keep them alive?

Cold associated ailments can cause pneumonia and heart attack as well as hyperthermia, yet people are content to punish this pregnant lady to illness.

We might not agree with young girls getting pregnant that can’t afford them, but they’re happy to condemn a child to a freezing home, and then there are damp related illnesses because a cold home equals damp, which will ultimately rot the home to its core, which will then cause respiratory problems – no thermal underwear will sort that out!

Boris Johnson declared that £111 a month Universal Credit was not enough to live on, however, the Lords get £325 a day for just turning up, that’s a bigger increase over a week than people are being made to live on for a whole month on Universal Credit.

That’s a £125 per week increase, while those on Universal Credit have to try and survive on £111 per month, even though Boris Johnson acknowledges it’s not enough to live on, well, that wouldn’t even cover the cost of his favourite bottle of wine which costs £180 a bottle.

But then there are those people who would say that this woman is being compensated for screwing up their lives because they have to pay her taxes, well they’re certainly some form of alien life, what would they rather she did, give up her baby for adoption and get a job?

I’m sure the child would thank her in years to come and those people that think of themselves before having any compassion for others certainly are not of parental material, and it’s somewhat apparent that these people are not fit to be called human, and just when you think that people couldn’t sink any lower, they manage to amaze you.

I guess we shouldn’t care less of what other people think of us, but we shouldn’t be condemning people either and for those who are ill and have become unemployed because of illness, the stigma is colossal.

We know nothing about this woman, yet people out there have deemed her a waste and an idiot, and it makes me furious when people are allowed oxygen and a platform to air their inhumanity, and Boris Johnson himself said candidly that he couldn’t sustain on the Ministers wages of £140,000 a year.

Boris Johnson also said that £250,000 a year as a journalist was peanuts, says the man who’s never had to do a real days work in his life, but he can give out billions in foreign aid while UK citizens are being left hungry, homeless and more. He should try living on £111 a month, well, that would be gone on his first lunch break at some fancy restaurant.

But the most fun fact concerning ‘aid’ in the budget is repaid multiple times over in excessive trade concessions we lever out of folks overseas, and we’ve robbed the world for centuries, then given ‘aid’ in exchange, which was greatly beneficial to us and damaging to everybody else. It’s like mugging somebody on their way to the bank, then loaning them the bus fare home so you can burgle them.

The United Kingdom has become so unbelievable, and the author of that disaster gets a flaming knighthood, whilst his pride and joy has forced countless people into dire hardship while costing the country countless millions, so whose head should roll, let’s have a vote, the architect or the quartermasters who ordered these Draconian cuts?

Universal Credit is helping thousands back into work, NO, it’s helping thousands into poverty, and how can it be helping when thousands that receive Universal Credit are still having to rely on foodbanks?

And Universal Credit is saving the taxpayer money, NO, because it costs more to administer than it saves.

The fact is that Universal Credit is merely intended to put people into debt along with forcing them to take zero-hour contracts which the Universal Credit payments system can’t cope with.

And the reason the DWP quoted £720 is that it includes the money for rent, so if you take off what the rent is, that’s what people have got to live on for a month and it’s shameful.

People have to leave work for a diversity of reasons but when it’s for ill health, some people have to wait months for their Capability to Work Assessment which enables them to get more money. In the meantime, they have to use food banks to survive, which in the meantime is making them sicker.

And when people realise that a Lord gets £323 per day for simply turning up and then signs in for the taxpayer’s money, no wonder tomorrow’s children won’t live to a good age, and the outlook for unhealthy children living from food banks and receiving universal coffin is harsh.

But this isn’t about a woman being pregnant, this is about the foolishness of Universal Credit because £111 a month is not enough to live on pregnant or not, and sometimes people end up needing relief and most people in ordinary jobs are one paycheck away from disaster if you happen to lose your job.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “Boris Johnson Acknowledges That £111 A Month Is Not Enough To Survive On Universal Credit

  1. Very generous words from someone who can’t live on a PMs pay. Makes you wonder what his snout is hoovering up at the moment, or even in which closet that snout currently resides. Is he sniffing up some white powder, eating all the pies, or simply hiding? The real question remains “Is he really worth the money.?


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