Boris Johnson In Hospital With Coronavirus

Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital after failing to shake off coronavirus symptoms 10 days after testing positive, but Downing Street said that the 55-year-old Prime Minister had gone to the hospital for tests as a precautionary measure.

Boris Johnson continues to have tenacious manifestations of the virus understood to be a high temperature, and No 10 insiders would only say that the Prime Minister had been admitted to an NHS hospital in London, although was not taken by ambulance and the location was not disclosed.

The nearest hospital to Downing Street is St Thomas’s across Westminster.

It’s understood he will be staying overnight, with officials saying he will stay in hospital as long as needed, so Monday’s COVID 19 war cabinet meeting will be chaired by the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab for the first time instead of Boris Johnson.

But Downing Street has asserted that Boris Johnson continues to be in charge of the Government and is still in touch with ministerial colleagues and officials, but it’s understood that Dominic Raab will take over as caretaker Prime Minister if Boris Johnson is incapable of being in charge.

Downing Street has insisted that the Prime Minister’s hospital admission was merely for precautionary purposes and not an emergency admission, and Downing Street said it was deemed prudent for doctors to see the Prime Minister in person given he has continuous manifestations.

However, some aides had become increasingly concerned about the Prime Minister’s well-being when he continued to exhibit symptoms seven days after testing positive.

The most common reasons coronavirus patients are admitted to hospital is for signs of breathlessness, but the other reasons for this are when a person fails to rid the symptoms, which could be due to unexplained underlying health conditions.

Having the virus past 10 days is a red flag and the Prime Minister will likely be having X-rays on his chest to determine if he has any respiratory difficulties.

Some patients who have failed to get rid of the symptoms have developed a bacterial infection on top of the virus, which could explain complications.

The Prime Minister’s last on-camera appointment with the public was on Friday when he recorded a Twitter video telling viewers he still had symptoms so was following Public Health England guidance to stay in self-isolation.

His voice sounded croaky and he looked tired.

Breathlessness is a troubling indication of severe illness and can occur at any period of the illness, it can happen on day seven or day 10, but it’s still only likely that the Prime Minister has moderate manifestations of the coronavirus.

The preponderance of people who develop coronavirus will have mild symptoms, that’s 80 per cent or so. The older you are the more likely it is that a person will become seriously unwell with this.

There’s a severe stage, a moderate stage and a critical stage.

Government aides said that the Prime Minister had been coughing and spluttering on video conference calls over the last few days.

You couldn’t make this news up if you tried and it’s insane times that we’re living in and yet the minority still isn’t observing the rules.

We all knew that Boris Johnson had COVID 19 and now he’s been sent for further testing because he’s had a temperature for over 10 days, and we should wish him well. Some might not like him as a Prime Minister but he’ still a human being and shouldn’t have to go through this, like countless other people that have caught the virus or died from it.

And it shouldn’t matter who you are with the virus. Empathy, compassion, unity and taking care of each other should come first in a crisis because arrogance and stubbornness have no place in these troubling times.

The question is, will Boris be told that he has to wait his turn for treatment as the most serious will have to be seen first, so take a seat somewhere along the corridors with everyone else.

Or would he have been hurried straight through, given a bed straight away, that others have been told they will have to wait for some 16 hours ago as none were available?

We should wish him well, despite his politics and we shouldn’t wish that upon anyone, otherwise, that just makes us as wicked as Boris himself.

And there are many people out there that have been showing signs of the coronavirus and still had symptoms 13 days after and have just been given antibiotics for a post COVID chest infection.

Are these people going to their GP? No. Did they go to the hospital? No. They were just told to stay at home for 14 days or longer and to self-isolate.

I hope that Boris Johnson does get better and then emerges as a better human being, that would be nice.

I don’t wish the man any harm because he is a human being but it doesn’t seem fair that he gets all the tests that he needs, yet our front line workers get the finger, and maybe now he will realise how valuable the NHS and its workers are, and how important it is to fund the NHS.

Coronavirus does not discriminate!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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