Bullying Cover-Up Fury


Boris Johnson, was the subject of accusation for the covering up of bullies after he insisted that he was sticking by Priti Patel following the numerous allegations against the Home Secretary and Jeremy Corbyn called Boris Johnson a part-time Prime Minister in a feisty exchange.

The Prime Minister said an investigation was taking place into the conduct of the Home Secretary, but supported Priti Patel and maintained she was keeping the country safe.


He pointed to the latest barge of allegations facing Priti Patel throughout her time as International Development Secretary, suggesting that it indicted a shock and unacceptable pattern of behaviour across three government departments.

Priti Patel is facing allegations from three government departments with a senior official at the Department for International Development (DfID) reporting a tsunami of allegations of mistreatment by officials in her private office when she was secretary of state.

A former aide at the Department for Work and Pensions had also reported having received a £25,000 payout from the Government after alleging she was browbeaten by Priti Patel when she was employment minister.


Jeremy Corbyn described the reported payoffs as taxpayers money being spaffed up the wall in reference to the language Boris Johnson used to refer to money spent investigating historic child sexual allegations, and he asked whether the Prime Minister knew of the history of allegations when he appointed Priti Patel as Home Secretary.

The leader of the Opposition called on Boris Johnson to deliver the conclusions of the inquiry into the Home Secretary’s behaviour, and Jeremy Corbyn insisted that a government can’t be judge and jury over its own contact and that there has to be an objective element to that investigation.

Overnight further allegations have surfaced that the Home Secretary frequently raided and humiliated her private secretary while she ran the department for international development.

If this is true, this implies a shocking and unacceptable pattern of behaviour across three government departments, and was the Prime Minister conscious of these allegations, and if he was, why did he appoint Priti Patel?

Yet the Prime Minister doubled down on his support for Priti Patel, telling MPs that the Home Secretary was doing a wonderful job and that he had every faith in her, but Jeremy Corbyn was raging and stated that we have a part-time Prime Minister who hardly turns up but is determined to cover up for bullies in his government.


And in response to a later question from Labour’s Matt Pennycook about whether Priti Patel would be fired or expected to quit if the inquiry finds she’s breached the ministerial code, Boris Johnson stated that he was sticking by her.

The recent allegations about Priti Patel follow the departure of the top official at the Home Office, Sir Philip Rutnam, who quit, accusing her of bullying underlings, but a spokesperson for Priti Patel said the Home Secretary categorically refutes all of these allegations.

And it was said by a Tory source that there had been a collective effort by sections of the Civil Service to undermine Priti Patel and that dark forces were seeking to influence a Cabinet Office inquiry into her behaviour.

The latest allegations relate to the period around 2017 when Priti Patel was dismissed by Theresa May as international development secretary over unofficial meetings with the Israeli government.

Following her removal, a senior figure in DfID was said to have approached staff in her private offices about allegations that they’d heard of bullying, and the senior person was said to have been informed of multiple allegations of staff being humiliated and coming under huge pressure in emails, comparable to the allegations made about Priti Patel’s behaviour at the Home Office.

The senior person then went to see another senior figure in DfID and asked them to contact the then cabinet secretary, the late Sir Jeremy Heywood, so that her conduct record was in the system if she ever returned to government.

And even though the person making the allegations hasn’t been identified, they were said to be prepared to give testimony to the Cabinet Office probe, currently underway into allegations that Priti Patel broke the ministerial code.

The person concerned was further said to be ready to give evidence in support of Sir Philip, who’s claiming constructive dismissal if his case goes to an industrial tribunal, and a Tory source said that what they were witnessing was a concerted attempt by certain sections of the Civil Service to undermine a Home Secretary seeking to deliver what people want on crime and immigration.

Priti Patel expressed her regret at the decision of Sir Philip to resign and urged staff in the Home Office to come together as one team, and in a joint email to staff, written with Sir Philip’s interim replacement Shona Dunn, she insisted they cared about the wellbeing of all employees.

And they displayed their appreciation to the staff for their ongoing hard work and dedication to deliver the Government’s priorities and said that they both genuinely appreciated the work that every person in the department was doing and that they cared about the well-being of all their staff.

They further said that they understood the significance of honesty, confidentiality and respect in building trust and confidence between ministers and civil servants.

What is it that they say? Birds of a feather stick together and all that because all Tories are made that way and more, as they gather together like flies around poop.

It’s a pity though because she does look quite lovely and it seems that these fiery women that end up in the Tory party are born wicked or do they simply become that way when they enter the Tory party and this misuse of power goes to their head.

And it appears that Priti Patel and Boris Johnson have got a lot in common, they have both been dismissed for lying. And Boris Johnson said that she was doing a fabulous job – Hitler also once said the same about his henchmen and women.

And as for Jeremy Corbyn, he does, I must admit look a little sad at times, and some might agree with his politics, but there’s no disputing his passion to help others, but his career appears to be kind of fizzling out.

But to be honest, it’s better that his political career is fizzling out than crashing and burning, which I no doubt, that in the end, Boris Johnson will befall.

Boris Johnson can stick by Priti Patel, but then when he needs to fire her, should he go as well? And I’m sure many people can’t wait to see them both go, along with their overbearing, lying, bullying, ingratiating ways.

And I wonder if Boris Johnson and his buddies practice that Priti Patel smirk at the beginning of every meeting and he won’t discard her because then it might look bad for him. After all, he has no choice, does he? He formed a Cabinet in his image, so now he can hardly question his judgement, in fact, he probably never does.

And it might occur to even a random outsider that he knew what she was doing there in Israel, hence her promotion to one of the highest offices in the land and hence his unequivocal support for her, and an observer might quickly assume that she’s got the goods on him and he can’t dismiss her.

And we should for one second not think that there’s prejudice or antisemitism anywhere within Parliament, with scores of MPs that have been excluded. And in all honesty, these are only allegations against Priti Patel until proven otherwise in court, and note that Boris Johnson hasn’t endeavoured to refute them.

On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn has been described as an antisemite, based on unproven allegations, and even if Priti Patel falls on her sword, there will be another one along in less than five minutes.

However, it’s all allegations, someone claiming or stating that someone has done something illegal or improper and typically one made without evidence, and which simply demonstrates we’re a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

But let’s face it, what has she done? Has she reinstated the 20,000 police officers that the Tories got rid of?

Has she brought in a workable immigration policy? Has she tackled the crisis in our prisons, probation services or border force?

Currently, she’s done nothing important, apart from being attacked for bullying, but I suspect the facts will come out when it goes to a tribunal, and if the enquiry finds her guilty, then she must go, but until then she should be deemed innocuous and should be permitted to get on with her work.

Although, if she was in the police force or a doctor et cetera and was under investigation, she would have been suspended until the enquiry was concluded. So, we could say that this a typical overbearing Tory government turning a blind eye, but still she’s no different to anyone else and should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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