Bedroom Tax Domestic Violence Discrimination Ruling Is Final

The Department for Work and Pensions attempted to overthrow a decision that the hated Bedroom Tax prejudges against sufferers of domestic brutality, which was rejected, and judges at the European Court of Human Rights ordered in October that the benefit cut, discriminated against a domestic violence victim who was forced to pay additional money for her panic room.

Following a six-year legal battle, the UK government was ordered to pay the woman, who suffered rape and assault, 10,000 Euros (£8,600) for the damage she sustained, but lawyers for the Department for Work and Pensions demanded the matter be heard in the court’s Grand Chamber, attempting to overthrow the judgment, but the request was denied, meaning the ruling stands and is irrevocable.

The victim’s legal team are now asking for the government to make adjustments to the law immediately, and they say that around 300 more victims of domestic violence are in the same position and that a woman, related to as ‘A’, is a victim of rape, assault and harassment at the hands of an ex-partner.

The DWP cut her housing benefit by 14 per cent for under occupation of her social housing and the department determined she and her 11-year-old son only required two bedrooms, despite a third bedroom in the home being specially modified by police to include a panic room as part of a sanctuary scheme.

An investigation by the legal team representing ‘A’ found almost 1 in 20 households using the Sanctuary Scheme for people at risk of severe domestic violence have been hit by the bedroom tax, amounting to 281 homes across the country and that the vast preponderance of people in the Sanctuary Scheme are women, yet a DWP spokesperson stated that they were carefully considering the court’s ruling.

This woman, whose life is in danger, has suffered great distress as a result of the bedroom tax and the uncertainty about this case.

She’s a vulnerable single parent who’s been a victim of rape and assault and lives in a property which has been specially adapted by the police, at great cost, to protect her and her child and she’s had to fight the UK Government for seven years to defend her right to be protected in her own home.

And she’s pleased that following such a lengthy battle, the European Court of Human Rights has recognised the impact that the bedroom tax is having on her and others like her.

We now call on the UK Government to take speedy action and to modify the rules to exempt from the bedroom tax the small but extremely vulnerable group of women and children who need the safety of a sanctuary scheme whilst they try to reassemble their lives after surviving domestic violence.

And the Domestic Abuse Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, is the obvious route to right this injustice and protect ‘A’ and others in Sanctuary Scheme homes.


Remember Iain Duncan Smith, he laughed at the terror he was causing a rape victim by using the Bedroom tax to make it too costly for her to keep a panic room because he thrived on browbeating others.

And he used the Department for Work and Pensions to convince a court that she had to pay the Bedroom Tax on a panic room installed in her home to stop further attacks against her.

As a result of the ruling, she was evicted from her home and Iain Duncan Smith laughed with delight when he learned of the news, and the fact that Iain Duncan Smith appealed against the decision simply proves what a cruel, ruthless and wicked individual he is.

Only Iain Duncan Smith and the fellow Nazi mutts would laugh at the plight of a rape victim, and this was another disgusting justification for his entertainment and the brutal, psychopathic policies of the government over the recent years were well represented in Iain Duncan Smith.

Hatred engenders hatred, it further feeds violence, and what a despicable person he is, his family must be so proud of him and I’m amazed that given his rather feeble intelligence he managed to become a government minister in the first place.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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