Matt Hancock Said New 90-Minute Coronavirus Tests Can Be Used In Schools

New 90 minute coronavirus tests could be used in schools as No 10 reinforces students will return to school in September, despite concerns of a second wave. Two new on the spot tests that can identify coronavirus and flu will be rolled out in hospitals, care homes, and laboratories, with the hope the technology willContinue reading “Matt Hancock Said New 90-Minute Coronavirus Tests Can Be Used In Schools”

Pet Cat Contaminated With Coronavirus

A pet cat has been contaminated with coronavirus in the first known case of its kind in the United Kingdom. The COVID 19 virus was discovered in the animal following tests by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in Weybridge, Surrey. The cat and its owners, are being kept nameless, and have made aContinue reading “Pet Cat Contaminated With Coronavirus”

Boris Johnson Warns We’re Seeing Signs Of A Coronavirus Second Wave In Europe

Boris Johnson warned that we’re seeing indications of a second wave of the coronavirus in continental Europe, and the Prime Minister has issued a stark warning after a spike in cases urged him to force a 14-day quarantine on thousands of Brits returning home from Spain. And then he warned that he will crack downContinue reading “Boris Johnson Warns We’re Seeing Signs Of A Coronavirus Second Wave In Europe”

Brits Will Inevitably Face Higher Tax Rates Due To Coronavirus

Tony Blair stated that inevitably people will suffer higher taxes as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, but the people of the United Kingdom already knew this, because they’ll be a huge shortfall that this government are going to run into. Tony Blair, who led Britain from 1997 to 2007, stated that these changes shouldContinue reading “Brits Will Inevitably Face Higher Tax Rates Due To Coronavirus”

Boris Johnson Admits The Government Could Have Done Things Differently

Boris Johnson has confirmed there were things the government could have done differently in its handling of the coronavirus crisis, and in a marked shift in tone, the Prime Minister admitted that lessons could have been learnt from the first stages of the pandemic. And he acknowledged that the government didn’t understand the virus inContinue reading “Boris Johnson Admits The Government Could Have Done Things Differently”

Coronavirus Debt Will Take Decades To Pay Off

The UK’s coronavirus debt will take decades to pay off as the country faces the most penetrating slump in its antiquity. The esteemed Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) think tank warned Chancellor Rishi Sunak that they will be forced to increase taxes as the nation’s £190 billion COVID 19 spree leads to a reckoning, andContinue reading “Coronavirus Debt Will Take Decades To Pay Off”

NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year

A coronavirus vaccine could be coming later this year, but the NHS Chief executive said that more could be done. A vaccine could be available between September and December this year, but even if it does, there are some practical questions about getting it delivered, because, to deliver it, tens of thousands of NHS workersContinue reading “NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year”

Top Tory Urges Couples Not To Have Coitus Outside

A Tory minister has urged millions of people not to have sex outside, despite a prohibition on indoor liaisons with people from different homes. Simon Clarke said that they were not encouraging people to circumvent the law by making love in the great outdoors. But this unusual request came following new coronavirus lockdown rules thatContinue reading “Top Tory Urges Couples Not To Have Coitus Outside”

Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?

Downing Street has dismissed any allegations that Boris Johnson got help at the Despatch Box via an earpiece but Labour MPs suggested he was getting help in his confrontation of the Leader of the Opposition after a hazy image of his head circulated online, and social media wags suggested the image showed a communications deviceContinue reading “Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?”

Boris Johnson’s Sibling Rachel Ridicules Lockdown

What the dickens is going on? Even Boris Johnson’s sibling isn’t playing by his rules any more, staying overnight at her London residence and enjoying a bit of tennis, and it appears that radio hostess Rachel is attracting more contention for the embattled Prime Minister, dividing her time between her family farm and the metropolis.Continue reading “Boris Johnson’s Sibling Rachel Ridicules Lockdown”