Bedroom Tax Domestic Violence Discrimination Ruling Is Final

The Department for Work and Pensions attempted to overthrow a decision that the hated Bedroom Tax prejudges against sufferers of domestic brutality, which was rejected, and judges at the European Court of Human Rights ordered in October that the benefit cut, discriminated against a domestic violence victim who was forced to pay additional money forContinue reading “Bedroom Tax Domestic Violence Discrimination Ruling Is Final”

Bullying Cover-Up Fury

Boris Johnson, was the subject of accusation for the covering up of bullies after he insisted that he was sticking by Priti Patel following the numerous allegations against the Home Secretary and Jeremy Corbyn called Boris Johnson a part-time Prime Minister in a feisty exchange. The Prime Minister said an investigation was taking place intoContinue reading “Bullying Cover-Up Fury”

DWP Loses Appeals Court Battle Over Universal Credit

Tory ministers have lost a landmark Court of Appeal battle over Universal Credit rules that discriminated against seriously disabled people. Campaigners celebrated as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) lost a bid to overturn two High Court rulings against the six in one benefit. This means that ministers must now either give up theirContinue reading “DWP Loses Appeals Court Battle Over Universal Credit”

Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Living Without A Fridge In Britain

A charity alleged that hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom are living without a fridge and it exposed the shocking figure to highlight what it described as millions living in poverty without necessary white goods. The charity commissioned a study of 2,017 people earning less than £35,000 in December 2018 by privateContinue reading “Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Living Without A Fridge In Britain”

People Die Waiting For Reforms To Benefit Rules For Terminally Ill

About 1,700 people have died waiting for improvements to cruel benefit rules and it marks six months since welfare chief Amber Rudd announced a revision of the Special Rules for Terminal Illness, yet it’s still continuing and Amber Rudd has since quit her position. Now Marie Curie and the Motor Neurone Disease Association say thatContinue reading “People Die Waiting For Reforms To Benefit Rules For Terminally Ill”

Man, 66, Told He’ll get £2K A Year Less

People are continually annoyed and frustrated that they aren’t getting the amount of state pension they were anticipating, and they struggle to get a simple answer as to why. When Eric, 66, from Middlesbrough, went to claim his state pension last year he was horrified to discover he was going to get £40 less thanContinue reading “Man, 66, Told He’ll get £2K A Year Less”

True Horror Of Universal Credit

A spirited group of unique mums reported the real chaos of Universal Credit in a damning testimony to Parliament. The ladies explained how the Tories six in one benefit, intended to be a better system that makes work pay left them with £1,000 childcare charges, overdue payment fines and even being booted out of theContinue reading “True Horror Of Universal Credit”